These Boots Were Made for Fatshion – Boot Review

Published March 20, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Hey hey!  I know, I’m not blogging as much as usual, but with the new library project I’m working on coming to fruition next week (shiny new library, so close to opening it!) and the fact that I have to move house in the next month to six weeks, the old energy levels are low.  But I’m back here with you tonight to do another of my blog reviews, since Autograph Fashion were so kind as to send me two pairs of their new season boots.  Plus I know you all love some outfit posts right?

So, remember last year when I bought the tall riding boots in brown from Autograph and I was SOOOOOO excited because it was the first time in my 38.5 years of life that I could find tall boots to fit my fat calves?  I wore those puppies until the soles wore through.  I still reckon I should just go and get them resoled, as the rest of the boot is just fine.  They also sent me the brown buckle boots, which I love even more and wore right through summer, and will continue to wear this year right through again.

Anyway, Autograph sent me through two pairs of their new season boots to review – the black tall riding boots and the tan suede ankle boots.

First the black riding boots, check ’em out:

I like bright colours, what can I say?

Autograph got a lot of feedback last year that the soles of the tall riding boots weren’t the best of quality.  I did wear mine out, but I also wore them a LOT when I first got them, so I wasn’t sure if it was the quality or the frequency of wear.  But this year they have apparently improved the construction of the boot, reinforcing the sole.  It certainly feels sturdier than those on the brown ones.  I also like the addition of the buckle detail, it just gives them a bit more detail than last year’s boots.  Now I have 19″ calves (48cm for metric) and they fit me well, with room to spare.  I can actually slide my arm down inside the back of them.  So those of you with plus-sized calves – these are going to fit you, I promise.  The price is $99.99, which is actually at the lower end of the boot scale.  CityChic are offering a very similar thing (though there was some debate about how much leather is in each pair) for double the price.  I haven’t found any other wide calf boots anywhere else in Australia to compare the prices with.  Regular calf size boots in places like Payless or Target are about the same price as far as I can see.

There was a question on one of the Autograph Fashion Facebook page threads about whether or not “big women would want to wear chunky boots – they wouldn’t be very flattering” (paraphrased).  Well, here I am at a size 26 in the boots:

Dress and boots: Autograph Fashion
Leggings: We Love Colors in "Scarlet" - yes, they are hot pink!

Dress and boots: Autograph Fashion (my favourite black dress ever.)
Tights: We Love Colors lycra blend in "mint"
Flower brooch: Sussan

Y’all know I don’t care about flattering, but seriously – these add NO bulk to my legs at all.  They fit all the way up close to the contours of my leg.  Don’t believe me?  I wore them again today:

See, even goofing off for the camera they’re still firm and close to the contours of my leg.  Folks – don’t let the fashion “rules” stop you from wearing the things you love – just work them into your wardrobe however you like, and rock the hell out of them!

Oh wait, here’s a detail shot of them with my mint green tights from We Love Colors:

Mmm… minty!

Now, onto the tan ankle boots.  I’ve been holding off on this post for the past two weeks for one reason – the ankle boots are faux suede and I needed a non-rainy day to wear them… and we haven’t had one in WEEKS!  I don’t want to ruin them by getting them wet or muddy, and I don’t think even water proofing treatment could protect them in the current squelchy weather we’ve had here in Brisbane.

So tonight I came home and whacked them on my feet with the mint tights and took some photos indoors, and walked around with them on for an hour or so.  Here, have a look:

I tell you what, it’s REALLY hard to photograph your own feet from the side.  I wanted to show off the heel and snub-toe shape of these cute boots:

I wasn’t really successful, was I?  Let’s try another angle:

Well, you get the idea right?  They are very cute, a great colour and style, and they would fit a wide foot really well (I have a standard width size 10 foot and there is width to spare in them) and very comfortable.  The only real criticism of them is that heel.  It’s super tiny and I did feel quite teetery on them.  Other fat women might be more successful with them than I, but I wonder if they’re going to be strong enough to support this fatty.  But I’ll have to wear them out and about a bit to get a real indication of how they’ll hold up – if it ever stops raining!  I also think they’re going to crease up a fair bit with wear (you can see the beginnings already) but I personally like that kind of body-formed look.  I know other people hate it though.  These are $89.99, which I wouldn’t pay, because I don’t need wide fitting shoes and can buy ankle boots anywhere and have them fit me.  But if you’re struggling to find boots to fit you, these might be the ticket for you.

So – how do you feel about wearing boots?  Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, I know you’re on the downward run out of the cold months now, did you wear boots much over the winter?  And my fellow Southern Hemisphere buds – are you looking for boots for winter?  If so, what kind are you looking for and have you found any fab ones that fit fatties?

*Again, these boots were gifted to me by Autograph Fashion but all opinions are my own and not influenced by the gift.

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  • I had a different experience from you with the black tall riding boots Kath- I went in to Autograph to try them on, and I don’t like them as much as last season’s pair, which I own. I found the fit too tight around my calf (I have 22 inch calves) even with the buckle adjusted. I felt it was too roomy around the ankle, and the padding inside was thinner.
    That said, I did like how the sole of the boot seemed sturdier, and had a grippy bottom, unlike last season’s flat slippy bottom. I love how the sizing goes up to size 12, and I hope Autograph continue to experiment with shoes for us fatties, it’s much appreciated! The boots look fab on you Kath, and I’m glad you’re happy with them.

