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Published August 9, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I’ve got a wee treat for you all tonight.  A few weeks ago the lovely folks at No Exceptions Clothing sent me a gorgeous coat to review, and despite my choosing a size above what I normally take (so that I could wear layers underneath), it was sadly too small for me.  I wanted to still review it, but couldn’t get photos of myself in it to go with the review, so when I was talking to the lovely Bek on Twitter and we established that it would likely fit her, I sent it off to her on the condition that she would write me a review on it to publish here.

So, without further ado, here is the lovely Bek:

And here is her review:

My mundane week turned exciting when Kath of Fat Heffalump sent me a jacket from No Exceptions Clothing to review for her blog.

I’m new to the world of fatshion blogs and I’ve never done a clothing review before, but I was keen to give it a try after feeling inspired from reading all of your blogs.
I will start with the negatives, then move on to the positives.

The sizing of the jacket is quite inaccurate. I generally wear a size 24 on the bottom, and would have a ordered a size larger so I could wear the jacket over bulky clothes. This jacket is a size 28, and only just buttons up. It fits snugly over my hips, and is a little roomy on the top (though that is a common clothes problem for me). The arms are a little too long.
The soft material of the jacket picks up fluff and lint very easily.

I love the style of the jacket, the lacing and ruffles on the back are a big win for me. It gives the classic cut something extra. I also like the little detailing of the metal cuffs on the sleeves.
I like the single row of buttons, and the way the jacket follows the shape of my curves. The length is great, and the little poufy shoulder detail is cute.

All up, I love this jacket and can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe. The light material and lining will be perfect for slipping over the top of outfits in warm weather when there is a cool breeze, or slipping over a dress to wear out at night. My advice is to size way up when ordering.

What I’m wearing:

Top: Best and Less
Skirt: Thrifted (Millers)
Tights: We Love Colours (violet)
Shoes: Big W
Hairband: The Olive Tree Markets
Necklace: The Olive Tree Markets

So thank you Bek (check out Bek’s awesome op/thrift shopping blog here) for your awesome review, and thank you to No Exceptions Clothing for sending this coat!

16 comments on “Guest Review by Bek: No Exceptions Clothing

  • I love to look at all the clothes available to young women today. Back when I was your age (I can’t believe I said that!) there was only bullet proof polyester that looked like it was designed for a 90 year old. That was IT unless you sewed your own clothes.

    I’m so glad there are such fashionable choices out there now. It has to make going anywhere a lot more fun. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Very cute – love the back detail. Hey Kath I am about to venture into buying some clothes online and have my eye on a dress from Evans. Do you find that their clothes run true to size? I take a 20 in dress size so was going to order a 22.

    • Sorry Janine, just catching up with comments!

      I’m not sure where you are, but I buy a couple of sizes up from Australian sizing. So a 30-32 fits me fine in most of their things where I normally take an Australian 26. I’ve only had one garment that didn’t fit me and it was a UK28, so I sold it on eBay.

  • I bought the leopard print pencil skirt from No Exceptions a while back and was really disappointed in the quality (no lining, uneven hemline) so I’m not too surprised about the sizing being off too.

    • Really? I bought that same skirt and I love it – not a thing wrong with it. I must say, I doubt you’re ever going to find a skirt at that price with lining. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a plus-size skirt that was lined.

  • I love the belted flare dress and petticoat. The price seems reasonable for a dress and petticoat (but still a bit out of my range at the moment). I like the range – very gothy! Thanks guys for putting us on to this – always happy to support FGF in Australia!

  • Thanks for the tips. By the way, called into Autograph tonight and laybyed some of the new sandals (the black ones )and a gorgeous black and tan shift dress with belt. One thing though is I went in feeling pretty good but after getting changed in the change room I felt blah again. I am trying to be positive about my body but I still find situations like trying on clothes quite stressful. I went through a stage a while ago where I would just buy stuff without trying on first and that didnt work so well. Any advice on staying positive in those situations would be appreciated. ps Kath, Im in NSW.

    • I know that feeling Janine. I find the best way to combat it is to surround myself with body positive people and resources. If you can, go shopping with people who build you up, not tear you down. Also, check out all the Fatshionista bloggers out there – they have been amazing in helping me overcome that kind of thinking.

  • I love the purple with the red and black. No Exceptions has some really beautiful pieces but it’s difficult to know what size to get and I really hate to exchange things I bought on the internet.
    Those ruffles are very fancy though!

    • Online shopping is really fraught with pitfalls, isn’t it? If only we had more options in brick and mortar stores!

      I must say, No Exceptions are very good with customer service, unlike a lot of other online stores!

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