2012: The Year of Living Fatly

Published January 2, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  I see them as the perfect way to set oneself up for disappointment.  After all, if you really want to do something, setting a New Year’s resolution isn’t going to be enough to push you to do it.  When we really want to do something, like eat healthier or save money or quit smoking, we just up and do it.  Using the beginning of a new calendar year really doesn’t work.  Not to mention that New Year’s resolutions always seem to be about changing oneself to meet other people’s standards.  Whether it’s dieting or the gym or giving up something… seldom do people really make those resolutions for themselves.  They make them because they feel they should, or that they have to change themselves to conform to what other people want them to be.

However, after stumbling across some douchecanoe on Twitter whining about being offended by seeing “fat, lazy people”, I’ve decided that I have a goal for 2012.  Are you ready for it?

Here it is…

I am going to be willfully fat this year.  Offensively, obnoxiously fat.  All over the damn place.  In fact, I’m fatting at all of you right now.

I’m so fucking sick of people being all offended at fatness.  I am sick of people expecting fat people to hide themselves away out of public sight, never being seen at the shops, at the gym, in the workplace, on the street.  I’ve had enough of people complaining that they saw someone’s fat arse, arms, belly, thighs, whatever.  I’m tired of being told that fat people should cover our bodies, wear dark, minimising, flattering clothing.  That we shouldn’t be seen in leggings, tights, sleeveless tops, short shirts, tight jeans, swimsuits and short skirts.  I’m sick of fat people being told they should starve themselves, never eat.  I’m royally fucking fed up with being expected to hide myself away like I’m something to be ashamed of.  I’m over being hated simply because I exist in a fat body.

Yet of course, we’re also told that we don’t get out and exercise enough, that we don’t do anything but sit at home and eat.

What do you fucking want fat loathers?  Seriously, we’re either out in public being our fat selves, or we’re at home where you can’t see us.  You can’t have both!

So here’s my 12 step plan for my year of living fatly – it shouldn’t be too hard, I’ve been living fatly now for over 25 years.

  1. Be fat in public.
  2. Live while fat.
  3. Work while fat.
  4. Dress fashionably fat.
  5. Be fat in the company of my friends.
  6. Ride my bike while fat.
  7. Swim while fat – in a swimsuit, yikes!
  8. Expose my fat arms, fat thighs, fat belly and fat arse in public.
  9. Laugh and have fun while being fat.
  10. Celebrate other fab fatties.
  11. Eat in public while being fat.
  12. Unashamedly love myself while being unashamedly fat.

It’s so hard for society at large to believe that fat people have lives, loves, careers, hobbies, passions, style, intelligence, humour and value that I’m going to live my whole life doing all those things, having all those things, while being fat.  Not to prove to society at large that we do have those things, but to be someone that other fat people can see and hear.  To be a visible fat person breaking the mold.

But most of all, because none of us, not you, not me, not anyone, has to live their lives surreptitiously for fear of offending someone’s delicate sensibilities with our fatness.  No more furtiveness about living life.  It’s there to be lived, and I’m going to be fatting all over it.

Being Fat in an Ikea Show Room (yeah, I wear that top a lot!)

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  • I get so much from your blogs. Thanks so much and thanks for making this yeaqr teh year of celebrating fat!

  • Your blog always makes me think and makes me happy and makes me proud to be a happy, (relatively) healthy fat person. But this post goes beyond all of that. I’m sitting here staring at my laptop with tears in my eyes & a huge, silly grin on my face. THANK YOU not only for being you, but for being your awesome fat beautiful self and flaunting it in the faces of people who begrudge you your happiness, awesomeness, fatness and beauty. Thank you for inspiring me to do the same.

  • Hey Kath
    Once again you rock my world. I like your approach and will be adopting something similar this year. No more stuck at home. I’m getting out there and stuff anyone who might have an issue with it. Me hiding away serves no one, especially myself. I love that picture and was thinking that you had a great apartment. 🙂 I want to live at Ikea.
    Your looking good Kath.

  • What do you fucking want fat loathers? Seriously, we’re either out in public being our fat selves, or we’re at home where you can’t see us. You can’t have both!

