Fat Heffalump Goes 2.0

Published October 21, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

Hello all,

It’s still me, still The Sleepydumpling, only I’ve set up a profile specifically for this blog. I wanted one with my little heffalump artwork there, done by the lovely Luke Bamkin, and that I could modify to reflect this site a bit more. So unless I forget to change accounts, you’ll see me posting as Fat Heffalump here from now on.
Another thing I have done is set up a Twitter account specificially for Fat Heffalump, so that I could aggregate all of my fatosphere tweeties there and focus on fattitude solely from that account. I’ll be following lots of fatosphere tweeties there, and sharing all the interesting stuff I find. If you are a tweetie yourself, you can follow me here:
Fat Heffalump on Twitter
I’m also setting up a blanket rule that I won’t be friending anyone on my Facebook unless I know them in real life, or we have a mutual real life friend. Not because I’ve got any concerns, I just want a private space for myself. We all need one!
However, I also want to meet new folks in the fatosphere, so instead I have created a Facebook page that you can “become a fan” of and join in the conversation there, and get to know new people. Plus I can block out the time wasters and trolls.
Fat Heffalump on Facebook
I will also add buttons on the sidebar later (I’m going out shortly, being on holidays is awesome!) for these sites etc.
I look forward to further interaction with you lovely folk.

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    I have followed this blog since last January, and I feel that Kath spreads a very important message (all the way from Australia!) about fat positivity and HAES. You have been such an inspiration to me!!!! ❤

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