When the Fatosphere Impacts the Mainstream

Published October 20, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

I’ve got an interesting tidbit for you all today.

In my journeys across the fatosphere, I stumbled across this snippet from The Colbert Report, take a look:
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The Obesity Epidemic – Amy Farrell
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Now I must confess I’m not that big a fan of Stephen Colbert. I find him obnoxious even though I often agree with him. Not to mention that I hate how he interrupts his guests and changes the subject mid-stream. I much prefer Jon Stewart, who I feel is a better interviewer and gives sharper commentary. (I must confess, I have a crush on Jon, his sharp wit is uber-sexy.)
However, I do quite often agree with Stephen Colbert, he is an intelligent man behind the arrogance. After watching the piece above, I think he touched on some great fat acceptance points in amongst his slightly random rantiness. The best thing is that he has a fairly broad audience, and perhaps he’s given them some food for thought (no pun intended) and perhaps one or two of them might even read Amy Farrell’s book.
It’s when fat acceptance hits the more mainstream media that we really need to sit up and take notice, because this is what REALLY broadens the message. Besides, it’s thanks to our hard work here in the fatosphere that it is doing so.
Oh, I’ve just found where I first saw this video, it was thanks to Fat Grrl.

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  • I watch Colbert quite regularly and i feel like he was giving this topic and the author a bit more respect than he usually does. Or maybe she was just more competent than his other guests.

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