Shooing Away Seagulls (+ Facebook)

Published June 26, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Yeah I hate housekeeping too.  I need one of those magic Jetsons houses that you just press buttons or get a robot to clean.  But this is blog housekeeping.

For some reason, links to the Fat Heffalump Facebook page weren’t working for some people.  It was totally random and really frustrating.  I dug around a bit and found a wee badge that SHOULD work for everyone.  You can find it over there on the right, under the Twitter widget.  I apologise for any inconvenience to those of you who had the frustration of not being able to connect.

The other piece of housekeeping lies in the number of seagull commenters I’ve been getting lately.  You know the ones.  They swoop in, make a lot of noise and crap all over everything until you shoo them away.  The ones who have that first ever comment “I love your site but…”

I am all for discussion with the majority of you who have bothered to read more than one post on my blog, and who aren’t just looking to cause irritation or gain attention.  But from this point on, anyone who swoops in looking to debate on their first comment from this point on will be deleted right away.  If they  hang around long enough to read other posts and have some constructive things to say, then they’re welcome to stick around, but the seagulls will be shooed away.  NO CHIPS FOR SEAGULLS HERE!!  (Hey, I’m a fat lady, I’m supposed to eat all the chips myself anyway, amirite?)

Thanks to everyone for your patience while I nut out what I want to do in this space and make it all work proper.

6 comments on “Shooing Away Seagulls (+ Facebook)

  • I love seagulls. They don’t deserve to be associated with assholes. They have cute webby feet!

  • Good for you. My mom has a deep hatred toward real seagulls. We were at an amusement park, having a picnic, when my brother and I were kids. Yeah, it was fun to feed them chips until they crapped right in my poor mom’s hair!!

    Perfect metaphor for drive-by internet asshats.

    • Your poor Mum!! Mine hates clowns and balloons. We were at a circus and I nominated my mother to do a magic trick with a clown and he popped a balloon right in her face. Ahh the 70’s, when clowns could be douchebags.

      I actually kinda like seagulls, even though they are REALLY annoying.

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