5 Defining Items

Published November 4, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Inspired by this rather awesome post by Too Many Cupcakes (aside: like there can be such thing as too many cupcakes!) I’m going to share the 5 fatshion items that I think define me.

1.  Coloured Tights.

Royal Blue


Scarlet Red

I wear them all the time.  The brighter the better.  They take the many black clothes I own because black is the predominant colour of plus-sized clothing to another level.  They’re comfortable, can be dressed up or down, look great on me and I can get them in footless or regular!  I get most of my tights from We Love Colors by the way.

2. Big ole chunky rings.

Peach Ring

Poppy Ring

I have a lot of flower ones, but I also have birds, cupcakes, big gemstones, hearts, all kinds of big chunky rings.  I wear the solitaire ring in the first photo every day, but I always add another big ring to go with it, on either or both hands.

3. Dresses

OOTD - 21st May 2010

OOTD - 18th May 2010 sans cardigan

I never used to wear dresses much, mostly because of the old “I’m too fat to wear dresses.” thing, but now that I’ve discovered them, I would be happiest wearing dresses all the time.  I think it’s because I like pantslessness.

4. Ballet flats



I live in ballet flats.  They’re cheap, they come in lots of colours and varieties and styles, and you just shove your feet in them and go. And they show off my foot tattoos.  I take lots of photos of my own feet, don’t I?

5.  Earrings


Particularly anything that is large, chandelier, kooky or detailed.  I have literally hundreds of pairs of earrings, right from tiny plastic studs through to enormous hoops that I can fit both my hands through, from $2 pairs to the real deal in gold, diamond and emerald.  I feel completely naked without earrings!

So what about you?  What are the fatshion items that you feel define your style?

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  • Sadly I don’t think I have 5 fashion items that define me 😦

    My clothing is boring and dull, I don’t wear earrings anymore as toddler fingers get to them, I have 4 only rings that I wear every day as long as my fingers aren’t swollen up. and that’s about it.

    I’m big on standing up for the fellow fat chick when it comes to being outrageous but comfy within themselves, but when it comes to me, I’m superly low on my own self esteem.. I hide 😦

    But I am working on coming out of my shell in that sense 🙂

    You my love tho, look gorgeous ALL the time 🙂

    • It’s time to change that Cheryl. Start with one little simple thing that you love and makes you feel good. And my advice for an Aussie fatshionista on a budget… hit up Best & Less and Big W. I have HEAPS of items from them. I think the most I’ve ever paid for anything at either is $30, and that’s a rarity.

      One step at a time, and you will suddenly find yourself in a completely different place.

      • Yeah I know.. I’m just that odd body shape where nothing quite fits right..

        I did step out of my comfort zone for my sisters 30th birthday and instead of her getting all excited about my 1 year old daughter wearing a rockabilly outfit and a leather jacket that my sister had bought her, she almost cried at how I looked. She reckons I looked amazing. 🙂

        It was a black short dress with white polka dots (from City Chic), a big black elastic belt with a giant red heart for a clip (from City Chic), black leggings (only coz I ran out of time to get some stockings) and knee-high black boots with a heel. I couldn’t walk by the end of the night because my feet hurt so much and I couldn’t help but constantly make sure my dress wasn’t riding up so I wasn’t 100% comfy in it at all but it was a nice change to black pants or jeans.

        I hate our Best & Less here. Never has anything I like and Big W is the same, just a messier version. I’ll have to come shopping with you next time I’m in Brissie. You are after all the shopping queen 🙂

  • I love the blue tights with the blue and black/white/grey dress; that looks fab!

    I rediscovered stripey socks earlier in the year. Whilst I was adjusting to new crazymeds I discovered that having stripey socks on made me happy for reasons I don’t understand but choose not to question. My staple colours are red/black, green/black, white/black and some tri-coloured white and blue tones. Aside from a few plain black socks, tights and sports socks, that’s all I’ve got in the way of socks these days (though I do keep salivating over We Love Colours’ collecting of brightly coloured tights, which your post has done nothing to dissuade me from!) I have a couple of pairs of black mary janes, one pair in particular with big round buckles which, with stripey socks, do a rather awesome ‘Wicked Witch’ thing. I love it. 😀

    I also love cardigans. I like simple, small-knit, and tend to keep them unbuttoned. I tend to match them with my socks, which provides a nice colour contrast to the whole black-as-staple-of-plus-size-clothing thing. 🙂

    • I was wearing that dress yesterday with blue tights (though a slightly lighter shade). It’s one of those outfits that is simple and always makes me feel spesh.

