Another Fatshion Review!

Published July 24, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Remember my excited post of a couple of weeks ago about the new fashion range from Autograph Fashion?  Well, they sent me a whole swathe of stock from the collection to review!  I am a lucky, lucky fatty.

Unfortunately, my camera has died.  I have a couple of not so great quality photos for you all, but it will give you a general idea.  I hope to get a new camera in a couple of weeks, and I’ll take new OOTD shots then.  But I want to tell you about these new clothes!

So let’s start with the first piece I wore, which was the midnight spot print smock dress.

The first thing I noticed about this whole collection is the vast improvement in quality.  Not only in the fabrics, but in the construction of each garment.  This dress is made of a lovely heavy jersey-style stretch fabric that feels great on, and drapes really well.  I love how comfortable and easy-to-wear this dress is, and it’s nice and warm in this winter weather too.  I kept it simple with a pair of leggings and denim ballet flats, but I also tried it with a wide belt and tights that looked really cute too.

The next dress I wore was the flutter sleeve dress.

What can I say?  I love this dress.  It’s made of a light, fluttery polyester, has pockets (oh how I love pockets!) and the detail is just gorgeous.  From the ruffle cap sleeves, to the ruched belt with gold buckle, to the gold exposed zipper down the back.  I love this dress because it has shape and style and isn’t the usual guff for plus-sizes.  It’s light enough to be summery, but I added tights (We Love Colors in orchid pink) and a jacket (see next pic) and it works for winter too.

This dress also comes in midnight blue, and I want it!

The same day, I wore this jacket:

It just wasn’t me.  It’s a lovely crepe fabric, and is well made, but I just didn’t feel right in it.  I felt like I’d stolen it out of my mother’s closet circa 1987.  Several people told me they liked it on me, but I just couldn’t warm to it at all.  The colour and style are just not my cup of tea, you know?  This one is dry clean only too, which I’m not a fan of.

But then, the following day, I wore this one – the animal print drape dress:

I love this dress so much too!  Now y’all know I love leopard print like only a fat lady can right?  So the fabric alone won me from the first picture I saw.  But when I got it, the style of the dress is so cute I fell heartily in love.  It has a kind of wrap/draping across the skirt that just gives it a really lovely fall, and of course, pockets win brownie points in any garment for me.  I also love that this dress doesn’t have the usual surplice neckline (in fact, none of this collection does!) and has darts to give shape to the bust.  It’s made of a soft, stretch fabric that has enough weight to hang just right, without being clingy or pulling at all.  I got so many compliments for this dress the day that I wore it.

They also sent me some other garments, but sadly my camera died and I didn’t get to photograph them on me.  But just to tell you about them, I have:

Mesh print tank top

This one was a winner when I wore it to work.  Everyone liked it.  I teamed it with some plain black dress pants and a black cardigan, and black pointy-toed shoes.  It’s a kind of swing-top style and is lined, so it hangs beautifully.  Comfy and cute.

Lace ruffle top

I liked the look of this one in the catalogue, but was disappointed to find that the lace and ruffles were only on the front.  The back is just black tank top.  That said, it is well made and the ruffles and lace are really cute.  I wore it with a black long sleeve top underneath (it’s winter here) and black leggings.

Black jeans (no photo sorry)

These jeans have changed my opinion on jeans.  I stopped being a jeans wearer when I found some self esteem, because the only jeans I could find before were baggy and shapeless and didn’t fit my body properly.  I tried these on and was instantly converted.  They fit.  Perfectly.  They fit my belly, my butt, my waist, my thighs, my legs.  And when I say fit, I don’t mean they go on over those parts of my body, but they actually FIT my body.  I can sit, kneel, squat and bend in them without them scooching down, or riding up, or pinching.  They are really good jeans people!

Midnight blue sparkle tunic

I wore this one with the jeans.  I love a bit of sparkle.  Another one that is well made, the sequins stitched really well.  It’s just a plain sleeveless tunic, but worn with all black just gives a bit of glamour to simple garment.  This one also comes in black too.  I took the tie belt off it though, it just didn’t sit right on me with it.

