Documentary: fat body (in)visible

Published December 14, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Ok my lovelies, I have something REALLY special for you.

Margitte of Riots Not Diets over on Tumblr has made this amazing documentary called fat body (in)visible, which is the most amazing piece of fat activism.

Featuring Jessica of Tangled Up In Lace (blog here, tumblr here) and Keena of Buttahlove (tumblr here), the film documents their fat activism, fatshion, and stories of both visibility and invisibility as fat women.

Do not miss this film.  I’m both deeply moved and absolutely delighted by the piece, and it’s a wonderful thing to see fat women putting their voice out there, as we’re always judged on our appearance and rarely given the opportunity to speak for ourselves.

So without further ado, here is fat body (in)visible:

9 comments on “Documentary: fat body (in)visible

  • Psst… to embed a vimeo vid in a blog you don’t need any fancy code. You literally just put the URL in your post and it will automatically embed it.

  • That was fantastic. Two gorgeous women that I’d love to give $1000 to so they could shop for me. I’m style impaired! We need an FA version of ‘Queer Eye’ to bust people like me out of elastic-waisted jean prison!

    • If you find yourself over there, or if Substantia ever comes here, jump in! I am going to try to see her when I go over next year.

      I’d like to see an Aussie do something similar. Maybe we need to convince Bri to indulge her passion for photography more with we fatties?

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