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Published February 23, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I was just going to post a quick video tonight because I’ve not been well for a couple of days (just a stupid head cold, somebody breathed their germs on me) but I came across this little bit of insanity and just had to share it.

It’s a blog post on a website called BBSize.com: Pure Fashion for Plus SizeWomen

Let’s hit you up with the link so you can go and have a look:

Non Slimming Fashion: Bold but not so Beautiful

Ok, now you can take a few deep breaths, pick your jaw up off the ground and give yourself a good mental shake.

Can you believe it?

This is a blog that is supposed to be body positive, and all it does is post a whole pile of fat hatred, spouting how fatties should be dressing “slimming” and “flattering” and actually shames a whole bunch if innocent fatshionistas that they actually STOLE the photographs from.  You heard it right – none of the women in the photographs listed as what fatties shouldn’t do in the name of fashion were asked permission to publish their photographs.  Well, none that have come forward anyway, but I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet.  Not to mention that they’ve used photographs from various other catalogues and sites and there seems to be no permission on those either.

Yeah BBSize.com – fat women should be in black or navy shapeless sacks, hiding ourselves from the world because you don’t like seeing fat bodies.  Fuck you BBSize.com, I say.

It would be good if you all left a comment over there stating just how wrong this kind of post is, and if any of your photos are on there, demand that they take them down and publish an apology (and know that you look fabulous, no matter what those douchebags say).

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  • well i never hard of this site, but its pretty sad when you have a bbw site that “caters” to self acceptance but at the same time trys ways of making you hate yourself . i mean i have fashion smiler to the women in the pics and would never accept someone telling me i look to this , or that or too fat i wear what i please .thanks for pointing this out heffalump

  • It made me so angry. I’ve never seen them before, but I tell you, when the link was shared around… my jaw clear dropped!

    I refuse to spend any more of my life hiding in black and navy tents. Colour, pattern, shape and fun, that’s my new fashion philosophy!

  • I think it’s ironic that they spend the whole article basicalky telling women that looking fat is SO TERRIBLE OMG U DONT WANT THAT and then at the end they try to placate them by saying ‘remember big is beautiful’ LOLOLIL.

    I dont know what ignorant dumbshit wrote this article but they should be ashamed. Most of the women pictured in the ‘how not to dress’ srction look awesome and are proud of it.

    What a joke.

    • It’s the ultimate passive-aggressive bullshit. Heap on the fat shame and then hit the end with a “But youse are all beautiful, even if youse is fat.”

      Ignorant dumbshit. I love it!

      I love all the “bad fatty outfits” they’ve posted. Far cooler than the boring tents and drab blacks and browns.

  • Their “do” fashion was actually pretty ugly too; exactly the stuff all the fatshionistas are rebelling about.

  • I went and added a tirade…and from an actual fashion and lifestyle blogger, too!

    The really annoying thing is, I’ve been reading these same ‘revolutionary’ tips since I was seven in my mother’s old magazines. I tried some of them over the years, along with the ones about not letting anyone know you’re a shorty-shorty-short-short.

    You know what happens when you dress to hide your girth or your height? Either the thing you’re trying to hide becomes the only thing people see, or else NOBODY SEES YOU AT ALL.

    And that’s why I shall always wear orange and bright purple and turquoise and cherry red rather than an endless sea of black. That’s why I will always wear fabulous hats and long, flowing skirts, too.

    I may wind up in this turd’s photo gallery of people who fail to be ashamed of their shape, but I would take my place proudly. Hell, I would be alongside Beth Ditto and some really fabulous looking ladies. I particularly loved that one of the lady wearing the long beige top over a black skirt where the hips of the top had been kind of bustled up. Awesome.

    She was truly dressing herself, not body shame.

    • I’d probably end up in them too Twistie. today I have on a maxi dress in bright blues and greens, with nothing covering my fatty fat fat arms, it doesn’t hide my ginormous tummy and bares some of my back! Oh God, the horror of it, a fatty who isn’t shrinking into the furniture (by wearing matching cushion cover sacks and dark colours!)

  • I want to get mad at this, but a quick scan over the rest of the posts on the front page makes me think this isn’t a “real” blog, but instead it looks to me like purely an advertisement blog. If I had to guess, they don’t give a rats ass about promoting plus size beauty. They are blogging solely to receive money from ads they run. I pretty much just ignore these kind of blogs… to me it’s the same as reading the back ad pages of any magazine, not worth it.

    • I do think it’s still important to slap them down and tell them that this shit is not acceptable. Particularly when they are stealing images from other bloggers.

  • I forgot to add this on my last comment, if anyone recognizes the girls in the pics please notify them that their images are being used without their consent. Just because someone found a picture on a blog online does NOT mean it is open for free use. It;s possible someone could sure and get the blog pulled.

  • The article has been removed! Apparently, the women whose pictures they stole asked that the pics be removed and “Since the article was based on those images, we are taking the article down for the time being.”

    Whatevs. The fact that there is NO apology and that they are only taking down the article because picture have been removed means that they still don’t get it.

    • Yes, I spotted that. How long until another one crops up?

      The thing is, it’s created some fabulous goodwill among the fat acceptance crew, so in the long run it’s created something good.

  • I stopped by to say thanks for commenting on my blog! but then followed your link. I was happy to see that almost 90 comments left caused them to remove the images AND the blog post. Good work!