    This is my favourite statement in your post. I have always thought this myself.. Would you please allow me to post this to my face book page, as it is exactly how i feel (credits of course!)

  • Why dont you just aim to be healthy?

    Its only going ot benifit yourself. In the end if you live healthier YOU’RE the one who’ll be reaping the rewards, not those who criticise you.

    I think your approach is kind of like an angry teenager trying to rebel against their parents instead of actually trying to look at the situation from a mature perspective and see the only person who will benefit from you living a healthier life is yourself.

    • Who says I’m not healthy? Who says I have to be healthy? Why is it any of your fucking business what my body is or isn’t?

      Why is it your business to lecture me like I’m a naughty child? You treat fat people like they are naughty children, and you will get anger and defiance in response.

      The person who benefits from me living my life as I please, without being told what I have to do, and how I have to do it is me.

      Why don’t you just mind your own fucking business about other people’s bodies, and we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

      • Sure, be as fat as you want. As i said, its not going to effect anyone but you.

        The only person its going to effect if you experience joint pain from excess body weight, arthritis, lethargy, high blood pressure hernias and other painful illnesses is you. The only person whose bank account will be affected is yours with medical bills.

        The one time it WILL effect other people is when people who are obese take up hospital beds and medical resources for a self induced state taking them away from people who are more deserving.

        You act like your weight doesn’t effect anyone but we live in a community and it does.

        You have every right to be fat. But it angers me when people who choose to ruin their bodies expect the medical world to cater to them once they start to suffer the consequences. And i see this nearly every day as a GP.

        • Oh take your bullshit somewhere else. Who are you to say fat bodies are “ruined” or that anyone “chose” to make their bodies do that. How do you know what my body will and won’t do?

          Stick your fat shaming “but we gotta pay for you” bullshit up your arse. I pay more taxes than most people and my own private health care and if I need to collect back from my decades of contributions, you bet I will. If I need to take up a bed or a medical resource in my life time (as we ALL do at some point, nobody ever escapes illness or injury their whole lives), then I will do so secure in the knowledge that as a contributing member of society, it is my right to do so.

          You’re a GP? Why are you emailing with a hotmail acccount? Thank fuck I have a GP who treats me like a human being and works with me on my health and wellbeing, instead of one who shames me for my body and can’t even be bothered to actually examine/treat me. What kind of quack “GP” diagnoses people just from a photograph on a blog? If you really are a GP, then you’re a very lazy, irresponsible one.

          But I think you’re full of shit. Go troll someone else’s blog.

      • Hear fucking hear, sleepydumpling! I wonder if Dea likewise goes to fitness blogs and berates marathon runners and bodybuilders for pushing their bodies to their maximum endurance, filling up hospital beds with their blown knees and torn muscles?

        I do love how Dea goes from “its not going to effect anyone but you” to “you act like your weight doesn’t effect anyone” in a mere 4 paragraphs. Who can argue with such cognitive dissonance?

      • My GP is lovely, actually. She checks that my weight isn’t fluctuating hugely, though she’s a bit concerned that I’ve been putting some on since going on the jab, but we’ve discussed how long I’m likely to be on it and OH WAIT THAT’S RIGHT, she’s an actual doctor with actual compassion and understanding of the variety of human life and bodies, not a judgemental whinger who can’t handle the existence of happy fat people on the internet.

        And FFS, it’s *A*ffect, not *E*ffect when you’re using the verb.

        Your disingenuous pleas to “promoting” obesity and “fat acceptance means sitting on the couch mainlining baby-flavoured donuts!!!” really just shows how invested you are in shaming people purely on the basis of their appearance, because if you’d seriously engaged with HAES or other fat-acceptance philosophies you’d never let such bollocks fall from your keyboard.

  • YES! I’m in! I too promise to be fat all over the place. I’m going to be fat when I drink a dolce latte in my local caff (honey, cream and coffee, it’s delicious!), I’m going to be fat when I wear my lovely blue DM boots with red tights. I’ll be fat when I cycle the London to Brighton.

    I’ll be fat with as much right be living on this Earth as anyone else.