      I am getting into stripey socks too. I have a pair of black and hot pink ones from We Love Colors but I’ve only worn them once so far. Must change that. I need black Mary-Janes though.

      And cardies rock, though it’s rarely cool enough to wear them here in Brisbane.

      • I find cardies useful in the evenings in Brisbane, I’m a heat-seaking person (hence not being fond of this living in Canberra business), and cardies are useful when it’s a bit cold but not really cold enough for a jacket, plus cardies are easier to chuck in my back.

        I must say, I would absolutely adore someone to replicate WeLoveColors for a number of wardrobe staples. Perhaps not quite the range of shades, but a similar concept for simple stretch t-shirts (another stable of mine, actually), and plain cardigans and the like would be AMAZING.

  • for me it’d be short skirts (ooh because fat women can’t wear short skirts, we might offend someone! blah fuck that!) because I’m so freakin short, that most miniskirts look really long on me…and I love to pair them with funky leggings and pantyhose!

    And belts. I freakin love jazzing up a simple dress or skirt with a really ornate gigantic belt, I miss Torrid’s more gothed out days but the belts are something they’ve done right in the past 2 or so years, that buckle-y S&M like one I saw on Big Liberty’s page is now one of my faves I wear all the time!

      • I like the idea of belts, but I’ve always found the belts I usually find are elasticated around the back, and it just never sits properly. I can understand the idea behind them being stretched, but I have a real craving for shiny and buckle-tastic, wide belts that go all the way around.

  • People don’t recognize me if I go out without a hat. I have a lovely wardrobe of them, and they are complimented wherever I go.

    Big, silver, animal-shaped rings. On a daily basis, I wear: a pig, a bat, an octopus, and my frog engagement ring. Yes, my engagement ring is a sterling silver frog. When you look inside, you see that he’s actually an enchanted prince, Women melt at the romance and small children giggle in delight.

    Purple and orange are big in my fashion world. They’re happy colors that bring out the best in me. Bright blue and chocolate brown also loom large in my closet, but purple and orange are clear signs that I’m on the horizon, I never wear black. I’ve decided life is too short to spend in a color that neither flatters me nor makes me happy.

    Flat shoes. I just don’t do well in heels. Funny thing, though, nobody seems to notice that I’m short wandering around in flats. Must be the size of my personality. There was a guy once who I’d been dating for three months when he suddenly gawped at me and said “Twistie! You’re short!” Not the most observant guy I’ve ever known. You’d have thought he’d have figured it out when he had to lean down to kiss me, and he was only about 5’8″!

    Long skirts and dresses. No, I’m not ashamed of my legs. I just like the swish and the freedom from worrying about whether I’m exposing things I’d rather not, such as the color of my underwear. Besides, I was around when Lt. Uhura needed spanky pants under her uniform. I’m over the mini for myself.

  • Big chunky rings!!!!! I LERVVVVV them so much! Especially because they are mostly stretch rings and my fat fingers can fit into them easily. But also because they are such a statement! I never fail to receive compliments every single time I wear one…or two!

    Earrings are my next favorite thing. They must dangle! Even if it’s just a tiny little gem bouncing around the bottom of my ear lobe 🙂

    And my other favorite thing that you didn’t include is watches. Now that most plus size stores (Catherines is my go to place) carry watches for larger wrists (mine’s an 8, easily), I now have 8 watches that are either clasp or stretchy bands. AND they are embellished with gems, beads, flowers, and color color color! Who woulda thought time could be so colorful?!!!
    Thanks for the pictures! Love your tights!!!

    • I don’t wear a watch any more. I never used to go without one, but then I got an iPhone and became a big Apple nerd and now it does everything. Plus since I had to move to an “ergonomic mousing device” at work because of a wrist injury, I can’t wear anything around my wrists as it rubs on the Nomus mouse.

  • Oh! I want to do this, but wow, that’s tough! I love all of your stuff though. Can I just live in your closet? Ha! I’m just getting on the tights trolley, but in my price range it’s pretty limited. Even a well known US plus size store, I got an E/EE (their biggest) and they didn’t go over my thighs. *sigh* No biggie. I, too just started to get into dresses and had previously given up the idea. Loving your selections here! ❤

    • Get We Love Colors tights. I know they are a bit more pricey, but damn… they fit. I should be in the 2nd biggest size, but they swim on me. Besides when you use them to stretch your wardrobe out, they are a really good way of bolstering a wardrobe on a budget.

