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Published April 11, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I don’t usually do posts solely talking about some product or the other, but I am having such fun with these that I just have to share them.

Many of you seasoned fatosphere followers will have encountered We Love Colors before.  The online hosiery store that actually make a real plus sized range.  But if you haven’t, let me tell you, I am heartily in love with We Love Colors!

Last winter I bought some of the regular solid colour plus sized tights and really loved the colours and the initial fit, but after wearing them for a couple of hours, they sagged and wrinkled around the knees and ankles terribly, so they didn’t look nice on for more than about an hour.

But someone told me that the Lycra/nylon blend plus sized tights had a much better fit and kept their shape a lot better throughout the day, so I decided to fork out the extra $5 per pair and get some.

I am SO glad that I did.  Again, the colours are stunning, bright, bold, saturated colours that really stand out, though they also have flesh, black, and more muted tones.  The fit is excellent, not too long, the crotch is in the right place and they actually have a butt in them so they fit over plus sized hips and tummies beautifully.  But the best thing is that they actually do keep their shape beautifully.  I can wear them to work all day, running around busy and other than a little tweak upwards when I am in the ladies room (nothing can stop gravity, don’t we know that girls?) they keep fitted to my legs all day without wrinkling, getting saggy or the crotch heading south.  They stay totally smooth and sleek looking.

Because I’m totally obsessed with these tights, I’ve been taking photos of my own legs and feet in them on my iPhone, so I’ll give you a bit of a look! Bear in mind that these are iPhone pics so they’re not high res.


Footless tights in violet. I wore these with a fairly plain black dress that I have.  Yes, my feet are tattooed.

Kelly Green

Full tights in Kelly Green. I love this colour. I had a black skirt and black top on this particular day. Green got a lot of positive comments.


Fucshia footless. Again with the black dress. I wore these all day on Good Friday, at a barbecue day, and they were so comfortable!

Royal Blue

I think these are my favourites. Full tights in royal blue. With my red Mary-Janes, this combination was labelled “Wonder Woman” and “Super Woman” all day. I got so many compliments the day I wore this combo. I had on the black skirt again (it has a little ruffle around the hem and is longer at the back than at the front) and a top in red with white and royal blue print.

Scarlet Red

This was todays combo. Another black dress (different one), white socks and my black sequined high top sneakers. I went to lunch and a movie with a friend.

I also have another footless pair in teal, and full tights in black, orchid pink and lavender.  They’ve totally rejuvenated my winter wardrobe.

For about $15 a pair, and with shipping taking less than a fortnight from the US to Australia (my God it was fast!  Only cost $15 to ship 9 pairs) not only are they a really affordable way to inject some life into your wardrobe but the services is good and they’re quick to supply.

I think next year (I don’t doubt these will last more than one season) I will buy some more colours as well as some socks and thigh high stockings.

17 comments on “Lolly Legs

  • I am coming to Austrailia with the sole purpose of thieving your fabulous red Mary Janes. They are making me drool on my keyboard in the most unladylike manner possible.

    Oh, and the tights look delightful, too. I shall definitely have to invest when next I can afford to do so.

  • Ooo, I especially love the blue and green. I’ve been intending to buy a pair or three, but haven’t gotten around to it yet – this post might give me the final nudge. Thanks for sharing!

  • OH.MY.GOD. thosebluetights. *swoon!* I think you may have me sold. You should get an endorsement deal, haha!

  • Ladies, you will not regret purchasing these tights.

    With the sizing, I guessed at my weight and went from there – they fit like a glove.

    Twistie – Target. Yep, that’s where I bought those shoes.

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve been drooling over some of their tights on the web site for awhile now but was scared to order any because I’ve had such bad experiences with tights either not fitting my body or being so poor quality that they start getting tears in them after a wear or two. How is the Lycra/nylon for warmer weather? Any opinions on how comfortable that blend is for late spring/summer wear.

    • Well, considering it’s supposed to be autumn here, but it was sticky and hot yesterday, and I wore them all day comfortably (only really got sweaty walking home from the train station), they do alright in the warmer weather.

      And besides, it doesn’t get that cold in Brisbane anyway.

  • Thanks for this! I love the We Love Colors tights I have (yellow, aqua and scarlet) and am going to put in another order soon. It’s awesome to see someone of the colours I was thinking of on real legs. Kelly green is now out (it won’t match my clothes), royal blue is so in and I’m seriously considering the fuschia.

    • I don’t think I’d need plus sized thigh highs as my legs are my smallest feature. I think it’s the tummy and butt in the tights that needs the extra sizing.

      But thanks for the reference!

  • Hey, I have those Mary Janes, only in black. They are pretty comfy and look good with skirts/dresses or pants.
    I sound like you. My legs are my smallest feature as well but my lower abdomen and butt are big. I always have trouble getting tights over my ample arse and if I do get them there, they oft roll down ;-{ So you are saying, in the correct size, gravity may pull but they won’t actually roll and suddenly you find them sitting under your butt? That WOULD be great. I want more footless tights that are strong and look good, not those cheap cottony/spandex ones that sag. Like I said, legs are not huge, so to cover bottie, I size up and then sag. Sometimes I throw leggings and tights on a hot cycle in the drier to shrink them. Have heard great things from other fatshionistas about “We Love Colors” so another recommendation is always good. Thanks. 😀

    • Annie, I have a big, big belly, and once I put them on… the waistband stays on my waist and doesn’t roll or pull down or anything. Nor does the crotch!

      The legs “soften” a bit with gravity, but give ’em another straighten up when you go to the loo and you’re good for another few hours. They don’t go wrinkly or saggy at all.. I am loving these tights!

      • Excellent, will be looking at the website ASAP. Where I live in NSW it snows, so I better get my (ample) behind into gear and buy some. Thanks a bunch.

  • They take about 10 days to two weeks to arrive once you order, so you won’t have to wait too long!

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