I’ve also got a very cute white denim jacket on lay-by that I should pick up in a week or so.  It’s just a plain, classic cut white denim jacket, but of a good quality denim and made really well.

All in all I still think Autograph are doing great things with their current ranges – they’ve also got a new corporate collection, and plenty of casual things for weekend wear or anyone who works at home or in a casual environment.

Keep up the good work Autograph, bring us MORE please!

*Disclaimer* Autograph Fashion sent me these clothes for free in exchange for reviewing, however all opinions are honest and my own.

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  • I especially love the first two garments. You look wonderful in all of them, and your body language is so ROCKIN! for the leopard-print dress. I love dresses that make me feel super confident.

    • And here I was thinking my body language was deliciously dorky, LOL! I’m lucky I have a good photographer in my friend Nadia, who I badger into taking pics at work!

  • I like that top blue one and the last two the very best. It’s summer here right now so the top one would be great for fall. I love comfortable clothes and it’s a plus when they look good too! I tend to wear scrubs to work and then just track pants or sweat pants and a t-shirt when I’m not at work so it would be nice to have something that was nicer but wasn’t “pain in the ass” nice.

  • I really like the first dress and the animal print one is nice too. I have a similar shape to yours and it’s great to see how these pieces would look on me. The blue dress would be a little too warm right now as we’re thick in the middle of summer and it’s extremely hot. Perfect for fall and winter though, like you said.

    • I totally understand that – for all the nice photography and fancy models, it’s REALLY hard for those of us with body shapes different to the “traditional” to get a concept of what a garment will look like on us. Bless fatshion bloggers huh – I rely on those who predominantly do fatshion to show me garments realistically.

  • I didn’t care for any of the outfits. None of them were figure-flattering! You should try onestopplus for more fashionable clothes. Also, try wearing some makeup next time you pose for pictures. You won’t look so homely! Good luck.

    • Hey Piper… kiss my fat, unflattered, homely arse! I don’t care for your bitchy attitude. Also, try not being such a judgemental fuckstick next time you comment on a blog.

      Nobody is here on this earth to please your eye, keep your bitchy judgments to yourself.

      • Nice comeback Kath! It’s unbelievable what some people will post online. I wonder if said fuckstick would dream of being so horrible to you face to face.

        Oh and Piper….blow it out your arse!

    • Piper, you are kidding right? If you think that this comment will make anyone go and checkout your website onestopplus then you have another thing coming.

  • Keep blogging on the clothes. I like your reviews because it inspires me to go out and try clothes I would not otherwise wear, because ‘you aren’t allowed to wear XXXX because you are fat/flabby etc’…. The strongest prisons we have are the ones we build for ourselves….with plenty of help from society at large of course!

    • Glad to hear Pieface – let’s break those rules and wear what makes us happy. As I said to our nasty little commenter above, nobody is on this earth to please other’s eyes, we’re here to live our lives to the full.

  • I do not feel that Piper’s comments were an attack at you so much as a comment on the clothing. A Person of ANY size can wear clothes that aren’t flattering to their figure.

    Piper merely posted a suggestion. If you are after honest feedback why get so defensive when people give it?

    • Ugh. Giving someone “honest feedback” is not suggesting that they need to “flatter” their bodies (ie hide/disguise/minimise) and suggest that they are too “homely” to go without makeup. That’s pure, rude body hate and I will not allow it in this space.

      • Flattering ones body does not mean to hide or disguise.

        It can be taken how you wish; just as you wish to use the word ‘fat’ in a not negative way, which I am for.

        You can find clothes that flatter your figure without wearing clothes that hide it. If you can’t see this then I am not entirely sure why you are modelling!
        To flatter is to take your positive features and show it off with pride! I have a good chest so I will wear clothing that shows that. I thought you would understand this.

