It’s Out – Australian Women’s Weekly June Edition

Published May 30, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Hey all!  Just a quick blog post from me tonight, I’ve been sideswiped by a cold that has gone through my office like a brush fire, so I’m trying to indulge in some self care to help get through it as quickly as possible.

I discovered this morning that yes, my article in the Australian Women’s Weekly (AWW) is out today!  For those of you looking to get a print copy, it is this one, with Chrissie Swan on the cover:

I’m pretty chuffed to be in an issue that has Chrissie on the cover, she’s awesome.  And she has some really positive things to say about living life as a fat woman.

I’m pretty impressed with this from Chrissie:

“It’s shaming fat people into thinking their heart’s about to explode, their legs are about to be cut off due to diabetes. They’ll never conceive a child, they’ll never get married, they’ll never find love, they’ll never get the job they want.”

Chrissie — who has two sons, Leo, three, and nine-month-old Kit — is especially upset at the messages conveyed to children, that there is something wrong with them and they ought to be ashamed if they are chubby.

“We can’t say fat people are bad, we can’t have them crawl through mud pits on national television and have skinny people yelling at them, saying, ‘How does it feel?’ Because kids see that and they go, ‘Okay, it’s cool to scream abuse and belittle a fat person. I’ll do that next time I see Billy in the playground.’

There is an online version, however it is an abridged version of the full print article. (Note, don’t read the comments unless you have plenty of sanity points to spare!)

Overall I’m happy with the article, it’s not perfect but it has an overwhelmingly positive tone to it, and really entertains some concepts that aren’t normally presented in the mainstream media.  The only thing that bums me out is that they have an “obesity expert” who pushes surgical organ mutilation (weight loss surgery) in the name of “health”.  But that said, I get the final world in the piece, and it’s a pretty damn good quote to end with.

All in all, I think that if just one person Google’s my name, Fat Heffalump, fat acceptance or Health at Every Size, we’ve won.  If we stop one person from hating themselves, or have them entertaining the idea that we can live our lives to the full no matter what size or shape we are, then we’ve smashed down some walls for people.

And since already I’ve had at least one person (waves to Phoebe) come along to this blog from the AWW article, it’s doing it’s job!


31 comments on “It’s Out – Australian Women’s Weekly June Edition

  • That is very cool! The only bad thing is that I live in the US so I won’t be able to read the full article.

  • I saw the article (posted to facebook by Marilyn Wann) before I saw this post. Too late. I read the comments. Voices of love from the Twittersphere currently restoring my sanity in small but much necessary bites. Congrats on the article, and you look awesome!

  • You did warn us about the comments….why did I bother reading them? More fat-hate and ignorant people thinking it’s ok to lecture people on their lifestyles because they’re fat, yet the thin unhealthy slip by scot free. The thing I can never understand is why these people are so interested in something that has nothing to do with them? Narrow minded, insecure petty little people trying to feel superior. Sad.
    I love the photo of you – “yeah I’m fat and full of joy and f*ck you sour-faced celery eaters – I’m having a milk shake!!”. Cheers to that!

  • I’m so glad to see articles like this. The more there are, the more it refutes the attitudes of those awful people in the comments sections.

  • that was surprisingly positive overall! and i still absolutely LOVE your hair color. i can’t get over it. it’s what i’ve wanted my hair to be for EVER.


    • Thank you Maggie – the print article is even better.

      The colour is Fudge Blueberry Hill. I tried about 8 different brands and colours before I went back to Fudge, which works like a dream, despite other people telling me that it was the worst brand!

  • Brilliant! Brilliant smile, brilliant colour, brilliant you! Thank you for putting yourself out there time and time again. Your message of love, respect and dignity for all is an important one. Well done! Keep shining brightly.

  • Hi Kath *waves* thanks for the shout out 😀 I’ve been busy reading back entries to your wonderful blog and really enjoying your writing thanks to the WW article – you rock!

    • Thank you Phoebe, and I’m so glad you found me through that article, I hope lots more do. (Well, other than the spattering of trolls I’ve had so far.)

        • Phoebe, I’ve been doing this for 4 years now – as a fat woman with an opinion, NOTHING prevents trolls. Staying silent doesn’t, speaking up doesn’t, not even publishing their private details on a public website keeps them away. I very firmly believe that we need to out these bullies for what they are.

  • I, too, read the comments but the hate that I received back just made me turn away. I agree with everyone, this blog rocks and so do all of you.

  • Hi Kath,

    My name is Sara and i have just come to you as a result of reading the article in AWW, and i have spent the last couple of days reading all of your blogs. I have to say, that i am so relieved to have found your writing, because as an overweight 35 woman, with shocking PCOS, i feel that i can relate to your thoughts and feelings.
    Good luck with everything and continue the great writing!
    Sara xxx

    • Hi Sara and welcome to my blog! I am so thrilled that you have sought me out after reading that article – that’s EXACTLY why I agreed to participate in it, to reach out to you and others like you. Hang on to your hats, it’s a wild but awesome ride!

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