All I Want For Christmas…

Published November 29, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

I’ve been working on a massive audit in my day job that is frying my brain (all those numbers!!) so let’s have a little fun tonight and look at some fabulous and fat friendly things that we might like for Christmas.  Who knows, we might get some gift ideas for other fab fatties in our lives too.

Let’s start with something that I’ve already ordered for myself, but I think EVERY fab fatty needs one of these in preparation for the new year.

Yes, it’s Marilyn Wann’s 2012 Fat!So? Dayplanner!

It’s a mere $14 (plus shipping) and all proceeds will go to building the Weight Diversity Action Lounge, a community center for fun, food, fitness, and fabulousness somewhere in Oakland, California.  I mean… it’s Marilyn Wann!  Plus it’s chock full of other contributors, inspiration, tips and art… including yours truly!

How about this adorable Lovedrobe Teal Heart Print Dress from Evans?

I love anything in chocolatey browns with teal, and a heart motif is one of my favourites.

Then there’s this pretty butterfly print top also from Evans.

And this GORGEOUS floral top, again from Evans.

How about a fat positive colouring book?  I want at least three copies of Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace: a body-positive coloring book!

How awesome is that?  Colouring in fat ladies.  IN SPACE!

Then of course, what fab fatty wouldn’t want a copy of Hanne Blank‘s “Big Big Love”?

(Can you guess that my Amazon wish list is pretty long?)

How about Substantia Jones’ 2012 Adipositivity Calendar?

The Adipositivity Project has been pivotal in my journey to fat positivity and strong self esteem.

More clothes!  I long for beautiful dresses from eShakti, these are my favourites (click on the images to go to the page on eShakti):

The Artist's Wife Dress

Singing In The Rain Dress

Dzilla Brass Rings Dress

The Birds Who Gossip Dress

Aren’t they all gorgeous??  I would LIVE in dresses like these if I could.

How about some amazing shoes?  I dream of Fluevog shoes.  They are the absolute pinnacle of shoe heaven for me, and they’re very fat friendly, with their wider fittings and excellent craftsmanship.  How about this selection (again, click the images to go to the website):

Splendid in Stripes

Caspian in Black and Off-White

Zaza in Red, Pink and Grey

I think we need to wind up with some accessories.  Let me see:

How about an ice-cream charm, from Georgina at Cupcake’s Clothes, and her cute label DollyMixx:

I love the radical defiance of wearing food accessories as a fat woman.  Fat women are policed about food all the time, so let’s chant Fuck Tha Police by wearing food as accessories!

What about a cupcake ring?  This one is from Etsy store Dolly-Tastic:

And while we’re on Dolly-Tastic, I absolutely adore this Hello Kitty charm bracelet:

Another one of my favourite sources for accessories is Sick for Cute (who have a plus-size range too), and I think I really, really need these whale socks:

Whale socks on a fat woman!  I love it!

And finally, I just spotted this bag and completely fell in love.

How’s that for a Christmas List?  Of course, there are loads of other wonderful goodies out there that would also be a delight to find under my Christmas tree, but these are some of the things I’m drooling over currently.

What about you?  What fat-friendly goodies would you love to find in your Christmas stocking?  Dream big in the comments Heffalumpies!

24 comments on “All I Want For Christmas…

  • Love your list! I’ve already ordered my Fat!So? day planner, but those red shoes would make for a Merry Christmas indeed.

  • Dood!!! I went to Sick for Cute, and I NEED the manatee socks! And probably the donut socks. Too bad I don’t wear pink, because I adore the Baking is Sexy tee, what with being an enthusiastic baker and all. But I look crap in pink and it’s a color I’m not personally wild about anyway. Ah well, perhaps if it’s popular enough, they’ll expand the color range.

    The good news is that I now seem to have Mr. Twistie convinced that I like getting toys for the kitchen for gift-giving events, so I might just find a lovely new cookbook or fabulous bit of Le Creuset cookware under the tree… and that would be delightful.

    • Sick for Cute has so many awesome things, and I have found their shipping and prices to be excellent. I need to put another order in of goodies – heaps of gift ideas there.

      Le Creuset is so cheap in the US compared to here. I couldn’t believe it when I was over there!

      • If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods, we’ll have to make a pilgrimage to the Le Creuset outlet store, where you can get it even cheaper!

  • Great list— but I would add, do not buy me anything for the kitchen, because I do not do the cooking in my house (my hubbie of 33 yrs does).

  • I like the Dayplanner, but would not want to buy items from a website that calls itself VoluptuaArt, yet only sell necklaces with an 18″ chain. (Only one is even 20″.) Am I the only one who considers this a bit insulting? It’s like selling Fat Rights tee shirts only up to size XL. The Fluevogs are cute, and I’d investigate them if I knew for sure that their styles came extra wide. “Single-wide but could be stretched” just doesn’t cut it for me anymore.

  • Thank you so much for helping get the Dayplanner out there, Kath! (Also, I think we may be fatty twins separated by continental shift or something… I have owned and treasured for years now the fake-lawn bag and a matching pillbox hat that I found at some thrift store. When we meet, we must both carry them and dress alike or something, so people think they’re seeing double!!!)

  • Thanks tons to everyone who’s ordering Dayplanners, too!

    Mulberry, I just noticed your concern about the necklace length. I encourage you to let Nomi know and see if she can create more length options. Nomi Dekel, a fat activist and Health At Every Size® therapist for many years, created the Voluptuart shop as a labor of love. I know she cares very much about making sure people get whatever they want and she works closely with the craftspeople and artists. I’m proud to sell FAT!SO? items through a vendor who is fat and fat political.

    • Thanks for commenting on this, Marilyn. I’ve already send a note through the site contact info, and if I don’t hear from them in a few days, I’ll try again. Although I’m a mere mid-size fatty, I can’t remember wearing 18″ around my neck since I was a child. 20″-24″ chains shouldn’t even be that hard to find.

  • You have great taste (by which I mean I want everything you showed!). Have you been able to order the eShakti clthes for delivery to Australia? I love the idea of their custom fitting and the cute clothes, but they say that they only ship to Canada and the US.

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