What Do YOU Want To Talk About?

Published March 11, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Ok, through a couple of other places online I’ve had some suggestions about subjects that you lovely folks would like me to tackle here on this blog.

So I’m throwing the floor open with this post.  In the comments, I’d like YOU (yes, you, reading this right now!) to tell me the topics around fat acceptance, self esteem, living as a fat person, confidence, health for fatties, clothing for fatties, depression/mental-emotional health for fatties and so on that you would like to hear more about.

I can’t promise that I’ll be very knowledgeable on anything in particular, but we can get talking about it.

Remember my rules on commenting (trolls, douchebags and troublemakers will be deleted without ever seeing the light of day) and keep to the general topic of this blog.  It’s a pretty broad topic you have to work with.

Don’t be shy, I know you’re all out there reading cos I can see the stats on WordPress!

The floor is open!


18 comments on “What Do YOU Want To Talk About?

  • Depression and self esteem are the biggest things for me, so thats my suggestion 🙂 How do we deal with them both when everyone around us keeps pushing us down?

    • Ahh now this is a subject I’m really passionate about. I’ll definitely be down that path more often.

      Any particular instances or examples?

  • Cooking/eating while fat is one of my pet subjects, and I’m always interested in what others have to say about it.

    That said, Foxie’s request for depression/self-esteem is also always a good subject.

    • That’s a great topic Twistie. And so much to mine from it too.

      Do you focus on what you like to cook and eat or do you think of it almost politically?

      • It’s a subject I love to see approached from every possible angle. I get so frustrated that we get judged so much on the subject of food. If we eat healthful foods, we get scoffed at. If we eat treats we get abused. I want more of us fatties to rediscover the joy and the pleasure of food. In a way, I’ve come to consider cooking what I love to cook almost as a political act.

  • I concur with Foxie’s suggestion. I’d like to see posts about healthy relationships as a fat person, be it with friends, family, or significant others. I enjoy your posts, though, sleepydumpling, and look forward to it all! 🙂

    • Thanks! I will do my best to come up with something for you, please feel free to give me specifics if you have any as we go along.

      And thanks for the compliment!

  • Done Twistie. Perceptions, health food, cooking, the politics of food and food for sheer pleasure. Watch this space!

  • I would like to talk about how we fatties are supposed to “fit” in this world. I shudder when I go into a doctor’s office or restaurant and see chairs with arms on them. I know it’s going to be a squeeze and then I am extremely uncomfortable and/or self-conscious. WHY aren’t business owners smart enough to buy furniture that everyone fits into? How stupid!

    How about those lovely “fixed” booths in restaurants – where the tables don’t move back and forth? Some of them wouldn’t fit a chubby toddler in them.

    Not only that….airplanes, etc. What a pain in the ass (literally)!

    That’s my suggestion.

  • i got two for ya what about fat racism i once encounter a fat racist white girl while i was try to make friends with her she rejected me (iam black and fat) and that hurt me dearly . Or how other fat girls don’t wanna be friends with other fat girls what up with that? . (and u see why i have problems making friends)

    • Man, that makes me angry! I didn’t know it was a problem, mostly because I don’t feel that way and I don’t encounter that myself. I don’t know if it is different in Australia (I noticed that we’re a lot more mixed together than in the US, probably because we have a tiny population compared to over there) but it’s hard for me to understand their thinking!

      Maybe the racism and fat are independant? I don’t know – being someone who has never experienced racism it’s so hard for me to discuss on behalf of a person who has.

      For me, I don’t care what colour, size, religion, gender, sexual preference, etc someone is. If they are a nice person, I like them.

      As for fat women not wanting to be friends with other fat women, I’ve experienced the opposite. I have more fat friends than I have not fat ones. Simply because my fat friends “get it”.

      Maybe you could send me an email with your experiences or things you’ve seen? fatheffalump@gmail.com

  • hello, i read your comment on my comment on a little of my life in the cruel shallow city of new york ,us see it very hard for me to make friends and i think people see me as a freak of nature even when i say hi to them they get shock and it sadden me. i love to be social but i stop that because i know people are going to reject me and it even more harder when fat people don’t wanna be my friend or maybe because they don’t “get it” like you said idk ? iam a very nice person to but so many people too blind to see that anyway i wonder how nice is it in Australia. id love to move and still want too

  • I can think of something I want to talk about around that subject rr. Mostly around self esteem and the expectation of people around you. I’ll give it some thought and write something soon.

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