Oh the Irony

Published December 5, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

I just came across this article from Crunch Gear thanks to someone’s twitter feed.

Apparently, sometime next year, there will be a robot on the market that will tell fat people to stop eating.  Because we fatties all need to be lectured that bit more.  After all, that’s all we do, sit around stuffing our faces with junk food.

According to the article, Autom, as the robot is known, is designed to sit on your kitchen counter and convince you not to eat that last slice of pizza.

They’ve even given Autom a cute face, because apparently we fatties respond to cuteness better than just a box with a head on it.  Check it out:


Awww… isn’t that cute?  And it’s gonna tell me that I’m a gluttonous pig… how adorable.

I think I may vomit.

But the real irony lies in the fact that despite we fatties being told regularly that we’re lazy slobs, the concern trolls can’t even be bothered to lecture us about what they feel we should and shouldn’t be eating themselves anymore, instead they’ve built a robot to do the job.

Who are the lazy ones now?

9 comments on “Oh the Irony

  • Wow…if I so much as see one of those things in real life I’m afraid I’d have to drop kick it out a window. That’s just horrible!

    • I’d have to pull it apart. I can’t be trusted with machines, I like to find out what they’re like inside.

  • Honestly the saddest part about this is the fact that people would actually buy it. Just like the stupid pig that would stick to a fridge and oink when the door was opened…. people actually buy into this crap. Shoot, if telling us how awful and disgusting we were would actually work …. wouldn’t we all be skinny by now.. since that is the message we get on a daily basis as it is?

    • This is true. There are a lot of tactics people have been told to put on their fridge or pantry, aren’t there? From thin photos to model photos to “inspirational” magnets. I’ve done it myself in the past. And you’re right – if it actually worked, the stuff would all become obsolete because we’d all be thin!

  • I give this product a 2/10 for originality, 3/10 for design (it’s ALMOST cute) and a 15/10 for sheer godawfulness. I do wonder if it can be fitted with a voice-chip that says ”EXTERMINATE THE PIE!! EXTERMINATE!” Or would that defeat the purpose?

  • I had another look at it, is it just me, or have they attempted to make it resemble WALL-E? Kinda square, big round eyes, little smile. They wouldn’t sink THAT low, would they……..?

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