Super Fats – We’re Podcasting Baby!

Published February 21, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I am so excited!!

A few weeks ago the lovely Anna from Bargain Fatshionista and the lovely Nicole from A Well Rounded Venture asked me if I would be interested in podcasting with them.  The answer?  HELL YES!

And so may I present to you…

Just click on the image to be taken to our inaugural Super Fats podcast.  When you are there, you can download the first podcast, subscribe to the RSS feed AND we’ve submitted it to iTunes as well, so soon you will be able to subscribe there as well.

Make sure you comment on the podcast post so we know which bits you like, your thoughts on the topic and what you’d like to hear us talk about in the future.

I am so excited to share this with you all, I had lots of fun recording it with Anna and Nicole, and I look forward to us recording more.

9 comments on “Super Fats – We’re Podcasting Baby!

  • I have been following your adventures for a week or so. I am happy to see such brave women making a strong point. You have inspired me with your wise and passionate words… You said in your podcast that you want people to call you fat, I admire that, however in my language we say “gordita” to refer to a dear woman with size. It is OK?

    • I’d actually like to weigh in on this… I’ve grown up in the Southwest of the US, in a heavily Spanish inclined city, and I’ve spent much of my 20’s traveling around Spanish speaking countries. I had many folks refer to me as gordita or gorda before I self identified as fat, and at first it made me feel really sad. But, after hearing it almost every day, I finally asked someone (I was in Nicaragua at the time) if this word has a derogatory meaning, or if its more of a descriptive term- and I was told that its almost always used as a descriptive term, and usually as a term of endearment! Obviously, this depends on its context, and after that I tried to pay attention to the inflection of those who were calling out to me with these words, and I learned to embrace it! I think like all words, its always best to call someone what they *want* to be called, regardless of the social or cultural implications we place on a word! Soy gorda! Soy gordita!

  • You, Nicole and Anna are great! I felt like I was a fly on the wall at a fatty brunch! I appreciated the humor you injected into the cast- it made me laugh at a few things that I used to sob about!

    I cant *wait* for the next one! And I might need a make you all super-hero capes…

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