24 Hours Away – Operation Baldy

Published January 25, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

As I write this, I am 24 hours away from shaving my head for Operation Baldy.  I have my kit all organised, shaving gel and razors, scissors, sunscreen for my freshly exposed head, camera all charged up with an empty SD card.  A friend is bringing clippers to take the bulk of it off, though I think I might chop the ponytail off first for dramatic effect.  I have had a day of pampering with a friend to make my nails all femme and my eyebrows all tidy – they’ll be kind of noticeable when I’m bald.  I’ve bought a cute hat to protect my head from the sun when out and about.

I’m having an event with local friends, a day by the bay of a picnic lunch and laughs and fun as I say goodbye to my hair.  People I trust are going to do the deed and I’m sure look after me for a bit afterwards when the enormity of what I’ve done hits home.

I am very, very nervous.  I have spent some time over the past few days finding photographs of lots of beautiful bald women all over the internet (bless you Google Image search).  I have reminded myself that I am doing this for a very good cause, two very good causes in fact.  I have reminded myself that it grows back.  I have reminded myself that my long hair is not a measure of my femininity.  I have looked at the approximately $2200 worth of donations received so far, with a good few hundred pledged and reminded myself that if so many people can reach into their pockets to help, I can shave my head.

But I’m still very, very nervous.

This is what I am giving up:

Pink hair bun

See how pretty it is?  It’s like fairy floss (cotton candy to those of you in the US).  I do love it very much.

OK I need some of the pros:

  • It will be much cooler without all that thick, hot hair heating me up.
  • I will save on shampoo and conditioner.  Not to mention bleach and pink dye.
  • Getting ready for the day will be a snap.
  • I’ll be able to gently give my scalp a tan.
  • No more hair to be constantly swept/vaccuumed up from my flat.
  • Hats will fit (my hair is BIG, hats normally just slide right off)
  • I could get a tattoo up there if I wanted to!
  • I will be able to put away all the hair doodads and pins and hairbands and stuff and not have them cluttering up my flat.
  • Once it starts to grow back, I’ll be able to try new colours without having to use up a whole bleach kit/two tubes of colour on all that long hair.
  • I won’t get hairdaches from tight ponytails.
  • No more fluffy bits that blow in my eyes.

Anyone got any more pros for being bald and saying goodbye to my long pink hair?

Again, the generosity of those who have already donated is staggering.  Thank you all, I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see your donations pop up in my inbox.  You are all doing a good thing, whether you donate big or small, it all adds up to help.

If you haven’t already donated, would you please consider doing so?  I have Paypal set up:

Donate here $US Paypal
Donate here $AU Paypal
Donate here £GBP Paypal

or Email Me to arrange other payment method.

I promise I will blog tomorrow night with photographs of my shiny bald head (and some of the laughs along the way) to prove I’ve done the deed.

Now hit me up with some pros in the comments lovelies – I need to keep reminding myself!!


7 comments on “24 Hours Away – Operation Baldy

  • Other pros: Being able to show off all kinds of earrings! I don’t have enough hair to do ponytails, but I have a hell of a time finding a teethless headband that doesn’t pinch my skull while holding my hair back, so no-skull-pinching is another pro.

    Another one– if you want to try out different wigs, it’ll be really easy to get stocking caps on due to lack of natural hair.

  • Ummmm….you can walk out the door in the morning not having to worry if you’re hair looks ok because you won’t have any. :p OHOHOH! Quicker showers because you won’t have to wash your hair…or just more time to lounge in the shower not doing anything other than enjoying the sensation. ^_^ Good luck lady!

  • i can’t wait to see it, you are going to ROCK it i am certain. more pros:
    * your eyes are gonna POP i bet
    * second the earring comment up there
    * when it grows back you can go super funky with haircuts (mohawk anyone?)
    * fun with wigs!

  • I didn’t shave my hair down to the scalp, but I did just shave the back — I’ve done it before, but one pro I always forget is how soft and amazing-feeling petting the back of your own shaved head is once you have about a half inch of growth. (it’s like being your own pet. ;D)

  • I was also thinking, with all the processing your pink hair is probably a little tired, maybe a little fried at the ends? This way you get to start a brand new fresh healthy head of hair with all new colour and style possibilities.

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