    If my body gets smaller this year – great
    If I stay the same size this year – great
    If my body gets bigger this year – great

    I’m over weight. Man, I am SO over my weight! 🙂

    • I’m not over my weight. My weight is part of who I am. I embrace it just like I embrace my brown eyes, my hair that grows in crazy directions, my tiny toenails, my bushy eyebrows…

      I’m not over weight. I am the weight I need to be in the circumstances of my life.


  • As always you have brought a smile to my face.

    This year my resolution is to love myself – body, mind and soul, while going out, having fun doing what I want, seeing what I want to see and spending my time with the people I care about and who don’t judge me and my choices.

    Keep on blogging about your pure awesomeness; it’s fat-tastic!

  • Kath, love this post. With apologies to the comic Questionable Content, I think we should make a t-shirt that says,


    I’m def going to be fatting it around. Hey, it’s what I do! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to fat it around some more hoity-toity types, and at a conference or two. Always fun when one’s the fattest in the room, and rocking it hard.

    (btw, I’ve gone completely sleeveless for three summers now, and I’m a big-armed gal!)

  • “In fact, I’m fatting at all of you right now.” omg… i love you so much right now 😀 this may be the best thing that I’ve ever read- ever! I’m sharing this all over the place! This post makes me seriously happy!

  • Kath you are a rockstar!

    Everything you said here is so true! I’m at the point in my life where I don’t care about other people’s hangups. You don’t like my jiggly fat ass (which I find adorable!)? Then look the other way. You’re such an inspiration! Keep fatting it up!

    P.S. That is my new favorite verb!

    • Thanks ashbashtus. You jiggle that fat arse all over the place babe.

      I think fat needs to be used as a verb more often. After all, how many people carry on as they’re offended at fatness… it’s like we are fatting at them, fatting in their direction, fatting in their presence. If people are going to be offended as if we are doing something by being fat, then let’s actually fat it up!

  • I don’t care how big, small, fat or skinny you are. The question is; are you healthy? I know some people who are what many would consider to be “fat” who are far fitter and healthier than many far slimmer people. I am sick of beauty standards, we are more than what we look like on the outside.

    But. Whilst I am a supporter of HAES, the key here is *healthy*. I have a joint condition that means if I gained too much weight I’d not only suffer from constant pain, and would quickly become immobile. Not good. Not healthy. I wholeheartedly support your fattness, but stay healthy.

    • Actually Jehefinner – I am under no obligation to “stay healthy”. Nor is anyone else. Whether or not I’m healthy (or anyone else is healthy) is none of your God-damned business. You worry about your own body and health, and mind your own business about anyone else’s.

      You are not a supporter of HAES if you believe that anyone has an obligation or responsibility to “stay healthy”.

      Waving my fat, diabetic arse in your direction.

      • Hi Kath, just one point:

        “You are not a supporter of HAES if you believe that anyone has an obligation or responsibility to “stay healthy”.”

        I do believe that is the whole point of the HAES movement. Not focus on getting thing or losing weight but to aim to live healthily no matter what weight or size you are. From haescommunity.org:

        “Very simply, it acknowledges that good health can best be realized independent from considerations of size. It supports people—of all sizes—in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors.”

        • Jasper, you can’t understand HAES by going and reading one page of the website.

          Go away, read the book, read the HAES blog, and educate yourself.

          NOWHERE in the HAES movement does it mandate that anyone is under any obligation or responsibility to “stay healthy”.

          The quote you provided only acknowledges that good health can best be realised independent from considerations of size. It supports (not mandates or demands) people – of all sizes – in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviours.

          Your comprehension skills are not very good are they?

    • It’s clearly not “wholehearted” support if you have to qualify it, Jehefinner. And I get the feeling that if we dug into your personal subjective definition of “health” we’d hit judgemental bedrock pretty quickly.

  • “not anyone, has to live their lives surreptitiously for fear of offending someone’s delicate sensibilities with our fatness.”

    Love it!!! Also, I also now want a shirt proudly declaring Fat to be a Verb 😀 I look forward to an awesome 2012 Fatting it up with you on the sphere! Happy Fat 2012!

  • Wow, this is wonderful. Since I am over 50, I feel like a proud auntie or mom (both of which I am IRL) when I read this. Best new year to you, Kath. I am fatting and momming on the other side of the globe, and wearing leggings even.

