Quick Hit: New Super Fats Podcast is UP!

Published March 5, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Well, I’ve been sick over the past few days with a raging ear infection, so I’ve not much been in the mood for blogging.  But the good news is that last weekend another Superfats podcast was recorded with my fabulous co-Super Fats, Nicole from A Well Rounded Venture and Anna from Bargain Fatshionista.

Clicky Clicky the logo to go to the podcast, or guess what?  You can subscribe to us on iTunes, which means you can get our podcasts downloaded automatically whenever we post a new one, straight into your iPod, iPhone or other player.  Just go to iTunes, search Super Fats and there we are with our fab logo (above) for you to subscribe to.

This latest podcast was on the subject of Fatshion, which I’m sure Nicole, Anna and myself could have talked about a whole lot longer, and we may need to revisit sometime in the future.

Please leave us comments on the Super Fats page, we love to hear from those of you who are listening.

Oh, and for Aussie Super Fats – I am currently listing some clothing on eBay for sale – mostly new with tags, mostly around the size 22-24-26 sizes.  Including some items from Asos Curve that are a smidge too small for me.  Here’s the first one I’ve listed, click on “More from this Seller” to see others as I put them up.

5 comments on “Quick Hit: New Super Fats Podcast is UP!

  • The discussion of clothes really made me smile and nod *so much*. I just don’t have other fat people I’m close enough to to have a discussion about what’s out there (the surplice necklines! the empire waists! the first feature I think exists to make me also buy cami’s–why not since since plus-size clothes manufacturers and retailers can already get a few extra dollars out of me for things that, hello, simply *fit*; the second to persuade me that my bra must be wrong–Dear people who make empire waist clothes, I get that an empire waist is high. But could you not start the waist before my bosom has stopped? Okay, thx, Vixen)–this felt like, wow–other people noticed these things, it isn’t just me. The whole chat was brillant and good to listen to. I’m looking forward to the next one.

    • I’m so glad we’re striking a chord. Fatshion is diverse but we seem to have a lot of the same issues, particularly for the Super Fatties.

      And I hear you on the bodice length on empire waisted tops/dresses! I love empire waisted things, they fit over my big belly so well (and I can’t avoid the looking pregnant thing, no matter what shape I wear) and hang so nicely on me, but what’s with them being SO short bodiced that I can’t fit my tits in the top half!?

      Watch this space for news on the next podcast.

  • Off topic, but i felt like i had to post: thank you so much for writing this fabulous, thought provoking, inspirational and informative blog. You are seriously effing awesome, and if i could ‘fan’ your posts a thousand times, i would.

    Every issue you discuss leaves a trail blazing in my mind.

    Again, thankyou.
    L x

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