Lightning Cross Promotion

Published July 26, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Just a quickie for you again tonight.  Some of you might know that I also run a bit of a group blog for women with PCOS over at Cysters United.

In case you’re a reader here and are a PCOS sufferer (aka a Cyster) like me, which is highly likely because PCOS makes ya fat and all, but haven’t been on over to Cysters United, I just wanted to make sure you all knew about it.

I want to inject more Fat Acceptance and self esteem content over there, and may even cross post some of the posts here.

If you’re a Cyster, give a holler in the comments hey?

4 comments on “Lightning Cross Promotion

  • I’m waiting for a few tests, but the consensus is PCOS and a prescription for Metformin. I hate taking meds, so I’ll be interested to read what folks say about their experiences with the Metformin.

    • Jackie – go to and search for your medication and read the comments from the consumers themselves. I, myself, didn’t do very well with metformin – the side effects were too much for me. However, everyone has a different experience and you may be fine. Just keep track of how you’re feeling and the changes that you experience so that you can do realistically evaluate how you are doing. Plus, you need to see if that medication actually helps any of your symptoms. Sometimes doctors think that a certain medication will help ALL people with a certain disorder – plus, they probably get kick-backs from the pharmaceutical companies – they forget that everyone is different. You have to be viligent and be your own advocate. Good luck!

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