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Published November 6, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I’ve been reading all these fabulous blogs from fatshionistas in the UK about a day trip to Yours Clothing that they had earlier this week.

Yours are a UK plus-size clothing retail chain that I think are really starting to get it right about selling mass produced clothing to their customers.  Firstly they start at a size 14 and go all the way up to size 32 (UK sizes).  Their prices are reasonable for mass produced clothing (in fact, just looking at the website which has a conversion to $AU, I’d say a lot of their stuff is downright bargain) and they have a really wide variety of styles and vary from the casual to the cocktail, with a bit of something for everyone.  I’ve not bought from them via mail order, but I’ve heard good things about their international mail order service, and they also have brick and mortar stores in the UK for women to go and physically touch, see and try on their products.  I can’t speak for the quality of their stock either, as I don’t own any, but there are several other bloggers who seem to really like what they do.  And for the prices they’re listing, one wouldn’t be expecting double seams or hand stitching, you know?  Mass produced is mass produced for a reason.

But what I am really impressed by is their engaging with their customers, and those people who are their best marketing, the word of mouth of bloggers and social media.  They invited in half a dozen fatshion bloggers for a day spent at their office and warehouse.  They showed them through the warehouse, through the studio where they photograph the models and products for the marketing, and spent some time with each of the bloggers talking to them about what they do, what they like, their blogs and the Yours Clothing website.  They let them try on a bunch of the clothes, had some fun in the studio.

The two most significant things are that they treated these plus-sized women like welcome guests and acknowledged their love of fun and fashion, and that they actually listen to their customers, rather than assuming that marketing stats are anything to go by.

You can read some rundowns of the events by the bloggers here:

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Messy Carla

Cupcake’s Clothes

I believe that Australia’s plus-size retail chains have a lot to learn from Yours Clothing.  By encouraging word of mouth marketing from their very customers, they’re acknowledging that there is a considerable market out there for mainstream plus-sized fashion, and that by giving those who are vocal and visible online a chance to see behind the scenes and talk about the company, they’re speaking directly to the customers who would be buying their product.  By offering affordable products of a wide variety, they’re also acknowledging the right of their customer to have choice in what they wear and how they style themselves.

I’d like to challenge Australian plus-size retail chains to start thinking this way.  Make a difference huh?

*if you haven’t already done so, I invite you to join + Plus-Size Plus +, the campaign to improve plus-sized clothing options in Australia (international members welcome)

9 comments on “Getting it Right: Yours Clothing

  • I love Yours Clothing! I’ve ordered from them numerous times, and even with the conversion to $AU it’s still so much cheaper then a lot of stores here in Australia! Shipping is a good price & comes quickly!

    I too have been really impressed with the interactive measures they have taken with bloggers! It really is a smart move for them to make, because not only do they get to hear directly from some of the ladies with amazing fashion sence, but it makes people (like me) want to support them!

  • I’m stoked to find out Yours has a website! I bought a few tops from them whilst in the UK earlier this year. They have a great range, the sizing seemed generous (my tops were a 16, in Oz I’m an 18) and were an absolute bargain ($15-20 each). Quality appears good too, I’ve worn them to bits and washed them loads (unlike the pants I bought yesterday from a local retailer whose button fell off today when I was trying them on, sigh). Can definitely recommend Yours. Now, off to go shopping on that website…!

  • As an aussie who regularly shops at Yours Clothing due to the complete lack of choice in Australian plus size stores, I agree with your post.
    I love being able to log on and find a whole heap of different styles of clothing that are outside the mainstream mumus sold by most stores here. I feel so uninspired when I visit them and find the same styles as last year but just in different colours, and it is exciting to find a store where i can find not 1 not 10 but 100 different dresses to choose from in my size.
    The quality has been good, not amazing, but certainly in line with the chain plus size stores here.

    • I think I’m gonna have to start buying from them!

      I just wish I could have brick and mortar versions to go to as well. I do love shopping “in the flesh” so much more than mail order.

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