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Published August 17, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Today is a public holiday in Brisbane (Royal Exhibition, or Ekka holiday).  I had all these grand plans to write all day, but it’s kind of overcast and cool, and I just don’t feel like it.

Besides, sometimes we all just get a bit fatigued with talking about the tough stuff.

So instead I’ll share some photos with you.

Take a look at what I’ve made in my Thermomix lately:

Mushroom Risotto

Cheesy Buckwheat Bread

Pineapple Sorbet

These are just a few of the delicious things I’ve whipped up in it.  I’m having a great time experimenting and re-discovering flavours and textures that I had long forgotten.

My friend Kylie (aka Toots) found me these AWESOME leopard print Chucks in the UK.  I love them to bits, but they don’t quite make up for how much I am missing Toots while she is off travelling.

Look at the little MiniMe shoe!

I tried to dye my hair pillar box red last weekend.  I’m not having much success with Manic Panic dyes, even though I buy the amplified range that are supposed to be bolder colours and longer lasting.  I bleached out what was there (a kind of grey-purple) and discovered this rather awesome minty colour under the bleach:

Minty Mop

Sadly it didn’t last, and went to a weird kind of muddy colour overnight.  So I used Manic Panic Amplified in Pillar Box Red, and got this:

Not really "pillar box" red is it?

It faded REALLY quickly.  By yesterday (Tuesday) it was bright orange.  Three days.

My friend Nadia and I and another friend of hers went and saw Dylan Moran live and had dinner at the Bamboo Basket at South Bank (their soup dumplings are so delicious I could cry!)

Soup Dumplings and Cleavage


Oh, and Nadia took an OOTD picture for me.

Dress and white denim jacket – Autograph Fashion
Tights – We Love Colors
Shoes – Big W
Earrings – Diva
Swallow Brooch – Thousand Island Dressing

Oh and of course, the big news for me lately is that I have had more work done on my left upper-arm tattoo!  We’ve added some more Rubens Cantuni pieces to my fat lady tattoo.  Look:

A little smudgy, a little bloody, a little swollen... but on it's way!

I’ve still got at least two more sessions on this one, and then we start on the one on the inside of the arm.  My artist is the incredible Victoria R. Lundberg at Wild at Heart Tattoo.

So, what’s news with all of you lately?  Done any yummy cooking?  Scored any bargains?  Been to any live gigs?  Any new ink?  What’s happening in your lives?

50 comments on “Oh Let’s Just Have a Chat

  • OMG I love the little owl, I have a total (healthy) obsession with owls!
    I have had complete and utter creative writers block, so my poor blog has gone untouched for WEEKS. I blame it on all the academic writing I’m being forced to do for TAFE! A 2000 word essay on Marxism and a 2000 word essay on Akhenaten and New Kingdom Egypt! Fascinating stuff, but totally killing off all my creative, expressive muses!

    • I’ve always wanted an owl tattoo. My tattooist loves owls as well.

      I know that creative block. My usual tactic is to post a picture or a video and talk about it. At least then there’s SOMETHING going up!

  • My son starts preschool in 3 weeks. I’ll have time to myself for the first time in 4 years. I’m reveling in the endless possibilities.

    Your tattoo looks great!

    • Howdy neighbour! Nice to meet you.

      The tatt will be a full sleeve eventually, we’re just working on the outside first. I’ve got at least one more session for colouring the elements that are there, and then we’ll decide which bit of the sleeve to work on next. Probably the next Rubens Cantuni girl I’m getting on the inside of my arm.

  • Funnily enough, I’ve been on a risotto making binge of late. I’m not sure why, but Mr. Twistie is loving it since risotto is one of his all-time fave things to eat. It may be a silly thing to make when it requires standing over a hot stove and stirring for a fairly long time and the mercury is edging into the nineties, but I’m finding it emotionally rewarding and culinarily delicious. Besides, as I said, Mr. Twistie is loving the hell out of this particular kick. Making Mr. Twistie happy is fun for me.

    Oh, and today I meet the delightful Not Blue At All for lunch in the too, too solid flesh! I can’t wait! I expect a great meeting of minds.

    • I do love risotto, but almost never made it pre-Thermie because it takes so bloody long and requires so much attention. In Thermie, you’ve got risotto in 20 minutes. Om nom nom!

      I wish I could join you two for lunch!

  • I love your tattoo updates, always! I also *really* love that white jacket, omg. And the white tights! That whole outfit is great. I keep meaning to order from We Love Colors.

    @Paponda, my kiddo just went back to school (1st grade!!) and I have my days back! It’s been lovely.

  • I was scrolling through your pics having Thermomix envy. I came to the tennis shoe pic and thought, “Wow! It even makes shoes!” 😉

  • >: | Posting all your delicious foods when I’m too far away to eat them!

    And I’m sure we can make up for lost time when we go to New Zealand together, yes?!

  • Jeez lady you’re looking fly! I ❤ your hair colour adventures, especially as we rock very similar hairstyles.

    Ummm… life's pretty average here. Trying to find some equilibrium amongst a bunch of new adventures. I scored a sexy cleavage-showcasing dress in a purple leopard print recently, however every time I wear it I feel a desperate itch to dye my hair to match.