  • i have boots just like that! i had mine resoled & reheeled last summer. boots will last for years & years if you take care of them. those little booties you were wearing were sharp, too. LOL

  • So glad to find another source for super wide calf boots! I have always had 20″ calves, and love tall boots. It took me forever to find a pair that fit, but when I finally did, I wore them out, just like you said! I really like the riding boots. I think they look beautiful with your outfits, and I like that you wear brightly colored tights with them! I think I might try that with my pair! Thanks for reviewing! Also, anyone is looking for other sources of wide calf boots, I found my fav pair at Their clothing is absolutely hideous, but they always have a few pairs of nice (synthetic, not leather) wide calf boots. Also, Torrid always has some good ones. If you are looking for designer shoes and boots in large sizes (12-15 US), I am in love with Barefoot Tess! Anyway, thanks for feeding my boot obsession with this post 🙂

  • Urgh. Boots. I LOVE them. I love them with a passion. But most of mine are ankle boots, as the only place I can find calf length boots at a reasonable price is Evans, so I have to make do with what I can find. Having said that I’ve got 3 pairs from there which I adore, including a pair of brown canvas and leather calf high boots, which have seen many outings (including several fancy dress banquets – and some on the feet of my husband who also, infuriatingly, finds them a good fit!). Oh, and my other faves, flat black suede thigh highs (thigh highs!! I totally squeed when I found they fitted!) which have suede strapping that sort of binds up the boot. Only trouble is they need to be tied in such a way that the boots stay up, but I’m an ex-live roleplayer and love fancy dress events, and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity when it arose. They look great with thick tights and a short skirt or over leggings, but putting them on over tights is easier, they’re hard work to get on.

    My go-to boots for cold and icy weather are a pair of mid calf black leather boots which lace up the front, have solid soles with good grip and look fairly decent too. Their biggest advantage is that the tongue at the front is joined to the rest of the boot, which means I can wear them in mud and snow without getting cold and wet feet. I also resort to Doc Martens as utility boots. I picked them up in TKMaxx, and tried them on – much to my surprise they fitted. They were about £40 and I felt a bit guilty because I didn’t really need them at the time, but their practicality and the amount of wear I’ve had out of them since made it a real bargain.

  • I love, love, love boots. I don’t get to wear them a lot because it’s almost constantly warm where I live, but I love them and will wear them on even the only kind of cool days. The day I found a website that sold boots that would zip around my calves was one of the happiest days of my life. And I’m only exaggerating a little bit. =D

    Whoever said fat girls shouldn’t wear knee boots had to have been smoking something. It’s one of my favorite looks! It might be because I’m tall, but it’s a very good look for me. I guess my point is maybe it’s a height thing instead of a weight thing?

    Or maybe we could just all wear what we want and other people could shut up about what they thought about it? LOL

  • Those are some sharp-looking boots – both pairs. Too bad about the tiny heels on the ankle boots, though. That would make me think a couple of extra thinks about them, and probably want to try them on before I even thought about buying. On the good side, I’m glad they took last year’s input and reworked the soles of the riding boots. And thank you for the chance to see them in action.

    I would’ve liked a good side-on pic of both pairs, even if you had to take them off to get the angle. I wanted to see the overall shape of the ankle boots and the buckle detail of the riding boots. (Luckily, you linked to Autograph’s site & I got to ogle them there.) But it’d be nice to have it right here, and you mentioned it, so I thought I’d pipe up.

    Oh, and I know it’s slightly off-topic, but I love how the flower on the black dress picks up the mint green of the tights. That’s a nice touch.

  • Those are gorgeous boots. They look seriously beautiful on you and don’t look overly bulky at all. I would love to find a pair of knee high boots that work with my calves, I may have to get them custom made however, and I am really looking into it because I love how those look on you!!

  • Thanks for the pictures of the boots. I like your reviews because you are forthright about whether you like them or not. I also like the downwards shot. I struggle to find boots that fit my calves and my toes need a very large toe box as my feet are wide (10c to 10.5c depending on brand).

    The websites like CityChic and Autograph would do well to take pictures like you do, downwards, so that we can really see how wide the footprint it. Teeny tiny pointy toes are a waste of my time, so seeing your review means I know whether or not to make the trip to try them out.

    Are they roomy around the ankles? I have thick ankles so normally can’t wear any shoes with achilles widgets at the back of the shoes – they just cut into the back of my leg. Thanks for taking the time to review!

  • Those boots are adorable (both pairs) and you rock them!

    Just a note on shoe soles (never posted before, though long time lurker, but it caught my attention). You can definitely get them resoled, but in the future, it’s sometimes worth getting higher-quality or more expensive shoes fitted with outer soles (not sure what they call them in Australia; we sometimes call them half-soles here). This is useful because resoling a shoe, while obviously extending the wearable lifespan, adds wear to the upper, so there’s a limited amount of times it can be done without making the shoe itself look wonky or start to fall apart. But outer soles can be replaced over and over and over again without this problem; this is usually more commonly done on really expensive or fancy “investment” shoes, but can be done on many kinds if you’re keen to wear them all the time.

  • I just bought a pair of the tan low-heel boots from City Chic – they’re plenty big enough for my calves and bonus, fit my orthotics too (the bane of my life at the moment is finding orthotic-friendly shoes that don’t require me to take out a mortgage). I’ve got wide high feet so finding boots is always a challenge but so far I’m liking these ones.

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