Quick Hit: Adam Hills

Published July 5, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Ok I just have to share this video with you all, it’s Australian comedian Adam Hills on the subject of women’s magazines and body image:

I adore Adam Hills.  He’s cute, funny, and most importantly… nice.  Nice is much maligned, considered boring, but give me nice over cool or edgy or rich or powerful any day.

A couple of years I saw Adam live on his Inflatable tour.  He was hilariously funny, as he usually is, but I walked away so inspired by his performance.  At the crux of the entire gig was the message that he wanted to be one of the people who is an “inflater”.   Someone who, when you spend time with them, makes you feel great, who inflates your self esteem and lifts you up.  As opposed to a “deflater”, who makes you feel bad about yourself and brings you down.

I want to be an inflater.  I want to be around other inflaters in my life.

11 comments on “Quick Hit: Adam Hills

  • I so agree with all of what you have said in this post. And you know what?
    You ARE an inflater, you give hope, advice and quite often to myself, big giggles!

  • So THAT’S where ‘No one puts baby in a corner” comes from! At last I understand a popular cultural touchstone!!!!

    I do, however, have several favorite Simpsons episodes. Some of them even match Mr. Twistie’s faves.

    Sleepydumpling, you have inflated me today, as you have on many other occasions.

    • Whoa! Twistie, I didn’t think there was anyone left who didn’t know that reference! I thought that one had permeated every corner of the western world. I’m so glad that there are other people who miss huge popular culture references besides me. That one was one I happened to know, but quite often people pull me up on ones that sail right over my head.

      Which are your favourite Simpsons episodes (I have several too).

      • I’d heard the phrase (mostly on The Daily Show out of the mouth of the ever-delicious Jon Stewart), but I had no clue whatsoever where it came from. I knew it was a quote, and I knew that whenever Jon said it, the crowd went wild, so it had to be from something popular. I just never knew what popular thing it was from.

        Yeah, I can miss some huge things when I put my mind to it. ; p

        As for my fave Simpsons eps, probably my all-time fave is the one with Sherry Bobbins. Running close behind are nearly every Sideshow Bob episode (especially the one with his brother, Sideshow Cecil), and the one where Marge stars in the musical of Streetcar Named Desire.

        Of course, once you start naming other episodes, I’ll probably find dozens more faves.

        Oh, and I do a killer Smithers. No, really, I do. Mr. Twistie says it sounds just like Harry Shearer. Alas, I can’t quite get Mr. Burns right.

      • I do an excellent Apu. My Ralph Wiggum isn’t too bad either.

        Some good eps there.

        I think my all time favourite is the one where Homer eats the Guatamalan insanity pepper and has a hallucination. I also love the one with Mr Bergstrom (Dustin Hoffman). The one where Apu gets fired from the Kwik-E-Mart is up there too. Oh there are so many!

  • Oh, well done you for sharing that. Inflater – what great way of looking at things. That’s definitely helped, especially since I’ve just gone on a huge blog-rant which has left me feeling quite awful about the state of humanity in general.


  • Heeheehee I think you just introduced me to my new favorite comedian! And as others have said, you are an inflater! You make people feel good, and you definitely give me giggles and smiles all the time. ^_^

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