    Was your Thermomix expensive? When you started Tweeting about it I got curious (and envious! LOL) and tried to track down the dets online but the sites I found were suspiciously cagey about the actual price.

    I note from Kylie above that you're coming to NZ? If you find yourself in Christchurch please look me up! (I promise it's safe here now :P)

    • Thanks Carly!

      Purple leopard print sounds fucking AWESOMESAUCE! I want purple leopard print now.

      Thermie costs about $2000AU (I’m paying mine off). Expensive huh? But I can see where I’m saving money on meals and lunches and stuff so easily already.

      And of course we’ll look you up if and when we get to NZ!

  • I really like the outfit you have assembled – I think I will acquire for myself something similar. The brooch and the shoes matching are a very nice touch…along with the hair as well!

  • Yes Kath it is good to vary the discussions. The tough stuff is wearing at times. Well you already know that I love your cooking adventures. I also love the clothes and the little broach that is way cool. I also have a thing for owls and collect fabric with them on it.
    As to the hair colouring I need help to do mine and so I am still trying to coax my daughter into helping me. Just need to find the time and motivation. I really need a pick me up as I am very bored.

    Tatoos. Well despite all 5 of my girls having them I can assure you it is not in my future. I am allergic to pain.

    Hope your days are happy ones

    • Jan tattoos don’t actually hurt that much. Well, they do on my feet, but the rest of me so far has been pretty low trauma. Though healing is not fun, I am so itchy and crusty at the moment!

      Colour your hair, go for it. I am not really happy with the Manic Panic colours, but other people rave over them. They just don’t last for me. Though someone told me this morning to put a protein filler on my hair in between bleaching and dyeing and that makes them take better. Might give that a try next time, as I have loads of pots of colour.

  • Hmm… it might be just me, but it seems like you’re projecting more and more poise and confidence in your pics. You rock that OOTD all the more because you very clearly know that you rock it!

    Like Carly, my partner and I are also curious about just how big an investment the Thermomix is; as it stands, we find it intriguing but can’t even guess whether we’re interested enough to look into it in the near future or if it’s more a “maybe someday” thing. (Complicated because it’s currently a LDR [I’m in Canada, he’s in the US], we’re in the process of doing immigration stuff for me to move to where he is, we hope to eventually move back to where I am but have no idea how long that’ll be… and while there’s a Thermomix distributor in my present city, there doesn’t seem to be one anywhere near his.) I wouldn’t need – and you wouldn’t be able to give, exchange rates and international CoL variables being involved – an exact figure, but I’d love to have a ballpark guesstimate.


    • I don’t know what I’m projecting, but I trust my photographer (Nadia) not to snap me before I’m ready!

      As I said above (price above in reply to Carly), Thermomixes aren’t cheap. I’m paying mine off through a finance plan, I couldn’t have it any other way, but I’m already finding that I save money each week in total anyway. It’s just so much cheaper to make my own food now that I can do so quickly and easily, especially since I was spending over $80 per week on buying lunches – it’s so expensive here in the city! Instead of spending $15 or more on something decent (not fast food), I think my lunch today cost me about $6, soup, bread and drink. And that’s for mushroom soup, which is the priciest of the lot to make because of the volume of mushrooms needed. I made a chicken curry with brown rice for about $3 per serve the other day.

      • Thanks, Kath; that gives us something to work with in thinking about it. And, good point about lunches and the way the cost/benefit analysis works for you – I won’t be able to figure how it works for us until we’re living together, but it is potentially relevant and is a factor I might easily have forgotten to consider.


  • I have had very good experiences with Special Effects dye. It stays bright in my hair for about a month, before getting duller and fading a little. Possibly worth a try…

  • That tattoo is soooo awesome! I love that style. And that baby-faced moon is especially sweet. At first I thought she was standing on a big piece of chocolate layer cake and I was swooning, but now I see it’s a stack of books, which is also swoon-worthy because I also love books.

    And that black and white dress with the white tights? Just fantastic. I have only ever worn black tights as I was always fed the line that black is oh-so-slimming for us fatties, but you have proven to me that now I must try something outside of my comfort zone. I will definitely be buying something more colorful in the next few months as the weather starts to get colder.

    Your blog is so great. I always feel happy after reading here and it helps me to go out into the world as a fat woman and feel like I deserve to be happy regardless of what other people think of me. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much Daantaat. You DO deserve to be happy, no matter what other people think.

      Yep, a stack of books. I will be getting words printed down the spine, but I haven’t decided which ones yet. The books are part of what needs more work on it, along with the moon. We need to put some more light colours in, but my skin was getting so swollen we had to stop.

      I hate that old “rule” that fatties should only wear black or other dark colours because they’re slimming. Basically that rule suggests we should simply disappear. Bugger that! I want to be seen, to be colourful and bold.

