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Published November 3, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Well as per my previous post, I’m only going to concentrate on positive topics this month here on Fat Heffalump, because I really do think I need a break from the negative stuff, and probably many of you are feeling the same way.

As you may remember from my earlier posts (here, here and here) regarding the campaign I have started to improve plus-sized clothing from major retailers (Facebook group here), my original contact with a plus-size retailer was with Autograph Fashion, which is a purely plus-size clothing retailer here in Australia.  They are owned by a parent company who also own City Chic, Millers, Crossroads and several other chain retailers.  In my first post on the topic, I voiced a strong, but constructive criticism of the road they were taking their “fashion” lines.  I posted a link to my blog post on their Facebook page, and invited them to comment.

The positive news is that they did contact me, via a comment on the post.  I haven’t published it because a) I wanted to give them time to follow through and b) it contained personal contact details that I’m sure they don’t really want published all over the internets.  But here is the comment with the contact details removed:

Thanks for sending through the link to your blog. We really appreciate the open and honest feedback you have expressed on our Facebook page and your blog, as we are always looking for feedback that can help us improve our product offering.

We are sorry to hear that we have not been catering for your needs. We do cater for a wide range of customers and not everything is suitable for every person. We do really value your insight and value your recent positive comments, we would love to send you some product for you to review and help assist us in delivering what you want. Please jump on our website and email me through any pieces that you would like to review or think you can style up, we would love your input if you are interested.

Warm regards,


I’m impressed with their initial contact, it’s personal and professional, and shows that they did listen.

Of course I leapt on the chance to review some clothes for them, and we’ve had some correspondence while we’ve made that happen, and I will say at every step of the way I have been impressed with both Elissa, and another representative I’ve had contact with.

So last Friday a rather substantial parcel arrived from Autograph, with six garments for me to review.  I will be reviewing each piece individually, because as well as how they look, and how they fit, I also want to see how they wear for a full day (or at least an event out) and how they wash as well.

There is also one garment that is not my cup of tea style-wise, so to make sure it goes somewhere it will be appreciated, I’m going to set up a competition here on my blog to give it away.

So, keep your eye out here for the first review piece for the items Autograph have sent me, and my first ever competition really soon.

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  • I have found, over the past few months, there have been some pieces that I reeeeally love at Autograph!

    It’s great that you got such a great response, that they listened & have given you the opportunity to review some items!!

  • How exciting! I’ve never seen their clothes, but I’m still excited about this. I cannot imagine a U.S. retailer being so nice about it. I can’t wait to see the stuff you chose and to read your reviews! And a competition? WOW! Too cool!

  • Hi there!
    I really like the Facebook campaign, and it’s nice that the companies have started to respond! I am working on a research project about the plus-size clothing market and I would like to contact you, but can’t find your email address. Could you please email me at [redacted to protect privacy]?

  • AWESOME that they responded – I’m really looking forward to seeing your reviews. I must admit that in the last year or so I haven’t found anything at Autograph that thrilled me enough to buy it – but if they”re really open to change – ya never know!

    • I’ve bought about four pieces in the last year or so from Autograph. Before that, I would have easily bought half a dozen pieces per month. I have pieces from them that are from when they were called 16-26 that I still wear, but things I bought in the last year are getting scrappy already.

      But I do notice a couple of promising pieces coming through this latest stock run. Here’s hoping they continue to listen and build on that.

  • Glad you got a response, can I ask your age: 18 to 25; 26 to 40; 50 to 65 or senior?
    Would be good to get an idea of what group you are from. I am close to senior and love to dress nicely and wear breathable fabrics that also cover top of arms, don’t have plunging necks and cover my knees well.

  • Hi Elissa,

    Just a quick note letting you know that your excellent blog caught our attention.

    This month, our little nascent community decided to petition jean designers to offer more variety of fits for their collections. Feel free to read our letter at the following locations:


    In researching the subject, I discovered your blog and thought your efforts were in line with our own. We are therefore asking our members to visit your Facebook and show throw their support your way.

    Our community’s selects the best suggestion from our Universal Suggestion Box and works to make it a reality.

    Please keep up the good work!

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