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Published February 17, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Just a pop in post today.  I was interviewed yesterday morning by Alex Mann from Triple J for the Hack programme on the topic of the interactions between fat people and medical professionals, in particular GP’s (General Practitioners), along with Bec aka @TrashyTeacake from South Australia.

If you’d like a listen, click here.

I have to say, I’m well impressed that the producers of Hack on Triple J have given an opportunity to fat people to talk about how they are treated by health professionals, rather than the usual mainstream media method of speaking to everyone BUT fat people about the topic of fatness and health.  Alex from Triple J even came up here to interview me in person.

Kudos to Hack on Triple J.

My favourite part of the piece was the commentary from Dr Rick Kausman, in particular this quote:

Unfortuntely as a society, we’re focusing on the wrong “W”. We’re focusing on the “W” for weight, rather than the “W” for wellbeing. If we could focus on the “W” for wellbeing, the rest would take care of itself.

Dr Rick, YOU ROCK!

Side note: I was not asked to give my BMI, nor was it verified with me.  I have spoken to Alex about this and made it clear that had I been asked, I would have calculated my BMI (I actually don’t know it at the moment) rather than have them “assign” my BMI based on my mentioning that I am classified as “morbidly obese”.  Alex has apologised and understands the issue of others placing body measures on fat people, particularly in such a public way.

12 comments on “Quick Hit: Triple J Hack

  • You did splendidly! ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm also super impressed with Hack for being a) open and b) interested in this stuff.

    First government-funded radio, then the world. FAT RAMPAGE.

  • That was my favourite part of Rick’s commentary too! 😀
    And i agree – so fantastic of Hack to actually interview fat people on the issues that affect them, rather than allow others to speculate on how they might be affected.
    Good job all-round 🙂

  • One of the things people don’t realise is how amazingly brave it is for people like you, Bec and Frances to stand up and talk about this. You are pioneers.

    Well done to all of you!!

    ❤ always.

  • You did such a fabulous job, Bec too.

    I have always been impressed by Hack since back in the Steve Cannane days (ah Steve. Sigh. Ahem don’t mind me). And I think you’ve hit it on the head here — Hack does value the VOICES of people behind issues. That is rare in the media and it’s very important. It is so unusual for fat people to be asked how we feel about these issues and that in itself is just a terrible shame, you know? We shouldn’t have to fight so hard to be heard on something which is about us, our bodies, our minds.

    I have also been so happy to hear Samantha and Dr Rick as two of their experts on this issue. And even the ‘counter argument’ side from more traditional fat=death experts wasn’t heavy-handed or thrown in at the end just to dismiss everything that was said. It was sensitively handled.

    Just goes to show that when you go beyond the surface of the ‘weight debate’ and give more than 20 second sound-bytes, FA and HAES have some really compelling arguments going on.

    • Thank you.

      I also think that the work we are doing is getting out there. We’re starting to see more articles and interviews. Not a lot more, but they’re popping up from time to time. Thanks to outlets like Triple J’s Hack and ABC the Drum blog, and a few others popping up around the place, we are getting an opportunity to be heard.

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