A Little Housekeeping

Published February 10, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I feel like a bit of a change.  So I’m going with a new WordPress theme here on Fat Heffalump.  Nothing fancy-pants, just another one of the freebies WordPress.com offers up.  I actually find this easier to read than my old one.

I wanted to give you all an update on Operation Baldy.  So far I’ve received just over $2200 in donations that I’ve received, with a whole lot of pledges that haven’t come in yet.  I would really like to hit the $3000 mark, but it will depend on the pledged donations coming through.   As it stands (not counting pledged amounts) I’ve got $1670 for the Cancer Council of Australia, and $575 for the Queensland Flood Appeal.  Not bloody bad for shaving ones head to raise money huh?

The hair is growing back rapidly, it is now two weeks since I whipped it all off, and it’s about 5mm long all over.  Because it’s so thick it looks like it’s grown like a weed.  Yet I can only just grab a teensy little bit in my fingers.  It feels funny though.  Kind of like a microfibre plush toy.  Today I bought some hot chilli red dye to colour it with soon.  I might even have enough hair next week to do it.

I’ve got some cool stuff coming up to share with you all.  I’ve recorded two podcasts in the past week, and written a guest post on my experience with eating disorders.  As soon as they are live I’ll let you all know.  It’s really amazing to be able to collaborate with other activists and allies, I feel blessed with these opportunities.

I’m still wanting to know what kind of topics are important to you in Fat Acceptance.  So if you have any, could you pop them in the comments below?


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