  • Oh crap, that was only 4!! 😛 ok, aaannd my dresses, I’ve only just started liking dresses because I always thought that ‘fat people shouldn’t wear dresses’ but guess what – THEY LOOK AWESOME haha

  • I love your tights! LOVE THEM! And I want to steal some of your shoes. And I’m also loving this idea! I just wish I could go and take some pictures of my own. I’ve got what my friends have called “a distinct style”.

    1 – Hooded sweatshirts! Maybe it’s not superduper exciting, but for most of the year, I’m rarely seen without a hoodie on, or nearby. I dress to prepare for whatever weather the day will throw at me. A zip-front hooded sweatshirt can come off if it gets too hot, or stay on to keep me toasty. They layer nicely! They come in so many colors!

    1.5 – Cardigans are what I default to when the situation is too formal for a hooded sweatshirt. I had some lovely ones that I wore this summer, and I’ll be snagging more.

    2 – Scarves! I’ve got thin ones and thick ones and pashminas and square-shaped ones and big wooly ones for winter and scarrrrrrrves. Lots of them. Tossing a scarf atop a t-shirt and jeans jazzes the whole thing up.

    2.5 – Ties are fun to wear, too, in a punkish way. I’ve got a cute pink polka-dot tank top that I pair with a black and white tie. 😀 I picked up some fun ones with skulls on ’em this Halloween! And I plan on going scavenging for other patterns at the local thrift stores.

    3 – Chucks! …y’know, Converse All-Stars? The white-soled sneakers with the tips? Those’re fantastic. They’re my favorite kind of shoe EVER. I grind through at least one pair every 6 months. Winter is here in the northern hemisphere, and so I need to put my chucks away until spring thaw… but come spring, I’m planning on buying several cheap pairs and CUSTOMIZING THEM with fabric paint, and then cycling through them as needed so I won’t wear through them all so quickly.

    4 – Leggings! I’m so inspired by all the awesome fatshionistas out there, rocking leggings and tights and skirts… this summer, I went out and copied them! And now that’s sort of what people expect of me. I’ve got this great jean skirt that goes well with nearly every kind of legging and tight that I’ve got.

    5 – Nail Polish…? If it can be considered an item. I love having nicely filed, nicely painted nails. I default to white tips and a little coat of clear pink, but when I’m out of the office I’ll wear crazy colors. I just bought a bottle of sparkly black/blue/green today! I can’t wait to try it tonight!

    Fatshion is so fun. 😀

    • I have one pair of Chucks that I love dearly, but they’re so expensive here ($100 a pair or more) I have had to settle for knock offs until I can get back to the US and get some more at a decent price. My high tops are in the shade of “raspberry” but I also have knock offs in purple and black sequinned. Actually the black sequin ones are in a photo above!

      • They may have gone up in the last few years, but I’ve gotten Chucks at around $70 from one of the stores at DFO in Brisbane. Might be worth checking out?

      • Your sequined chucks are awesome. 😀 I find that not-actually-real-Chucks often come in much more entertaining colors and patterns. I’m loving my Real Actual Chucks that I picked up this fall. They’re “cranberry”! I’m up in Canada, so they set me back $50 on sale, after tax… would have been $60-$70, after tax, at full price. The next step down would be a $40 pair from Payless Shoes, and then after THAT would be a $10-$5 pair from Giant Tiger (that would wear through in a week, the way I hoof it all over the place.)

        How much do the knockoff ones you can get set you back? How durable are they?

      • I paid $15 from Rubi Shoes for the sequined knock-offs, and I’ve worn them heaps, not a single sequin has come off them.

        I bought a low-top pair in purple from Famous Footwear a couple of weeks ago for $20, so we’ll see how those go in comparison.

  • I enviously live vicariously through you ladies who rock Chucks. Due to my orthopaedic problems I need shoes with good shock cushioning and Chucks have about 1/8″ rubber between your feet and the ground heh.

    Hence I’m almost never seen without my Adidas shelltoes, usually black with white but also my black with red! In my world, they are the epitome of both function and fashion. 🙂 It’s only awesomer a men’s 6 is considered a kid’s size so if I go to one of the sneaker shops on Fordham I can get them for $10-15 less than adult size! xD

    • Sarah,

      If you are so grossed out by this why on earth would you visit this blog.

