Christmas OOTD and A Review

Published December 25, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Merry Christmas lovelies!  I hope you’ve had a fab and groovy Christmas, I know I certainly have.  I spent most of today with my friend Teresa, her hubby Craig and Teresa’s family.  It was an absolute joy to spend Christmas with such awesome people.

So, what did you wear today?  I wore a mostly new outfit.  Check it out:

Christmas OOTD

My buns are lopsided.  The ones in my hair smart arses!

I bought the dress from Evans and fell in love with it the minute I got my hands on it.  It’s the most beautiful soft fabric that breathes beautifully and drapes so well.  It’s this one:

Evans dress

It’s really wet in Brisbane at the moment so I needed a wee cover up to keep the arms from getting too cool, and the orange cardie that Autograph Fashion sent me to review  works perfectly with the orange in the tartan of the dress.  They also sent me one in a kind of mid blue, and both of them are really lovely.  Soft fabric, not very thick and breathes fairly well, so good for that kind of in-between weather where you just need a little something of a layer.  It’s also good to get some more colour into my wardrobe as well – plus-size clothing is usually an ocean of black.  At full price they’re marked at $49.95 which is a little more than I would happily pay for a cardie.

I’m still absolutely boggled though that I would need a cardie in Brisbane on Christmas day!  But it’s not exactly normal weather here, that river behind me in the photo is VERY swollen and full of silt and debris.

The other bits in my outfit are a pair of leggings from Autograph (I wear those a lot, they’re a great colour), shoes by Novo and my lovely fox brooch from Thousand Island Dressing.  Here he is in detail:

Fox Brooch

I have one other product to review tonight, but sadly it’s not good news for this one.  Autograph sent me this red bandage dress:

Red Bandage

Which looks great here in this picture.  Looks great on the hanger as well.  I saw the black version on someone else the other day (waves to Jenn) and it looked awesome on her.  I planned to wear it to work yesterday for a bit of a celebratory Christmas outfit, but sadly when I put it on, while it looks great on me, it is the most horrible fabric.  It’s REALLY hot.  Not a little bit warm, I sweltered in it.  It’s a very plasticky synthetic (polyester viscose) that does not breathe at all, and feels like sandpaper or steel wool to wear.  I couldn’t stand it against my skin.  I will admit that I am uber-sensitive when it comes to textures, but there are few things I cannot wear against my skin.  This I’m afraid is one of them.  Which is really, really disappointing because it is such a beautiful looking dress.  I don’t know if it will be any better in winter when the weather is cold, but somehow I don’t think so because it is just so prickly and hot against the skin.  And as they’re selling it for $80 (psst, it’s on 50% off sale on the website right now), I would highly advise that if you want one, try it on first.  Because while it looks gorgeous, no use buying something you can’t wear.

It would be really lovely if they could get this dress made in a better fabric.  Because it really is a beautiful looking dress.  And would make a PERFECT Christmas dress!

11 comments on “Christmas OOTD and A Review

  • Merry Christmas to you too!

    That dress looks good on you, but ruffles & plaid are NOT for me – not since Catholic school 😉

    I bought myself a slinky dress which will be MY SON’S gift to me under the tree – have no idea where I’ll where it but dammit, I LIKED it! So I may just wear it around the house…

    • I would have KILLED for ruffles and plaid as my school uniform. Instead we had shapeless grey sacks with boring white shirts under them.

      You’ll find somewhere to wear your fab new dress, I’m sure.

  • Ohh! I love that brooch! I’ve looked at the dress in store, but never really had the $$$ to spend on it, seeing I wasn’t sure how often I would wear it. I never tried it on though, so I can’t say about the fabric. I do remember it being rather heavy.

  • Isn’t that fox brooch adorable? Thousand Island Dressing is awesome for affordable and cute accessories.

    Yeah, the dress is heavy, that I can cope with. But it’s like sandpaper. Really scratchy and itchy. I’ve seen bandage dresses in straight size stores and while the fabric is still heavy and dense, it’s not all scratchy and plasticky like this one.

  • I saw this dress in the different colours they had when I was in there on Monday. I totally see what you mean about the texture – it was really scratchy! It was a gorgeous dress but I didn’t even want to try it on, it was awful.

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