First Autograph Fashion Garment Review

Published November 9, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

I promised you I would start reviewing the garments I got* from Autograph Fashion soon, so let’s get this party started.

So far I’ve only worn two pieces of the six I got (two cardies, two dresses, a top and a crochet cover-up), and as I mentioned in my earlier post, I wanted to put them through a wash before I reviewed them.

The first one I wore was this crochet cover-up:


Look, Nadia made me pose like I was doing something:


Can you tell I felt kind of stupid?

When Autograph contacted me to ask me to review some of their clothes, they asked me to choose some items from their website, and while I actually really struggled to find much I liked, I had already seen this one in store and really liked it, but wasn’t going to pay the $50 price tag on it.  Despite being regularly disappointed over the past year or two, I still do browse in store in the vain hope of finding something**.  The skirt I am wearing in these shots is a VERY early Autograph piece, back from when they were still called 16-26.  As you can see, it’s worn exceptionally well, and still looks great.

The crochet cover-up is actually meant to be worn over a swimsuit, but I like it so much I just popped it over a gold coloured cami (old Autograph), and wore it with this chocolate skirt (the print is in cream, a tan brown and a pale blue when you get close up) and brown suede ballet flats (Novo) and a cream headband (Rubi Shoes).  The cover-up is fairly well made, I was worried about the crochet catching on things but it didn’t at all.  It’s soft and comfortable and hangs nicely.  I washed it as per instructions, and it has kept it’s shape, colour and size well for the first wash (I did use a garment bag).

I think I could wear it with other coloured cami’s underneath to mix up the colours I wear it with.  If you go to the website now, it’s been marked down to $19.99.

The other piece I have worn so far was this dress:

Autograph dress

Not the best photo sorry, but you get the idea.  This is one that is from their new stock, that they chose for me, before it went up on the website.  I kept it simple with flat black sandals (Rubi Shoes), Spanish style earrings (Diva), a wee black and white feather hair dodad (can’t remember where I found that one) and a big red flower ring (Thousand Island Dressing).  This is also the first time I’ve worn a sundress since I was a child.  A THIN child!

I already have a dress from another store (Big W I think) in the exact same print, but a different fabric and style, and a friend and colleague of mine has one from Autograph in the same fabric and print that is a maxi dress that is very close to the same style.  This one sits just below the knee at the highest point of the hem. While I quite liked it in the picture on the website, when it arrived it felt so strange.  It’s a polyester elastane that feels almost like swimsuit fabric, cold and stretchy, and quite heavy.  I wasn’t sure what it would be like to wear.  Since I was going out to a fairly casual dinner by the bay on Saturday night, I thought I’d give it a go, and take a little black crochet shrug with me if I got cool.

The minute I put it on, I really liked the feel of it.  It’s very soft and cool, which for a texture junkie who suffers from the heat like me, feels great.  The bust is cut fairly generously (could give me a little bit more but I have a rack of doom) and is shaped properly for once – not just two triangles to cover the boobs, it actually has shaping panels across the bust.  The back is also cut fairly high, so it actually does cover the kind of bra that a rack of doom requires.  The wide straps also cover the bra, and I didn’t have any gape or side-boob risk under the arms.

I am not sure I’d pay the full $69.99 for it, it’s not an expensive fabric, and the print is everywhere over the past couple of years (a friend of mine who wears straight sizes turned up in a little dress in the same print the night I wore my other one to a dinner with her about a year ago), and while there is some extra shaping to most mass produced pieces (around the boobs), it’s still got that crossover bust and two panels of fabric skirt that are EVERYWHERE.

But that said, it is lovely to wear, comfortable, feels soft and cool, was super easy to launder, and I really like it.  I think it’s going to become a staple of mine over the stinking hot months of a Brisbane summer.  I reckon I can wear it over my swimsuit too, I like a bit of coverage when I’m not actually in the water, but am still happy to keep the shoulders and arms bare.

So there you have my first ever fashion reviews!

