Words: Use Them as Firewood and Let Them Burn

Published May 7, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

To every one of you who have felt the pain of someone’s hateful, hurtful words.  To every one of you who have been bullied, humiliated, shamed and trolled.  To every single one of you who have been told you are ugly, horrible, disgusting, gross, worthless, less than, or any other hurtful thing just because your body doesn’t match what someone thinks is acceptable, this song is for you.


*original photo courtesy of (UB) Sean R on Flickr

8 comments on “Words: Use Them as Firewood and Let Them Burn

  • This is one of my favourite songs as of late. I have their album and funnily enough over the last few weeks I have felt the need to play this song in particular and listen to the words over and over again. It’s an awesome song and I have felt better after listening to it each time 🙂 Thanks for sharing! xoxo

      • I got to see Train when they toured with Live a couple of years back and they were amazing! Pat has an wonderful voice and his songs are brilliant, all having a story to go with them. I’m going to their next concert when they come back to Australia that is for sure.

        I have all bar three of their albums, but I’ll be getting them at some point 🙂

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