        For someone who is trying to promote a peaceful, positive image of laregr sized people in this blog, I feel greatly insulted you should personally attack and victimise someone who had the guts to say they didn’t like your clothing in this shoot.

        • I don’t give a damn what you think about how I respond – this is MY blog and I make the rules. If you don’t like it, go away. Suggesting my response to people telling me to “flatter” my body as “personal and victimising attacks” is childish sulking at being told that you are not allowed to behave in a certain way in a certain space.

          This blog is not for “larger sized people” – it’s for fat people and for people who do not accept that we have to flatter, change, reduce, or be ashamed of our bodies in any way.

          I’m not trying to promote a “peaceful” anything, if I have to knock heads together to get it into people’s skulls that criticising people’s bodies with demanding that they “flatter” themselves with clothing, I will do it. How or what I do on my blog is not for anyone to determine but me.

          ALL of my features are positive features, all of my body is perfectly fine exactly as it is, every single bit. The rolls, the bumps, the short bits, the big bits, the round bits. YOU don’t get to decide which bits of my body I should highlight, just as I don’t get to decide what you do with your body. “Flattering your figure” is just a euphemism for hiding the bits that you (or other people) don’t like. I am under no obligation to hide/change/highlight ANY of my body to suit what other people think is “flattering”. If you don’t like how it looks, don’t look.

          I am not “modelling” and this is not a “shoot”, I am merely demonstrating the clothes on an everyday body, worn in an everyday setting.

          Again, this is MY blog and I make the rules here. There will be NO talk of people having to “flatter” their bodies and there will be NO body judgment.

          If you don’t like this, LEAVE. And if you continue, I will block you.

    • Comrade, I don’t think Kath is discouraging honest feedback but Piper’s comment were simply too personal. How can calling someone “homely” be considered constructive???

    • Piper didn’t “merely post a suggestion.” Piper was insulting and rude. (“Homely,” really?”) It was a personal jab, not a “helpful suggestion.”

    • Heh, silly troll, ignoring the blatant insulting tone of Piper’s comment to pretend it was reasonable, so you could get in your own potshots. Kath, another sign that ‘it’s a troll’ and not just a new commenter who happened to find your blog somehow, is when they start attacking you personally (“defensive” for not responding well to “honest” criticism! — and YOU, not Piper and this troll, are the “attack[er]” and “victimiz[er]” for the crime of standing up for yourself and what you believe in). It’s a classic strategy employed by abusive people: call those you are abusing the abusers).

      I’d watch out, your site was probably posted to the likes of MFS or something. They’ve been trolling FA blogs for years, they know how to do it and still sound like they’re the ‘ho-hum’ random commenter(s) blundering by your blog. Not likely.

  • I just want to put a reminder up here that this is a fat positive blog. The rules for commenting can be found on the right side of this page underneath the Heffalump picture, but more importantly, we do not use “fat” as a negative word, and we don’t use euphemisms (curvy, voluptuous, big, chunky, fluffy etc) to describe our bodies, as doing so places shame on the word fat.

    There is no fat shaming allowed in this space.

    If you wish to comment on a garment, please feel free, but do not do so in relation to my body, or anyone else’s. Here is an example:

    Correct: “This garment is too fitted for my taste.” “I don’t like the length of that dress.”

    Incorrect: “That dress is too short/tight for you.” “You should wear things that are flattering.”

    We do not EVER comment or judge people’s bodies in this space.

  • How hard is it for you to understand one tiny little thing:


    Go pretend “flattering” is anything but an insult on your own damn blog, go police and judge people’s bodies and what they should wear elsewhere. You are not welcome here.

    A “joke to society” – that’s hilarious! I’d rather be a joke to society than perpetuate the bullshit of “dress flattering”. VOM!

  • Never – in any universe – is it EVER ok to tell someone they should put on makeup because they’re “homely.” it is ESPECIALLY not ok to come into their own space (even online) and do that. The rudeness. It astounds me.