  • AWESOME! The saddest thing, I think, is not a person who is fat, it’s a person who obsesses over their weight so much that they cannot enjoy life and that goes for people of any size. Here’s to enjoying everything life has to offer, in the body that I have RIGHT NOW! I love your idea of breaking the mold of who fat people are and what they are like. We are people, complex and wonderful, just like everyone else! You are an inspiration, Kath 🙂

    • I agree Allison – I remember what that was like, constantly obsessing over every morsel, every gram, every hour of exercise, every minute of every day. It’s all I ever did. I was useless at work, I didn’t date, I was a crappy friend and I had no concept of the world other than trying to reduce my own body.

      We all have so much more to offer than that.

  • I am overweight and trying to lose weight, but I adore the self love and acceptance you have going here. Who cares what we look like as long as we are happy within ourselves. xox

    • Emma? Overweight for what or whom? Over whose weight?

      I hope that your adoring the love and acceptance you find here will sooner or later translate into your loving yourself at whatever weight you are and not worrying about changing it.

    • Emma there is no such thing as “overweight”. Because if there actually was, that would imply there is actually a definite cookie-cutter weight that every single human being must be. However, there isn’t. Each one of us has our own set point, and for some people that is higher than others.

      May I recommend “Health at Every Size” by Linda Bacon, PhD? Lots of good information and solid science to back it up, it may very well change your life.

  • Hey, if fat can be a feeling (?!) why not a verb? I first saw it as a verb at Axis of Fat.
    To douchebags who complain about actually seeing fat people, I have a standard answer: stay home! There’s plenty of television and internet you can watch and hardly ever see a fat person at all!
    When they squawk, I tell them that fat people should be the ones outdoors because we obviously need more space and more exercise (a little sarcasm there) and there are more of us than there is of him (usually, but not always a him).
    Keep on pushing back and we’ll be right alongside you. Best wishes for the new year.

  • My darling Kath, this is EXACTLY what I needed to read today. All of the New Years ads about losing weight and all of the NY resolutions from people I know have been beating my psyche to a pulp. Usually I can block them out fairly successfully, but there’s just so goddamn MANY of them!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the pick-me-up!

  • HUGE smile on my face after reading. I shouldn’t need to read something like your post to feel a weight lifted off my shoulders, but that’s the effect you’ve had, so THANK YOU!!! Once again, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  • Your posts are fabulous. Smart, well written & making more aware of fat issues, which are deeper than the body image issues I’ve written about it past. Don’t ever stop (except if you feel like it 🙂 )

    Putting your other post as my guest post tonight so out tomorrow. (wednesday)

  • The possibilities are endless, and I love them all.

    I fat. You fat. We fat. Fattitivity forever!! I will be thinking of these when I am fatting it up outside in my leggings and sweater,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this awesomely inspiring post.

  • Happy New Year! That sounds like a fantastic resolution and I hope you have the best year of your life so far. People get so hung up on how everyone should be trying to be “healthy” and how “healthy” has to look a certain way. IMO, the kind of mindset you have is healthier than any weight loss plan!

    I have a similar perspective on New Year’s Resolutions… I’ve decided it’s not so much about setting goals and carrying them out with a will of steel as it is about recognizing what’s held you back in the past and finding a way to handle it differently. http://theliberatedkitchenpdx.com/emotional-health/new-years-resolutions-or-recognitions/

    For me, this year it’s about handling my feelings of inadequacy differently. I’ve wanted to have more friends over to my home, but let the general state of disrepair and my feelings of what that might say about me get in my way. I’ve wanted to promote my business and post more blogs, but I let my bad graphic design and poor photography and high standards get in my way.

    I started a bit early with this “recognition” and have been inviting people over, posting blogs that don’t meet my impossible personal standards, and getting out there in the community re: my business. I’m already living my life more joyfully!

    Good luck to you this year. I know not everyone will be supportive of your new life (if they were, you’d probably have been doing it already), but maybe you’ll teach them something. Regardless of what they think, I think you are awesome!

  • Pattie Thomas posted this to FB today:

    “As a thin (white, able-bodied, etc.) person I cannot fathom what it must be like to have others take it upon themselves to hate my body for me. As I’ve said before, if you think fat people have no self-discipline, consider the fact that they haven’t killed you yet.” – Robin “Miss Conduct” Abrahams

    I can feel my self discipline slipping already *wicked grin*.

