Heading South

Published September 8, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Well folks, I am off to Sydney tomorrow for the Australian Fat Studies conference.  Big props to Dr Sam Murray and the team at Macquarie University for organising this conference, at which I am thrilled to be giving a paper at on Friday.  I’m really looking forward to attending, spending time in Sydney and of course, meeting all of the other rad fatties who will be attending.

Rest assured that I will publish my paper here after I have presented it so that those of you who cannot attend will be able to read it, and as I have a laptop with me for the weekend, I will do my best to blog regularly and keep you all updated on the fab stuff happening at the conference and the satellite events that are happening over the weekend.

Until then, Sam has launched the website that accompanies and compliments this conference, Fat Dialogue.  Pop on over and visit it now, have a bit of an explore.

And keep an eye on my Twitter and the Fat Heffalump facebook page, as I’ll tweet and update there as well, with goings on from the weekend, when I can.

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