Published December 4, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Inspired by the lovely Not Blue At All’s post on sharing tidbits about herself, I thought I would do this little exercise too. Let’s see…

… is allergic to sheep.  Yep, the whole sheep.  Wool, meat and lanolin.

… used to always wear pants, but now prefers dresses to anything else.

… used to be a bit of a brown sparrow, but is now a rainbow lorikeet.

… has abandonment issues.  Still.

… is a librarian… who doesn’t have much to do with books.

… believes that all human beings deserve basic respect.

… is absolutely hopeless at anything crafty!

… doesn’t know what she weighs at the moment, and doesn’t really care.

… seems to sneeze a lot more than other people.

… is a damn good cook, when she feels like it, and can turn anything into a tasty dish.

… believes that we have one life, and it is precious and should be lived to the fullest.

… has an infectious laugh.

… hates the smell of lavender.

… learns something new about herself every day.

… is apparently an ESFP according to the Myers Briggs test she just did.

… has really hot hands like her Grandma.

… loves her friends.

… wears her heart on her sleeve.

… doesn’t hate herself any more.

… knows that for every person who doesn’t like her, there is at least one who loves her.

… is so blessed to have discovered Fat Acceptance and the people who ARE the heart of it.


*Note: my username everywhere is sleepydumpling, it’s just this blog that is called Fat Heffalump, but you can call me Fat Heffalump if you like.

6 comments on “Sleepydumpling…

  • I thought I was the only one who hated the smell of lavender!

    I took the Myers-Briggs in elementary school and got INTJ so I guess we are polar opposites. (But more recently I got INFJ; I value both thinking and feeling.)

  • I always like these “learn more about you” type posts. I think, though, as awesome as you are, for every person who might not like you, there are at least two who love you.
    I’ll totally do this later. ❤

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