Altered Reality

Published August 21, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

The old black dog of depression has been plaguing me over the past day or so. I’m sure a lot of you know what it’s like, you go from normal to just not being able to see the good in anything very quickly, and you don’t feel yourself. Things all feel really bad, and a big sadness just overwhelms you.

I know it will pass, it’s just sucky while it’s here, you know?
What I did notice is that I’m REALLY hard on myself when I’m depressed. REALLY critical about my body, which I am not when I am in a “normal” mood. Instead of being able to see the positives about myself, and remembering that I am more than just my body, I get really critical and caught up in myself as “parts” rather than as a person.
Does this make sense to anyone?
The difference these days though is that I catch myself doing it. Once upon a time it would have been a total spiral into self loathing and further depression, but after years of professional counselling and working on my self esteem and self image, I can see when I get in that headspace now.
It was looking in a plate glass window at my reflection that I busted myself this time. I was walking back to work at lunch time, feeling crap, when I spotted myself in the window of a bank, and my thought was so full of self loathing, I shocked myself. For a moment there, I really hated what I saw and felt shame about myself. Which is something I NEVER feel outside of the realms of depression any more.
I’m glad I can recognise it now when I find myself thinking that way, because then I can work towards removing my head from that space. But it still sucks when it happens, because it’s really painful to think of myself in that way.
How do you deal with the negative self-talk? Are you able to recognise it when it happens?

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  • I so hear you. I am in the place at the moment myself. I recognise it but I still find it difficult to move from that place.

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