  • Ok, I’ve moved Dea, who claims to be a GP who thinks being fat is the same as smoking or using drugs (for fuck’s sake!) to the spam folder where she belongs with the rest of the troll trash.

    You shall be bothered by her bullshit no more Heffalumpies!

  • *smiles* I’m struggling very hard not to slip back into my “restrictive eating disorder” which I am not allowed to officially call anorexia since my BMI never gets officially low enough no matter how long I starve or how sick I get. In fact, no one believes I have periodically starved myself through my adolescent and adult life. Today I got to hear that the non-crisis of c-section rates (which save lives) are the “fault” of fat women who have no business becoming mothers, apparently. How dare we! Said person was “shocked” to see all the fatties walking around in the US as compared to Europe where apparently “everyone” is skinny.
    Thanks for an antidote to the madness.

    • JR, I do understand, I too suffer/ed a restrictive eating disorder which I was only ever allowed to call “Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified” because I happened to be fat. I do really understand.

      I think there is a myth that many countries don’t have any fat people. That’s complete bullshit. There are fat positive and fatshion blogs from all over Europe, even France and Finland who are supposed to be “skinny nations”. It’s just another form of fat hatred.

  • Quite sad that you move anyone who disagrees with you to a spam folder – says a lot when youre asking people to tolerate you yet you show very little tolerance for any opinion but yours. Have a nice day.

    • Nobody has to tolerate someone abusing them, telling them they are lazy, gluttonous or unhealthy Mark. NOBODY has the right to do that in MY online space, ever. If they want to be hateful, they can do it in their own space. I’m not “asking” people to be tolerant of me, to be honest I couldn’t give a flying fuck whether someone tolerates me or not. I’m saying that fat people deserve to be treated the same as everyone else and anyone who doesn’t gets the consequences. In this case, relegated to the spam folder where they belong.

      My comment policy is very clear, easy to find and I get to determine what stays and what goes.

      Dea wasn’t “disagreeing” with me – she was engaging in harmful, hateful online bullying of fat people and I will not tolerate that shit on this blog. In fact, from now on I intend to publish IP addresses, email addresses and any other identifying details publicly of people who engage in bullying in this space.

      • Oooh! I know! Because it implies you have psychic abilities to determine a person isn’t healthy based on their weight? Because “health” isn’t an objective measure? Because a person’s already been asked not to and keeps doing it? I mean, at the very least that’s just rude.

    • Dea wasn’t expressing “opinions”, Mark, she was making [incorrect] statements about people’s health and the terrible costs we fatties impose on the community (which we’re obviously not part of). And she was using those incorrect statements to justify being abusive towards people. And she was given multiple opportunities to consider her actions, and continued to be abusive and repeat those incorrect statements.

      Sounds like spam to me.

      • Guess it just seems over sensitive to get so worked up over someone telling you to be healthy. She didn’t say anything to personally attack you imo. I’ve seen other people saying that they hate seeing fat people out in public and all that, does talking about the health issues that come from being overweight = bullying? Does this classify as bullying too? Just seems like you have to agree with everything said on the blog or not comment at all, which doesn’t leave much room for healthy discussion.

        • Mark – you disagree, but you’re engaging civilly, so I’m allowing you to post. You don’t have to agree with everything, but you do have to behave with respect, or I open up a can of whoop ass on you.

          Now we have two points here:

          a) Nobody has the right to “tell” anyone to be healthy. Nobody has the right to tell anyone to do anything with their body. Again – if it’s not your body, it’s not your business.

          b) Dea engaged in personal attacks against fat people. Dea claimed that fat people cost taxpayer money, are lazy, don’t look after their health and don’t deserve hospital or medical care. She also claimed that fat people both choose to be fat, and that we “ruin our bodies”. This is bullying, fat hatred and there is no actual scientific evidence to support any of it. Not to mention that Dea, who claims to be a doctor, has completely “diagnosed” my health simply by seing a photograph of me – which is horrifically unethical and unprofessional of a supposed doctor. Again – this is fat hatred and I will not tolerate it in this space.