  • I badly want some Chucks. I remember the days when you could get them anywhere in a whole range of colors and they were about seven dollars. I wore them with my leg warmers. Ah, the 80s.
    I recently bought a tiffin, or a dabba, depending on where you’re from, one of those stainless steel lunchboxes with the stacking containers and the clasps on the outside. (If you’ve ever seen a movie called Eat Drink Man Woman its like the lunchbox the chef brings to the little girl at school). This makes me want to steam rice and bake tofu and whip up a curry or two just to have something worthy of this lunchbox. I cant wait to take it through security at work.
    I was in a careless rut for a couple of weeks with cooking but work schedules force me to re-evaluate and do better…I’m looking to hard-to-get-here ethnic foods for inspiration…and now that the heat is backing off in my kitchen I can start regularly baking bread again.

    • Chucks are SO expensive now. I paid $90 for my raspberry pair, and these leopard ones were about $67 and then I had postage on top of that.

      I need to get to my nearest Asian markets and buy some of those tiffin/dabba lunchboxes. I’ve got a few good Tupperware pieces, but mostly I use cheapies from the $2 shop.

      I just made the most amazing pizza from scratch. The recipe gives me 4 bases too, so I have bases in the freezer for another day!

  • OMG….I have never even heard of a Thermomix. They don’t sell that in the U.S. I just checked out their website and I MUST have one right now!!! Too bad I’m broke. I love to cook and a Thermomix would be really awesome. I do most things by hand. I wonder what it costs in U.S. money? The risotto looks scrumptious.

    Wish I could wear clothes like you do, Kath. You look so cute in your outfits. I’m going to have to get a little more adventureous.

    • La apparently there are Thermomix sales starting in some parts in the US – but I think it’s only a matter of time until Vorwerk (the German company that makes them) get an inroads over there too. Already on the Thermomix forums and FB pages I can see USians popping up trying to get their hands on one all over the place. Some even go over to Canada to buy them!

      As for how I wear my clothes – I just like to play and I’ve stopped giving a shit what anyone else thinks. If I like it and feel good in it, then I wear it!

  • What gorgeous blue plate and the risotto looked amazing. Never heard of Thermomix, but then again, I’m in Canada.

    Yes, blogging about the tough stuff gets very trying. I also read a few blogs that turn my stomach too. It’s sort of like slowing down to look at a car crash on the highway. A very bad idea.

    And in personal news: At 55, the big M has struck quite suddenly. Hot flashes, trouble sleeping. It’s fascinating and maddening. Have an appointment with my GP in September and we’ll talk. I’m not interested in hormone replacement. We’ll see what she has to say. She’s usually pretty cool.

    • Would you believe that blue dinner set is one of those “home starter” super-budget sets from Big W!? It was given to me when I first moved to Brisbane as a house-warming gift.

      I hope that the Big M is gentle to you!

  • I have to second the vote for Special Effects hair color. I also had been using the Manic Panic Pillarbox red, and all of a sudden–it. would. not .stay. It was fading on me in less than a week. I now use Special Effects in Blood Red, which I order online. If I need a quick fix, I use Punky Color in Poppy Red (which has the bonus of smelling great.)
    Your tattoo is so awesome! I am dying for a new tattoo, but sadly funds are short right now.

  • Hmmmm, I’ve been planning my third tattoo – (I agree about tatts not especially hurting – not compared to gallstones – hell, even childbirth (in my experience) didn’t compare to gallstones)…but owls….that’s inspirational!

    I have gone blonde this year for the first time ever because I have been going grey since I was 13 and I find if I have anything darker than blonde my grey is like a big silver racing stripe, whereas in blonde the regrowth appears dark and I can go twice as long between dyes. And my hair doesn’t much like dye, I can tell you. Because I have long hair I can’t really just cut it off and start again each time, although i have been tempted recently.

    • The only time tatts have really hurt me have been the ones on the tops of my feet (those hurt like all fuck) and when I get them done when I have my period. Mostly they only give me a twinge when they get anywhere near a mole or scar, or a cluster of nerve endings, and then it’s not really bad. It’s quite a pleasurable sensation in all.

  • Completely random, I think, but on your experiences with the hair dye. I too, have found that Manic Panic doesn’t really last. It fades quickly, and continually ‘bleeds’ (that is, it still tinted the water even after a month, and with an at least every other day hair wash schedule). I only used it once, but was very disappointed with how short it lasted. I know it’s only semi-permanent, but that was ridiculous.

    I have had, however, excellent results with the RAW hair dye (I can only find this sold via retailer from Hot Topic, otherwise, I”d suggest Amazon. But it seems to be rare, now, giving way more to the popular Manic Panic) and, what I used this last time, ‘Special Effects’. The colors are vibrant, gross bleeding only lasted a couple weeks (I still get tinted shampoo, but it’s faint), and going on two months later, the color is still bright, and with that two months of dye fade and roots growing in (dark brown hair!) I get compliments still. If you could find it (I got mine through Amazon; I’d suggest aiming for Special Effects over RAW, cause like I said, RAW seems to be fading out as a brand) I’d highly recommend it!

    • Not random at all Jeanette. I’ve found it totally doesn’t last on me, not even the Amplified range. I put a Fudge in on the weekend in Cherry Bomb and the colour was far more saturated and intense, and it’s already lasted longer than the Manic Panic.

      I will keep an eye out for Special Effects and and RAW.

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