Ditching Diets!

Published September 23, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I had some fun this afternoon on Twitter in a conversation with Emma from Down to Girth.  She tweeted that she is giving up dieting forever, and after the congratulations, a conversation evolved about all the great things about being set free of dieting, along with the hashtag #ditchingdiets

I thought this was such a fantastic idea, I wanted to share some of the ditching diets moments with you all, and open up the comments to all of you, to share the things that you found best about ditching diets.

So, here are some of the ones that I like best:

  • Never again will I have to pretend to be excited about eating my dinner out of a plastic container!

  • I’m never going to have to even consider drinking shitty milkshakes twice a day + pretend I’m enjoying them.
  • getting to eat great delicious food, with no guilt attached
  • Never again having the success of my day decided by a number on a scale!
  • Not having to sound like a douchebag at restaurants. No, I don’t want the sauce on the side!
  • Being allowed to buy nice clothes that fit me NOW because I don’t have to worry about them getting too big “when I’m thin” 😀
  • No more crazy fad foods/drinks that taste disgusting
  • Having time to love your body exactly as it is right now
  • Not hating yourself
  • Special occasions don’t cause food anxiety: no getting too drunk cause you skipped the canapés!
  • Because you can trust yourself to know what’s best for you.
  • Because it doesnt matter what i weigh, i’m beautiful regardless.
  • Because calorie counting stops you enjoying your food.
  • Because happiness is its own reward.

Over to you!  How many reasons can you come up with that ditching diets is an awesome thing?  Go for it!

Ditching diets tweets courtesy of @downtogirth @mymilkspilt @renacemento @nitrojane @style_therapy @TheDiscourse @mattclearing and ME (@fatheffalump)!

12 comments on “Ditching Diets!

  • You can relegate food back to its natural state – its a fuel that allows us to sustain our magnificent beings that our bodies are

    You have so much more time on your hands now that constant thinking and balancing and counting numbers is not an issue, you can spend that time filling your mind with all manner of interesting trivia and knowledge and fun stuff

    You can scruff the neck of your life and really give it a working out now you have so much more time doing the things you love

  • I love this! My own happy things I’d add to the joys of not dieting:

    No more making “goal weight” motivation lists of “prizes” I’ll get at particular milestones. Now if I want that cast-iron skillet and can afford it: I go buy it no matter what size my damn pants are!

    No more waxing on emphatically about how many points/calories/minutes of a particular exercise will justify the next bite of food that enters my mouth.

    My conversations are much more interesting now that they aren’t entirely “I hate this/that/this other thing about my body” or “Here’s a break-down of everything I’ve eaten/plan to eat for the week”.

    Ahhh. 🙂

  • I wasn’t expecting it to catch on so quickly, but it certainly seems to have done just that! I hope people can seriously think about how making the pledge NEVER TO DIET AGAIN will change their life – it may seem simple, but today when I really thought about just how FREE I could be without having to worry about dieting, it felt like a weight (no pun intended) had been lifted from my shoulders.

    All my life, I have never said no to dieting. After all, I’m fat therefore I should be on a diet right? Otherwise it just looks like I’ve “given up” or *oh the horror!* I’m HAPPY with being my size.

    Today I rejected diets. I said to myself, NO I WILL NEVER DIET AGAIN. That doesn’t mean I’m heading straight to McDonalds for a heart attack in a bun. It means that I’m no longer going to torture myself with calorie counting, meal replacements (c’mon seriously, wtf is with those!?) and restrictions. I’m going to eat without guilt, eat healthily because I want to feel ALIVE and HEALTHY, not because society says I’m a fat disgrace. I’m no disgrace. I’m an intelligent woman, a mother and a wife. I’m enough. As my friend Natalie from Definatalie.com said as part of #ditchingdiets – “I don’t need to minimise myself to be a valid human being.”.

    Thank you for doing this post xx


  • ~I can enjoy REAL FOOD, dammit!

    ~Life is for LIVING, not spending every goddamn moment reading labels, counting calories (which according to the scientific community, is a bunch of BS anyway?)

    ~I don’t have to make myself and all the people around me totally fucking miserable because I’m tired and starving all the time.

    ~I don’t have this list of forbidden foods I crave all the time.

    ~I don’t have to sit there and fucking measure EVERY SINGLE THING I eat. Some days I like less hummus. Some days I like more peanut butter. Fuck you stupid diet coaches, shove your tablespoons where I can’t see ’em!

    ~I exercise because it makes me feel good and able to lug my drunk friends home over my shoulder; not because I think I have some so-called duty to “look good”. Yeah, considering all the comments I get all the time and long trail of broken hearts…guess I can’t be that trolly, huh?

    ~I eat a lot of healthy foods because I like them and they make me feel good. Same reason I’m a vegetarian; I simply hate meat. Just because I don’t have the size 4 jeans to show for it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t embrace healthy lifestyle changes. Health DOES NOT equal weight, and I know I’m preaching to the choir here.