          This is the last I will say on the subject here, Dea’s behaviour was unacceptable and she was removed for it. End of story. No more debate will be entered into, please keep to the original topic and refrain from any further discussion on anyone’s health but your own – speculation on anyone’s health is not welcome in this space because it is none of our business.

      • Yay, bingo! It’s okay, Mark, I understand you wouldn’t be offended at all by someone coming into your space and telling you you’re a burden on society and your doctor must hate you because you’re like a drug addict.

        I’m sure sleepydumpling would be happy to address the health issues that come from being overweight, just as soon as any are proved to exist. In the mean time, it’s her space, her rules, and I’m sure you are welcome to go have “healthy discussion” about how those mean fatties refuse to listen to your concern trolling on your own blog.

  • Oh wait a minute! Funny, Mark has the same IP as Dea. Both are posting from

    Mark – are you Dea sock puppeting as someone else, or are you her brother/husband/relative?

    You are now also blocked.

    • Funny thing, when I was reading the conversation with ‘Mark’ this morning, I had a feeling this was how it would turn out.

      Seems my snap diagnosis was more accurate than ‘Dea’s.’

      Then again, I was diagnosing observable behavior, not a single photograph. And I was open to the concept that my snap diagnosis might actually be wrong.

  • You go, girlfriend!

    All those people who are size 00 are angry and hateful towards fat people (and many other things) because they are hungry.

    • Thank you Claire.

      I just want to make it clear though – we are not criticising ANY bodies on this blog – not even thin ones. Some of the most vicious haters I’ve had on this blog have been fat people too. I think you’re partially right about people being angry because they are hungry (or just hate themselves, or their lives) but it comes from people of all sizes. Thin people are not the enemy – it’s just many of them don’t understand what it’s like to live in a fat body.

  • Thank you! Your blog has been so helpful to me in changing my attitudes about myself, and thanks to you and a few other bloggers, I feel like a completely different person. I absolutely love your list, and will happily join you in being fat, healthy and happy all year. If I had a t-shirt with this list, I’d proudly wear that, too!

  • Thank you for your blog. I’m trying the same thing this year 🙂 Thanks to some of your links, I’ve found fun fat fashion and stopped trying to look for clothes that just cover my body so I can blend in.

    You rock!

  • I simply adore you. Now I am going to shimmy my chubby ass into the skinny jeans I bought just to go with my chubby knee high boots. And then I am going to strut my fatty self into work. I hope you have a fat-astic day!

  • Thank you for writing your blog, especially this entry! This year, I am teaching English in Korea while fat, writing a novel (with fat characters) while fat and dressing nerdily while fat.

  • Um, I’m sorry but I’m getting really tired of all the sizeism that goes around. You feel good skinny, great, feel good fat, awesome. It’s all about feeling good. However, showing your ass to anyone, fat or skinny, isn’t classy regardless. I also hate how larger girls, even if I’m polite and friendly, always give me dirty looks, or call me a bitch because of my size. They call me zero and tell me to eat a sandwich. That I look emaciated and no man will want me because real women have curves. They say that I’m “bitchy because I’m hungry”, I’m not bitchy, I’m shy and have depression. I’m nervous and skinny. I’m sick of you bitches, skinny or fat, and your sizeist behavior. I’m tired of skinny girls and fat girls being dissed!
    TLDR: can’t we just be happy, healthy and get along? I happen to like fish, and I’m tired of getting dirty looks just for eating it and being called a starving whore who needs a cheesburger.

    • I’m not sure what you’re specifically responding to, Meepsy, but I think that railing against sizeism, which is good, gets a little of the shine taken off it when immediately followed by “I hate how larger girls … always give me dirty looks.”

      Generalising about people based on their size: you are doing it right now.

    • Meepsy, NOBODY on this blog is hating on thin women. In fact, fat activism helps you too. Because we’re all about telling people to butt out of other people’s bodies and mind their own fucking business. Even about thin bodies.

      There is no wrong way to have a body. Every body is just right for itself, whether it is thin, fat or somewhere in between. Nobody should be policing or judging ANYONE’S body, and I will not stand for it on this blog. I’ll protect your body rights as fiercely as I’d protect my own. Anyone who treats you like shit about your body is as big an arsehole as anyone who treats me like shit about my body.