  • They actually sent me an email asking to promote their site and send them photos of fashion disasters. When I checked out the page I was disappointed to see a LOT of familiar faces from blogs I enjoy being bashed. I didn’t bother replying to the email or posting the link because I really didn’t want to give a bashing page traffic. Which essentially what it comes across as. I was disappointed beyond words.

  • Like Moe, I was sent an email with this article. They encouraged me to send in my own pictures of fashion disasters and said I could spread the word about the article.

    The first sentence in the email was “Fashion disasters are fun… as long as you’re not the victim!”

    I replied back and informed them many of the ‘victims’ were actually my friends and that the article shamed them for “being confident, self-assured and having the gall to accept their fat bodies.”

    The author wrote back and said “…didn’t read the article, did you?”


  • If you google the URL you can see the original article. I think people need to link to it and keep talking about it so they get it hammered through their brains that this is not okay.

    I tried to leave a comment twice but both times got a message saying it had been caught by the spam filter even though I didn’t use links.

    I found it mind blowing that they wrote such a horrible article with truly pathetic advice and then had the balls to publish photos of people without their permission with their comments of how bad they looked. Who the hell thought that was in any way okay? Who employs this person?

    • Yeah they hit me up as spam too, but they let someone through who swore, so I don’t know what the deal is. The whole site reeks.

  • Ugh. I read the article (it’s cached on Google) and you’d really think it came from a women’s magazine.

    They actually *dared* to talk about being confident in your clothes after blasting women who are indeed confident in their clothing style?!? The hell? I’m by no means a fatshionista myself, but that’s just because I’m a geek and it’s just not me (but I do like seeing others showing off their outrageous styles!).

    It’s really not a true fat-positive site if they’re to post crap like that. For the record I have a very cute flowery top that I wear on special occasions (like my friend’s wedding and my office’s christmas party) and no one has reacted in a “OMG! Hide your fat arms and put on this black “slimiming” top before anyone sees that you’re fat!” reaction. As others have said before, if you’re fat, you will be fat whether you wear all black or a bold design. Might as well have fun…

    • The whole lot of it is hypocritical and passive aggressive. I’m glad people are taking them to task over it, it’s really nasty.

  • They’ve taken the article down entirely I cant even get to it by cache, which is odd. Also good, because judging from the response it’s garnered it was a horrible article.

  • BTW I see the chick from Young, Fat & Fabulous made it on there, presumably as one of their disasters.I think she’s fantastic, they can suck my metaphorical balls!

  • I didn’t think the clothing was that bad. Just the opposite-some of it was too tight/too sexy looking for a really heavy woman. It’s a little gross to see a really big woman wearing a tight, low-cut top or seeing her fat hang out the bottom of a shirt. There are unspoken rules of fashion. We don’t think it’s cool when a guy with a hairy chest walks around with his shirt unbottoned to his navel. Or, if a thin woman is wearing a short skirt that shows long, slim legs, heavy girls will jump all over that.

    I’m sure your readers won’t agree, but it’s only fair to hold fat women to the same standards as we hold everyone else.

    • Hey “fattieblaster”… FUCK OFF. And take your narrow minded fat hating attitudes with you.

      I’m quite happy for fat women to wear tight, sexy clothing, and show off their bodies without shame.

    • Incidentally, I LOVE a hairy chest on a bloke, I even love a big belly on a bloke, and if any woman wants to wear a skirt that shows off her legs, she can go for it.

    • Oh my GOD! Did you read it? It’s absolute bullshit – they apologise then go on to do it all over again. They just didn’t learn a bloody thing.

  • In my opinion, some of those pictures were just horrible and I wouldn’t wear what those women were wearing BUT that’s just it! I wouldn’t be wearing it so honestly they can wear what they like.
    If you want to see ‘fashion’ for plus size women that doesn’t look like they just stepped off their ‘hooker’ corner, try googling ‘threadz’ and ‘TS 14’. What is it with the obsession with sparkly beads and foil and tight as you can get clothing?

    • I think sparkly beads, foil and tight as you can get clothing fucking ROCK! I love to see women with bodies outside of the “model” shape and size wearing stuff like that. It’s fun and colourful and sparkly and bloody amazing.

      It’s offensive to suggest that dressing like this is, as you say “looking like they just stepped off their hooker corner”. It’s insulting to the women who have the awesome and fierce style to rock a non-conformist look, it’s misogynistic to “slut shame” women for their choice of clothing, and it’s bloody disrespectful to sex workers as well.

      I don’t want plus sized fashion that looks like something my mother would wear, or something like every other boring person on the planet would wear. And I’ll be damned if I sit back and let anyone slam women for their choice of clothing go by without telling them how narrow minded and sexist it is.

      If you don’t like what someone is wearing, keep it to yourself. You, nor anyone else, have any right to comment on a woman’s choices.

  • ****I don’t want plus sized fashion that looks like something my mother would wear, or something like every other boring person on the planet would wear…..****
    Ahem, that’s the problem isn’t it? Everyone IS wearing it or at least the manufacturers think so. There is a mid point between what you think your mother wants to wear (and how Ironic that you decide what these older women should want to wear. Agist much?) and what I think wannabe hookers are wearing.

    • Ugh – you’re so full of judgement on what women SHOULD wear. Take that judgemental attitude somewhere else, it’s not welcome here. That includes the narrow-minded slut shaming.

      Any further comments of this kind will have you blocked as a troll.

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