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Published April 24, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

While I’ve been tootling around online this afternoon I’ve had YouTube running in the background with various music that I was lucking into, and I got into a bit of an Aerosmith jag.  I love Aerosmith (and have had an on-off crush on Steven Tyler for about 25 years) and while I was fiddling about on Tumblr, this song came up.

I flicked over to watch the music video, and was struck by just how diverse and positive the bodies presented in it are. There’s a bit of something for everyone in there, isn’t there? And while someone said to me a while back that they thought it was a bit of a “freak show” aspect, I have to disagree. Everyone is presented the same, on that white catwalk background (including the band) and just dancing to the music, regardless of age, gender, body shape/size, sexuality, race etc. I love that there are modified bodies and “original” bodies too.

It got me thinking – what other body positive/diverse music videos are out there? Have any of you got some you can suggest? I’d like to make a list.

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  • i love the pink video fucking perfect for showing ED in all its glory and stuff like cutting plus the message is great and i love pink.

  • Macy Gray, Sexual Revolution. Lots of different people, different bodies, different sexualities, different kinks, all having lots of fun. Also, a “Naomi Campbell lookalike”.

    Destiny’s Child, Bootylicious. Not one but TWO fat women, along with various other awesome people getting down. I can’t think of another “love your body” style video that has more than one fat person represented… except for the one below.

    George Michael, Go to the City. Although the guy who is not having fun is a bit chubby, lots of much fatter people (as well as lots of different gender presentations) are having an awesome time.

  • I’m in love with Beth Ditto’s ‘I Wrote The Book’ right now. She is so gorgeous I can’t take it. As for people outside the FA community’s positive videos, I can’t think of any, so I’m looking forward to the suggestions.

  • I love Beth Ditto too, she is a terrific role model for FA. I’ve discovered a new pop singer who is big and beautiful, always looks amazing and is oh so talented and that’s Adele. Not only has she an amazing voice, writes wonderful and meaningful songs which she delivers in a very emotional way, but she’s totally gorgeous. Check her out on YouTube. She is great.

  • ‘Flawless’ by George Michael. Not, maybe, the best song, but he’s sure got a representation of every body type in the video!

  • I think the person who said this video has a “freak show” aspect to it, should consider how even the slightest deviation from the norm is considered being a freak, and how sad it is that people are so closed minded.

    I also wish they had more of the shirtless Goth guy with the long coat. MOOAARR! LoL

    • Jackie I think they thought that Aerosmith were “using” the people rather than celebrating them. I think that might have been the case if it had been a more mainstream/conservative band, but in Aerosmith’s case, I don’t feel that way.

  • Well, there is a freak show aspect of it, but there were certainly worse culprits out there. *cough*Primus*cough* Still, undressed fat women are normally made invisible so I think there often is something to be gained from even ambiguous portrayals that are not overtly fat hostile. That is extraordinarily radical. I know as a kid, I was definitely glued to the TV the few times time MTV played Pink because it was such a unique sight.

    My favorite body positivity videos growing up were…

    Prince: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

    Its a little “on the nose” but there was a time I loved Beautiful South’s Perfect 10

    INXS: Beautiful Girl

    • Forgot that Perfect 10 indulges in some thin shaming. Not with the hostility of fat shaming, but “anorexic” is definitely sung as a slur and I should have made some warning about that.

    • I had not heard that Beautiful South song before. It was fabulous all except for that one teensy lyric. The other two were blasts from the past, that’s for sure.

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