Living with Fattitude!

Published October 6, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

Well my lovelies, have I got something special for you!

I was reading “Screw Inner Beauty: Lessons from the Fatosphere” by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby (yes, it’s called “Lessons from the Fatosphere” in the US – dunno why we have the different name here in Australia) when I came across the most awesome word. Wait for it…
Isn’t it fabulous? I totally love it. I used to love the term “fat and sassy” to describe myself, but this new word, “fattitude” just hits the nail on the head perfectly.
So I got thinking about fattitude, and I realised that there were a lot of “sexy fats” and “fashionable fats” out there in the fatosphere as far as groups and pools were concerned, but I don’t feel like I fit either of those. I’m not a fatshionista – I couldn’t care less about fashion other than to wear stuff that I like and that makes me feel good. I don’t particularly want to be sexualised either, it’s just not my thing, you know?
What I feel for me is that I am fat with attitude. That I am fat and live a full, fascinating, positive life. But I didn’t feel like there was much out there by the way of groups for women like me that weren’t about fashion or sexuality.
So I have created a Flickr group called Fattitude. Which is for photos of women and men, who are fat and sassy, fat with attitude, fat and fascinating, fat and positive, fat and full of life.
I would really like for anyone reading this, even those who are not fat, to come along and join this positive, upbeat group and I invite you to post photos of yourselves or your loved ones who are full of fattitude. Fat people having fun, feeling good, living life, being positive. I want this group to be one you can participate in, and also see other fat people who are living their lives to the full, so you know that you can do it too, in those times when you’re feeling low.
So roll up one and all, come and join Fattitude on Flickr!
P.S: and please spread the word of this group – the more the merrier!

9 comments on “Living with Fattitude!

  • We got the title Kate and Marianne wanted the book to have. Apparently the US couldn't deal with a title that had the word 'screw' in it, you know what with all its sexual connotations and all… ; )

  • Thanks kiki! Figured if I couldn't find it, I'd create it.

    Bri – so there you go! I was thinking maybe Aussies had more problem with the word "fat", I found it a little easier to be fat in the US than I do here.

  • Hey Leaper. That's not my judgement to make, you're welcome to join, anyone is. Just remember to use sensitivity around those that are bigger than you, it is often very hard to hear people who are really in the "normal" range call themselves fat, because that makes us think "What the hell am I then, if that's fat?", y'know what I mean?

  • Yeah, is why I'm leery, don't want to be where unwanted or hurt someone's feelings. I know that are better words for my sentiment right here but I am having severe difficulty in figuring out what they are.

    Ah, impossible beauty standards, you provide equal opportunity misery for every body type.

  • Ahh, nobody is unwanted here or on Fattitude (well, except the nasty/mean, the skeevy, the abusive).

    You don't have to be anything. Just be you.

    I do want friends of fats, and general fat acceptance champions regardless of size to be welcome as well.

    I figure it's best for everyone to remember that they've always got it better than someone out there, y'know?

  • Thank you for this! I'm completely with you with fat acceptance being living a positive fat life. I don't consider myself fashionable or have much of a desire to be sexualised either. I'm just happy =)

    I will look for a good picture to add to your site!

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