Friday Night Fluff

Published May 14, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Fat Meerkat

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After the intensity of the past few days, I feel the need to share something fun and light hearted with you tonight.

So here’s a fat meerkat:

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8 comments on “Friday Night Fluff

  • How about…

    What flavor cake should I make this weekend?

    I’ve got chocolate cake mixes… I have sleeves of strawberry, bavarian cream and chocolate bavarian cream. I have butter cream and can make Chocolate butter cream in a pinch. I have the things necessary to make fondant.

    Oh, I’ve got some yellow cake mix too… bah.

    I’ve been thinking I should try some cupcake bouquets, but I don’t have the pots, styrofoam or popcicle sticks. Trying to keep it down to stuff I have, ya know?

    Oh… Fudgy Chocolate cake with Chocolate bavarian cream and buttercream icing is to DIE for. I have that at home right now.

    • I think you should make TWO WHOLE CAKES! My vote would go for chocolate bavarian cream and yellow cake… the latter because it’s not to be found in Australia. Yellow cake is one of those things I fell in love with in the US.

      No wait, I just read the fudgy chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian cream. Do that!! And a yellow cake. Cos we can’t be in the fatosphere without going the TWO WHOLE CAKES! route.

      Have you tried making those cupcake pops? Like Bakerella does? Those are SOOOOOOOOO cute!

  • ZOMG! CUTE ALERT! Meerkats make me happier than I can say.

    BlackWidowNor, it’s funny you should bring up cakes. I’m trying to decide whether or not to go for broke and try out the recipe I recently got for a sweet potato cake. I want to make it, but it’s a three-layer cake and I don’t know if anyone else who likes sweet potatoes will come around and help me eat all that cake. But I have the sweet potatoes, and I really, really want to try out the cake.

    Clearly I need more sweet potato fiends in my life.

    When in doubt about what sort of cake to make, though, I generally choose chocolate. It’s hard to go wrong, since nearly everyone is happy to help consume it.

    • Meerkats are kinda cheeky and fun aren’t they?

      Bring the sweet potato cake over here, I’ll give it a try.

  • Oh, cake, I want some. I keep trying to blame it on the baby I’m carrying but it’s me. I could murder anything sweet and moist dressed in buttercream right now. Or cream cheese… oh, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, I could totally talk my husband into baking one of those. You know, for the baby…

  • Ha, is that fat for a meerkat? He looks like the right size to me. He actually looks JUST like our house cat, when he sits like that. (And yes, our cat is pretty big. :))

    • Yeah, they’re pretty scrawny usually, because they have to dart about so much and down into tiny burrows. That one must be the big dominant meerkat, they usually make the others bring them food!

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