    Ok. So all trolls aside…

    Im not really a dress person. I pretty much live in my jeans & t-shirts, but gurrrrrrl…that animal print dress had me drooling!!

    Loved the clothes overall and how they looked on you. I just think you’re a doll! 🙂

    • Ahh thanks Pange!

      I’m glad you commented just now – it’s so frustrating when people don’t “get” that they are casting judgment on other people’s appearance when they suggest they should change how they dress/present themselves. My face was repeatedly meeting my palm!

      It’s a great dress isn’t it? I have to say, if you’re a jeans kinda person, try those black jeans I mentioned – they are bum huggers! And belly/thigh/hip/waist huggers too. They’re like hugs in the form of pants.

    • Bree, I think the troll was just using that site because it’s the only plus size site they’ve heard about. They probably just Googled “plus sized clothes” or something. The point of the troll’s comment was not to give a reasonable recommendation, but to attempt to insult and demean Kath while operating under the veneer of reasonability so he/she wouldn’t get tossed into the usual moderation dustbin.

  • Wow – you wouldn’t think all these negative commnts would show up just because you were showing us the cute clothes! Anyway, I was thinking of you this weekend. I cleaned out my entire closet and got rid of all the things I was saving that I would never fit into again and the things I never really liked. I hardly have anything left. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of clothes to donate. Some of them still have the tags on them. Oh well, it was quite liberating.

    Hanging onto all of those old clothes that I might fit into again “someday” was really dragging me down. I feel great! Now, I’ve got to work on replacing some things. I love the stuff you showed us above, but I can’t iimagine what they would charge for shipping to the US. I will have to look for things a little closer to home.

    You keep on doing what you’re doing, Kath. You are an inspiration! Thanks for being true to yourself and showing us that it’s possible!

    • La, if there is something you like at Autograph, the time is now, because… FREE shipping 🙂 Not sure how long it will last, but it’s there now, and yes it covers international as well. So…strike while the iron is hot!

      And I have also recently done a very large clothes purge (moving overseas helps with that) and even now, I seem to have a few things I am not sure why I kept. The sense of liberation is very very freeing.

      And Kath, I love your fatshion posts because you are showing us a) the clothes and b) giving us your opinion on them, which is great because it’s the info we can’t get from the website – what the material feels like and what it looks like on a non-airbrushed photo! Please keep up the great work!

    • La, they show up because narrow-minds hate to see a fat person comfortable in their own skin!

      I have to have a purge of clothing. I’m STILL hanging on to things that I had 15 years ago, or things that I had in all my yo-yo dieting years, or things that I’ve worn the arse out of! I just need to pull the finger out and DO it!

      And thank you so much for your support hon, I really do appreciate it.

  • Me thinks that some in the plus-size community have low self-esteem that they can’t even take a little criticism from someone trying to HELP.

    But you’re not trying to help. You’re trying to get in potshots and attack someone, because you’re a troll. Proof? You linked to a site which is a compendium of thousands of pieces. Certainly not ALL of those pieces could be ‘flattering’ as defined by you, especially since some of them look remarkably like the pieces in this post. I would almost believe you (but not quite, because I know my trolls!) if you’d taken the effort to link to a few specific pieces rather than a grouping of thousands of disparate pieces. But I’m glad you’re having fun trolling Kath’s comments thread while she’s out. Nothing like wiling away a few hours hating on fat fatties and playing a ‘character,’ eh?

    Perhaps you should try online gaming or something. There’s a lot of fat hate in some live games, I’m sure you’d feel right at home.

    Big Liberty, I’m not a troll. I am a size 24 myself.

    These two are not mutually exclusive, though I doubt you are a ‘size 24 yourself.’ I think you’re trying to play a size 24 character…badly.

    However, I believe in wearing figure-flattering clothes and was just trying to suggest that she get more fashion-forward.

    There is no such thing as “figure-flattering” in a vacuum. You are coming on this site playing a character in order to attack a fat blogger because you think fat people are ugly (which comes out in your comments, by the way. You might want to work on that — improve the character, that is).

