Isn’t Christmas Supposed to be MERRY?

Published December 19, 2009 by Fat Heffalump

Ahh, here we are, less than a week away from Christmas.  It’s the silly season, that time of year we’re all meant to be celebrating, being grateful for all that we have and spending happy time with the folks in our lives, be they friend or family.  You know, being merry.

So why am I hearing SO much heartache from so many people right now?  Or should I say, again this year.

I can’t count the number of times over the past few weeks that I’ve heard someone say something like “Ugh, Christmas – the time of year my family declares open season on criticising me for my weight.”  Or agonising over people judging them at the office Christmas party for whatever they eat.  Or perhaps saying that they can’t enjoy Christmas because they are on a diet and can’t have all the things other people are having.  Not to mention the merry remorse – the whole “Oh I’ve eaten so much tonight, I’m going to have to be so good after this!”

And then there is this malarkey about Santa being a global ambassador for obesity. Pardon my frankness… but oh for fuck’s sake!

Christmas means a lot to me.  Not only because I am Christian and it has spiritual significance, but also because I believe it is a time where goodwill is actively encouraged (rather than the usual sense of “me entitlement” that is flourishing in our current culture) and where I make even more effort to spend some time with the people that matter to me.

I say give yourself a Christmas present.  Relax.  Be kind to yourself.  Do not accept anyone criticising your body, your eating, your exercise regime (or lack of one).  Enjoy the treats of Christmas time, listen to your body and when it tells you it’s had enough, believe it.  For those of us in the Southern hemisphere, go easy on yourself in the hot weather, have a swim if you enjoy it.  For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, stay warm.  Indulge a bit.  Laugh with people you care about.  Don’t sweat over what to buy people for gifts, buy what you know will make them feel good.

Spend the most time with people who make you feel good about yourself, and try to avoid those who don’t.  If you have to endure people who don’t make you feel good, remember that their shitty comments and attitudes are worth nothing.  What matters are the people who you love and who love you.

Let go of the guilt.  It accomplishes absolutely nothing good for you, and prevents you from getting anything constructive done.  So what, you ate too much.  You now have a belly ache and know not to do it again!

Leave Santa a treat.  Not a diet treat.  The poor bugger has so much to do in 24 hours, he needs all the fuel he can get.  If he is in a hurry and doesn’t have time to eat the treat you leave for him, eat it yourself on his behalf.  Santa hates waste.

I know what I’m doing this Christmas.  Spending time with friends whose company I enjoy, talking, laughing and enjoying good food and drinks.  Then cranking up my air conditioning, plugging in my shiny new Wii and playing some Wii tennis!

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  • A friend of mine is given, every year, by her FAMILY, a weightloss book. Every. Year. She says she knows they’re just trying to help, but wishes very hard they would help some other time.

  • I agree. Why on earth should a christian celebration that is supposed to be filled with happiness and giving be overshadowed with miserable boring concerns to do with weight loss?

    I guess if you do pack it away Mr Creosote style then maybe there is cause for concern, if not and you are just like everyone else then SHUT UP! I don’t want to hear about how you are going to put on weight. Really, get a life.

    Santa will be getting double brie and muscatels in my house and I think I might just need to help the poor little bugger finish it off.

    • Teresa, even if someone does pack it away Mr Creosote style – it’s their body, their life and everyone else needs to butt out!

      I’m thinking of making a friend of mine’s famous Christmas cookies for Santa. He deserves them.

  • Come Christmas, come the ”Summer Shape Up” ”Get Your Best Body EVER!” ”Bikini Ready” ”How to Avoid Packing on the Weight Over Christmas!” ”Enjoy Christmas and LOSE Weight” Really, who the hell cares? If you want to indulge yourself, do so, it’s celebration time! If you’re Christian, you’re celebrating the birth of Christ, if, like me, you don’t subscribe to a particular religion then it’s still a time for family, friends, catching up with people you somehow don’t find the time for during the rest of the year and just generally being happy. How are you meant to be happy when you’re worrying about what people think of you and what you may be eating. Count yourself lucky instead that you HAVE good things to share with those you love. Spare a thought for those who don’t and appreciate how good your life is. As for those family members who seem to think it’s any of their business what you do with your body, I LOVE the re-gifting idea, because it tends to be those who need it themselves who give these kind of presents. Try saying something like ”Another weight-loss book? Great! I needed a new door-stop/needed to fix that wobbly table leg!” or even ”Wow, this looks really interesting, I’ll lend it to you after I’m done reading it and underlining the most thrilling passages!”
    I’m ranting again.
    In short, there’s generally enough crap going on over Christmas and through the rest of the year that we should all try to bring some joy into lives over Christmas. Sod it, if ‘being good’ is that important, then do it the rest of the year and enjoy Christmas! Hehehehe

    • Rant away baby, that’s what we do best!

      I just refuse to buy into all the crap any more. 36 Christmasses is quite enough to get out of me! The rest are mine to enjoy!

  • This year will be necessarily less merry because of the economic situation. But there’s no escaping familial anguish. That’s what families are for: to remind you that you haven’t lived up to their expectations.

    Stupid families.

    This is also why alcohol is so popular during the holidays.


  • You know, I find the less money you’ve got to spend, the more creative you need to be about that merriness. Folks need to remember Christmas is not about money, it’s about JOY.

  • Damn straight. I want to spoil my boy rotten, but fiscally that’s difficult. So I’m working on what is going to matter most and make him smile. It’s a success so far! Think about what a person would like rather than what would cost the most. You’ll be surprised how many nifty ideas you can manage and how much better they’ll be received.

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