*Disclosure: Autograph Fashion sent me these garments for free and asked me to review them.  I will be completely honest and if the review is negative, will say so.
**I will admit, I haven’t been into Autograph for nearly a month, but the few bits and bobs I’ve seen online show some promise.  I will have to pop in before I post the next review.

25 comments on “First Autograph Fashion Garment Review

  • I’ll be doing a “vain hope of finding something” browse up at Hornsby on Friday, will have to see if they’ve got that sundress in store, it sounds like something I might like too.

  • Major kudos to a sundress in fabric that doesn’t initiate serious sweating as soon as the temp hits 26 degrees. I have a wardrobe full of dresses, but few of them breathe.

    $50 seems excessive for the top. Nice enough, but it’d be $30 in a size 12.

    Thanks for the reviews. 🙂

    • Yeah I think most of their stuff is overpriced at full price. After all it’s mass produced and not exactly high luxe fabrics. And as you say, the straight sizes are priced considerably less.

  • I love the dress, you look terrific in it, the crochet thingy looks great on but I reckon the colour is a bit blah for you – excellent review very comprehensive

    • Umm… sorry Kerri but you don’t get to decide what it looks like on me. Only I get to decide that. Remember, I don’t have to perform 24×7 if I don’t wish to. If I choose to wear subdued tones for a change, that’s my prerogative.

  • Oh Kath! I love both of those on you! I have never tried one of those crochet-poncho/coverup things before because I always feel as though they’d look tent-like on me. But I like how you paired it with the skirt? Cute! And that dress? It suits you so well. You were right to keep it simple with sandals. It looks fabulous! Thanks for mentioning the fabric, I would have assumed it was that sheer synthetic stuff that they always make dresses out of. I’m big on texture, too. Can’t wait to read & see more!

    • You know, the fact that it has “sleeves” sewn into it saves it from tent-like status. Makes it hang right and tucks it in against my body instead of just being an all out poncho.

      I think we might be secret twins separated at birth Notblue. The dates are right.

  • You rock that dress like all get out. You look very glam in it! I am not a fan of the crochet thing though. Not the color, not the style, not anything.

  • I really want to like the top, but I just don’t think I’d ever wear it. I do like what you’ve done with it, but I’m not a fan of tops I must wear other tops under.

    I’m liking the dress, very nice to see wide straps for a change. But I’m not a fan of the dark colour. I’m pasty and white enough in Summer without the contrast. I just bought a blue, purple and white dress that sounds like it might be made of a similar kind of fabric. I’m kind of loving it, but I paid waaaaay to much for it. I love dresses in Summer but I need below the knee and I already have a heap of dark ones that I don’t really love. I figured if I didn’t buy it I’d never see something like it again. It’s kind of pathetic how desperate I am for nice clothes at the moment.

    Also, great review. Lots of helpful details and honesty! I love honest reviews.

  • Forgot to say how much I HATE the crossover bust bit. I cannot wear anything like that and have wasted too much time trying to sew them together in a way that doesn’t like stupid. I can’t tell you how nice it is to find something with a square bust line.

  • I went into Autograph the other day and have to say that I was highly disappointed in what they had. NOTHING even closely caught my eye at all.. the hunt continues… 😦

    You however my dear. I love that dress on you, it’s fabulous! I wish I could wear maxi dresses etc, they fit everywhere except my bust as I am lacking one 😦

  • Its interesting to read these comments, as I actually think Autograph is really reasonable – compared to the Horror that is TS or Be Me.

    I LOVE LOVE that dress on you,- especially since I know it’s the first time for you to be wearing a dress in years.


    • Thank you! It’s actually not the first time I’ve worn a dress, I wear dresses a lot. However it was the first time I’ve worn a sun dress in that long.

      I don’t know TS or Be Me – are they Australian or somewhere else in the world?

  • Posing for photos like this will just act as a lightning rod for people to make unkind comments. You might as well be wearing a bikini…

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