      People of ALL shapes and sizes have a right to wear beautiful clothes, and to express themselves.

      Keep posting Kath! LOVE what you have to show us!!


      PS Cows are very beautiful creatures. They aren’t ugly to me at all.

      • Thank you Samantha and Dan W.

        It’s good to have some of you come through with your positivity to let the silent readers see that they don’t have to take shit like this. While I’m happy to stand up for myself and tell someone where to go, I know a lot of people read hatred like that (just like the Marie Claire article) and be devastated.

    • @ Sarah. Dear oh dear.

      There are plenty of us who want to share and look, andf be part of this community.

      You and people like you are just SO unwelcome in this positive and sharing community.

    • Then what the hell are you doing in a hate-free space that promotes size acceptance? People need to learn how to read, seriously.

      Keep up the awesome work, Kath- you’re an inspiration!

    • Sarah, what in the fuck is wrong with you? Who made you high queen of what everyone wants to see? I want to see that, and it’s absolutely NOT gross. As Kath said, you can go fuck yourself.
      And your linkback? I would think such an “unconventional… model” who is “attracted to bright colors” would have more appreciation for these fabulous photos. DID YOU SEE THOSE BLUE TIGHTS? Goes to show what you know, girlie. Ain’t much. Fuck you.

    • Sarah,
      There’s nothing ugly about liking yourself. I love pictures of women who are happily expressing themselves through dress. Check out her tutu pictures.


    • Can I have a swing at the troll-pinata? Can I? Can I?

      Sarah, I for one want to see that. I super-duper-YES-PLEASE want to see that! Y’know why it’s so important, to me, to look at lots of pictures of fashionable fat ladies? Because how else am I going to get cool ideas for what I, a fellow fat lady, can wear?

      No seriously, I’m gonna get all emotional here, I dressed like a schlub for years and years because I had NO IDEA that a body like mine could look nice. NONE. No media images existed to say “Hey! Wear this, you’ll look good in it!” No magazines had a lineup of fat girls, wearing the newest styles of the season, showing me just what I could buy and how I could style it. I was not born knowing how to dress. Frankly, I’m still kind of clueless. But stuff like THIS, this is what inspires me and motivates me and lets me know that I CAN DRESS UP REAL COOL.

      So, Sarah, go cram it sideways up your butt, and leave us alone. 😀

      • Lampdevil, You really said it sister. No where did I see really cool fashions for fat women till I went looking for them. When I found Shake Your Peaches it turned my self image around. Not only were there lovely clothes that fit me, there were actual large women (as opposed to Lane Bryant’s size 12) modeling them! I had never imagined that I could look cool, sexy or wear bright colors until I saw fat women with my own eyes looking fabulous.

  • So, Sarah up above is a horrible person. Blech. But back to the original question: defining style.

    High heels. 4″ + high. I kicked my shoes off one day and had a good friend comment that she didn’t realize I was that short 🙂 I love me some really tall shoes.

    Layers. I love layering spagetti strap tanks with pretty much everything. I’m not a big fan of belts, but the contrasting color tank sticking out at the bottom of my shirt gives a similar effect.

    In the summer – sun dresses. A few years ago I wasn’t even comfy in shorts and I almost never wore dresses. My fashion options have opened up so much since I stumbled across FA and started liking the way I look.

  • Firstly Kath, I love your everything. Sarah is a complete and utter idiot. I can’t believe her nerve.

    Your collection is awesome! I have no idea what my 5 are/would be. I definitely need to buy some WLC tights though. Silly money!

  • Thank you all for stepping up to demonstrate how hatred and bigotry is not tolerated in the Fatosphere.

    Only when we all speak up can we send the message loud and clear that cretins like “Sarah” no longer have a place in our world.

  • Why on God’s Green earth would that Sarah character look for your blog and leave such a cheap insult?? It gives me the creeps.

    Fuck her.

    I’m more interested in the jewel tones you wear so well! Totally want to raid your closet!!

    • Buggered if I know Lisa, and I’d rather not fuck her, thanks all the same!

      I have dark eyes and naturally dark hair, so pale or neutral colours don’t really cut it on me. I gotta get me some bright up in there!

      And get your beady eyes off my closet.

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