      And whether or not showing ones arse is classy is again, not up for discussion. Who cares if it’s classy or not, it’s my arse, it’s your arse, we each do with our own arses as we please.

      Also, cut the misogynist language. We do not call other women whores or bitches in this space. Final warning.

    JANUARY 5, 2012 AT 5:44 AM
    You go, girlfriend!

    All those people who are size 00 are angry and hateful towards fat people (and many other things) because they are hungry.

    >>Is who I was responding to

    And miss Cathrine, I always find it funny how even though I do get discriminated against, told I’m ugly, told I’m bones (even though that’s just my frame), forced to eat when I don’t want to (no I’m not ana, I just eat when I’m hungry), and doctors stuffing protein shakes down my throat, that because I’m thinner means that my discrimination and body shaming doesn’t matter.
    It may surprise you that fat women aren’t the only women that are body shamed ALL women are. No woman is good enough for society, and I hate how just because I happen to be smaller I’m not allowed to feel the same injustice you all do. Even though people judge me on my size all the time.
    Also, sorry I used the language, that’s just how I talk, but I guess if I feel shamed because of my size all of my information will be leaked so I can be harassed over my opinion huh?

    • Yes, and meepsy if you have a look under that comment, you will see I have responded:

      “I just want to make it clear though – we are not criticising ANY bodies on this blog – not even thin ones. Some of the most vicious haters I’ve had on this blog have been fat people too. I think you’re partially right about people being angry because they are hungry (or just hate themselves, or their lives) but it comes from people of all sizes. Thin people are not the enemy – it’s just many of them don’t understand what it’s like to live in a fat body.”

      Claire has been made aware that it is not acceptable, as has everyone else reading this blog.

      Nobody is saying that you DON’T get bullied for your thin body, but please go and read some information on thin privilege. Here is a link:


        • Stephanie I appreciate your help, but it’s best if you leave the responses to me. I’ll sort out any issues and remove anyone who doesn’t adhere to my comment policy (or just generally pisses me off!) I’m not going to engage in any arguing on this blog any more, and I really don’t want you to have to waste your time on it either, you know?

          But thank you for pitching in, it’s lovely to know I’ve got someone who’s got my back!

    • You might want to use the “Reply” button in future so people know who you’re talking too. sleepydumpling has already responded to Claire making it clear that no kind of body-shaming is OK on her blog.

      It may surprise YOU, but fat women aren’t a hivemind, and we are quite capable of seeing that the same judgemental crap we deal with is handed out to all women. The difference, though, is privilege. Privilege means being able to find affordable, fashionable clothes in your size easily. Privilege means doctors taking your symptoms seriously (and it’s shitty if they insist on treating you for an eating disorder you don’t have. But try literally breaking an ankle and being told you must just be in pain because of your weight).

      You can’t feel the “same” injustice fat people do, because you are not subject to the same kind of discrimination we are.

      And coming on to a fat woman’s blog, where she has made it clear that *no* body-shaming is okay, and wanting to take up her space to complain that all fat women are haters who hate you, is a bit fucking rude, to be honest.

  • wait, let me get this straight, I’m not allowed to use the word whore or bitch even when reiterating what someone else called me without threat of my identity being given away? This doesn’t seem like a safe-space to me. I was giving an opinion from what the other side might feel like. Maybe women feel this way is because all of us, not just fat females, but average and thin, are all shamed because of their bodies. Even the models, who are photoshopped beyond recognition have been shamed into being altered to fit societies standard. It’s a struggle women in general face, especially with the way we treat each other. But I guess I won’t be heard here. You’ll just shoot me down, and yet again, I’m ignored.

    • Meepsy – I’m saying for YOU not to call women those words. And when you wish to share an anecdote about what YOU were called, you need to be careful about how you frame it.

      You are not ignored, you are not being bullied, you are being given a space to speak and you have been replied to every time, but you will stick to my rules on MY blog. Same as everyone else. I make the rules in this space, please feel free to create your own space if you don’t like them.

      If you are here to argue about who has it worse, don’t waste all of our time. I will delete anyone who behaves like that. ALL body shaming is bad. End of story.

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