    ~For fuck’s sake, I’m an accountant, grad student, and musician surrounded by wonderful people who love me no matter what size I am. I have A LIFE, one that’s meant to be shame-free, self-hate-free, and misery-free.

    ~My life is ruled by my professional and academic accomplishments and the fun things I do with my friends, band, and family. Not…a number on the scale that will NOT change day-to-day, when are these so-called experts going to realize that weight is not the stock market?

    ~The only other non-vegetarianism food restriction I am bound to is to keep sugar intake low because if I eat too much of it, it gives me severe headaches. I think is from diabetes running in my family. Avoiding foods I have a natural intolerance to/don’t like– that’s eating for my survival, not because some stupid “plan” tells me to; I know how to take care of my body. This is on the same par with someone avoiding nuts if they have an allergy, having to keep starches in general under control if you’re diabetic, etc.

    ~I can enjoy the many awesome restaurants in my homeland, NYC. I’m only limited by my budget, not what’s actually on the menu.

    ~Parties, buffets, etc. don’t give me anxiety attacks. I eat what I want, stop when I don’t want to eat anymore. Sometimes I eat a bit more when I’m drunk. And if possible, fill my purse up with food to take home; my parents taught me how to do this when I was 5.


    Life is seriously too short to drive yourself mad with bullshit shaming and neurotically counting every frigging thing you eat. Eat for survival, or personal/religious restrictions like vegan, kosher, halal, etc. not because some bullshit artist in the diet industry says so.

  • I will never diet again because:

    – everyone around me is happier since I’m not constantly snapping at them because I’m so hungry

    – I won’t have to deal with unpleasant side effects of diet aids such as gas attacks, jitters, and the ever popular ‘anal leakage’

    – never again will I sit shaking from hunger while I’ve got a full pantry and a well-stocked fridge in the next room

    – I can enjoy cooking again because I can eat whatever I make, whether it’s a fruit salad or a layer cake

    – I will never again feel like there’s something wrong with me when three bites of fat-free, sugar-free, artificially-flavored – yogurt don’t sate my craving for a fudge brownie

    – No going off a diet and winding up bingeing on the foods I’ve been craving while I was on the diet

    – No more obsessing about ‘bad’ foods, because I can eat whatever my body craves and I can get ahold of. Suddenly cabbage and spinach and cucumbers are far more delicious because I know that I have the option to eat mashed potatoes and steak and cheesecake, too.

    -Now that I no longer spend hours dreaming of cakes, gooey cheeses, pies, and other ‘naughty’ foods, I can eat what my body actually wants… and that means I actually skip dessert more often

    – I have the time and mental capacity to concentrate on something other than food, which makes me powerful

    – Diet commercials no longer make me think ‘maybe this is the one that will make me a size six’

    – I know all I need to be happy is to live my life; my weight is immaterial to my ability to enjoy happy times or do good works in the world

    – When I’m not focused on my weight, I can look outside myself and do more good for others

  • The best gift from this is that I’ve learned to ask myself “What do I want?”
    At first, that meant simply, what do I want to eat? But it has become more than that. Learning to love, accept, and celebrate myself now by letting go of diet condemnation made me realize that I DO DESERVE GOOD THINGS. And I can ask myself what those things are, and go after them. And when I properly care for myself, I can be present to others without resentment, without comparison, and without apology.

  • I love this!!!

    Unfortunately, I am going to have to regulate my white flour, sugar and carb intake because of blood sugar readings – but, to me, that’s not a diet. I can do that because I want to live and be healthy. So, that’s an okay thing.

    But, I don’t have to worry about points, calories, measuring, figuring, etc.

    I truly believe that the “diet” industry is hurting us – all these low carb, sugar-free, genetically altered food has screwed with our health. I, for one, am furious about that!

    How wonderful to know that we can just go out there and enjoy our lives right now – we don’t have to wait until we completely transform ourselves into socially acceptable beings.

    Society can kiss my ass….that felt good!

    • Yep, that’s eating for survival. Survival and preference are one thing; it’s another when this batshit industry is just TELLING you to avoid something, not eat, etc. and people wonder why women have such a screwy relationship with food.

    • I agree 100%! It’s very hard to give up dieting and then have to control food for health, but it’s common. You see to be doing well!

      When I was diagnosed as diabetic, I told the doctor that I would change what I ate, and when, but–like Scarlett at Tara–with God as my witness, I would never go hungry again. Sometimes I’m a lot better about what I eat than others, but when I prepare and eat good vegan whole foods and small amounts of fish (just what works for me best), I have great numbers, I feel great, and I am not hungry. As opposed to weight-loss diets, when I constantly told myself I wasn’t hungry but I really, really was.

      One of the many, many, many things that makes me furious at the weight-loss culture is the idea that a person should do things like eat vegetables and exercise *just to lose and keep off weight*. Implying (1) you only benefit from it if you’re fat, (2) if you’re fat but don’t lose weight from it there’s no benefit, and (3) it’s a kind of punishment. (1) is dangerous to slender people, (2) is horribly dangerous to fat people, and (3) keeps many of us from seeing the joy in such things.

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