    Besides, you call yourself a WRITER, which I am too and you can’t take a
    little criticism. Sheesh. I doubt you will ever be much successful because the first rule of writing is to be able to
    take a little criticism.

    When did you criticize me before I criticized you? Making up stories to get a shot at me, now? Did you spend a few seconds reading the front page of my blog to get that info about me being a writer? That’s some in-depth research, right there. Good luck on your own writing, with those mad skillz I’m sure you’ll do stellar.

    I don’t know the name of the girl who runs the site but she has my email address and if she ever wants a fashion makeover, including makeup, I would be more than happy to give her one!

    Is this a reply to me?

    In summary: Ding ding ding, it’s a troll!

    • Piper, I would suggest that you give it a rest and move on. You made a hateful comment – you were called on it…get over it now. I’m sure there’s a lot of us who could use a “makeover,” but I doubt if you would get a positive reaction from anyone that you called homely. Think about it!

      • Anyone who wants a makeover is welcome to have one – they just don’t get tell other people they “need” one!

        None of us “need” to change ourselves to please anyone else.

      • My pleasure. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone open-season on a troll. Feels kind of good to shake the dust off the old troll-cannons (by which, I mean, my brain and typing fingers).

  • The leopard print dress is just fabulous- ditto the pink tights (I must admit I do love coloured tights though so maybe im just a tad biased!) It does look like a really nice collection and any clothes retailer that can make jeans that fit, good quality jackets and think through thier designs properly gets my vote every time. I dont know why making good jeans is so difficult for most retailers- having such a low waist my ass hangs out/really poor cut is just dumb.

    And.. you get that kind of trolling shit from people like Piper a lot? You must have the patience of a saint. You look great exactly as you are and youre doing a great job. And banging heads together is sometimes totally necessary.

    • Thanks Ruth. I do get a phenomenal amount of trolling but usually I spam them pretty quickly. Piper got through because zie made an innocuous comment elsewhere and lulled us into thinking zie was ok. I’ve cleaned it all out now. I don’t care about this kind, they want to spread their judgey shit everywhere but I’m impervious to it now.

      Coloured tights are AWESOMESAUCE! I just got another parcel from We Love Colors!

  • Sorry lovelies – I’ve got rid of our latest trolls. For the record: “You don’t look as good as you could.” is just more appearance shaming and it won’t be tolerated here.

    Thank you to those who jumped in overnight though while I was tucked up in my warm bed pushing out the ZZZZZZZzzzzz’s!

  • Thanks for this post, it’s nice to see clothes modelled by not-professional models. I must say I am really wishing I had more (ok, any) money because there are a bunch of things in the catalogue that I really liked and oddly enough these sorts of things don’t tend to end up in charity shops often!
    I also thought the ruffle-cap-sleeve thingie looked terrific on you, I wasn’t so keen on the catalogue pic of it, but then I thought it looked great in your photo.
    I like fatshion posts, even though I find them frustrating because all too often my clothes shopping is restricted to op-shops, but it is helpful to see how different cuts or styles can look.
    Also, I read your first anti-troll-response to my husband and made him giggle. You tell ’em!

    • I have to say, I am REALLY lucky that Autograph send me so many clothes. I could never afford to have as many new things as I do if they didn’t. They’ve spoiled me rotten to be honest!

      That said, I do think just looking at fatshion online has changed the way I style myself, and the type of clothes I choose. Even though I often don’t fit a lot of the brands (how many stop at size 20 or 22!?!?) or I don’t have access to them, I can still use the things I see in fatshion blogs and photos. I can really see the difference in the way I dress since discovering fatshion.

      And thank you! I think I will go buy the blue dress in the ruffle sleeve. I just love it.

  • I’m also in lovelovelove with that white denim jacket that you’ve mentioned in your blog but for the life of me I can’t seem to find it on the autograph website. Do you have a link or do we have to go find a shop in our nearest aus city?

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