bellecurve Review and My First Competition

Published October 9, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Well, I promised you all a competition, and here it is!

Recently the marketing people for a new range of Australian plus-size fashion available through Myer – bellecurve – reached out to me to offer to review their product.  They sent me a box of clothes to try including this Spring Blossom capri pants and jacket:

This Lure Me With Lace red top:

And this Global Traveller Kaftan top:

The first thing I noticed on unpacking them was the excellent quality of garments.  The fabrics are excellent quality and the construction and cut are really beautifully finished.  The Spring Blossom set are a cotton/Elastane blend with full lining in the jacket.  The Global Traveller Kaftan is the silkiest sheer chiffon with really solid quality beading on the neckline and down the front.  It’s so good to see some quality in plus-size clothing!  Check out the beading close up:

I also think the entire range is really hot!  Particularly the Spring Blossom set – so cute I could cry.

My only criticism is the sizing.  bellecurve only go to a Size 24AU (oh why won’t Myer stock anything that goes to a 26AU???) and I found the sizing somewhat inconsistent.  The Global Traveller Kaftan is really generous at a Size 24AU – here is a blurry bathroom mirror self portrait of me (sorry, no photographer at the moment!) wearing it:

See – fits me beautifully and is nice and drapey.  But when I put the other garments on, they are really inconsistent sizing.  The jacket is a size 22AU, and I’d say it’s fairly standard.  The pants and red lace top are both listed as a size 24AU, but the pants are much smaller (maybe a 22AU) and the top is somewhere between a 22AU and 24AU.

But that said, if they can just nut out their sizing, they’ve got a fantastic range and product.  I would be more than happy to buy any of the range that is sized to fit me.

“What about the competition!?” you ask?  Well, since the Spring Blossom set and red lace top don’t fit me, bellecurve have suggested I give them away here on my blog.  So for one lucky reader, I’m going to give you the whole outfit.  If you’re a size 22AU, and you like the look of these pieces (which are totally hot as an outfit), leave me a comment below telling me what you like about them and where you would wear them.  You’ve got until Sunday night Brisbane time and I will use a random number generator to draw a lucky winner.

Please note, due to shipping costs, I can only offer this competition to Australian residents.  I’ll try something for all of the rest of you next time.

Good luck and tell your friends!


20 comments on “bellecurve Review and My First Competition

  • Hi Kath
    I would love the outfit ! It would get me out of my comfort zone (read gypsy skirts and tops) and into something that says “look at me” ! I am a size 22 and 5ft9 and have spent most of my adult life trying to hide myself. For the past couple of years Ive been reading your blog and you have inspired me to start accepting and loving myself as I am. What a gift! I would totally ROCK the look and would wear it to WORK and freak out my colleagues with my sassiness!!

  • I adore the pants and jacket. I’d actually wear them to work. Particularly when Im working with infants kids who love bright colours. I’m sure id get lots and lots of compliments from them and they’d bring a smile to their faces!!!

  • Hi Kath,

    I love that drapey top on you….very nice.

    I would love to win your competition. I’m a size 22 and would love to get into wearing florals and bright colours more often. My husband says he’s sick of seeing me wear black all the time and I’m starting to agree with him. I’m turning 40 in April and I think it’s time I started getting more brave with my fashion choices and started getting into colour. I think the Spring Blossom set would be perfect to wear to my 40th birthday party.

  • Obviously since I live in the US I’m not entering the competition… but I just had to say how beautiful the beading on that kaftan is! I know good work when I see it, and that’s it.

    Also? You look fabulous in it, Kath.

  • I’m bigger than that size and I don’t live in Australia. BUT I had to tell you how wonderful those clothes look. The Kaftan top looks good on you. The Spring Blossom outfit is gorgeous. It pegged the top end of my “Want Meter” it is so cute. 🙂

  • I have been admiring those pants, but there’s no way size 24 is going to fit me, especially if it’s on the small side. Lovely stuff, though, and you look fabulous in the kaftan top 😀

  • You’re looking awesome in that kaftan Kath!
    I wouldn’t fit the jacket or pants, but I’d love to wear that red lacy top. I would wear it to school pick up- ‘cos why not? Dressing up is fun! I love red, but have had trouble finding nice stuff in my size.

  • Well, I am a size 22, and I would kill things for that jacket and trousers and top. I love that the Spring Blossom set is cotton – it’s so hard to find things in natural fibres, especially in plus sizes. I’d wear the jacket with my purple skinnies on the weekend, or with a black pencil skirt at work. Or I’d pair them together with loose, sheer blouse underneath. The red top would look fab tucked into a black pencil skirt. Do want!

  • How generous to give them away! Especially considering how GORGEOUS they are. I would probably die of sad if I had them in my hands and had to give them away. Ha. Jokes. I am absolutely not that dramatic. You know. ALL the time.

    I would LOVE to win them because I live about an hour away from my nearest MYER so checking out the range in store may take a while and floral ANYTHING is so up my ally right now. I like them because my style is built around blazers and narrow pants. A style I’ve spent years and years developing to reflect who I AM, not who anyone says I should be. It’s mighty freeing, let me tell you. I would wear them to dinner with my girlfriends with a killer heel and some serious attitude with the goal of loads of fun and frivolity.

    PLUS I’d be happy to send the red top at my expense to someone who would love, love it. I don’t wear much read as it’s not my colour and we might as well share the love, right? 😉

  • I absolutely love the Lure me with lace red top! I love the short lacy sleeves but it’s not sleeveless (so many plus size clothing are sleeveless which drives me mental because I don’t know too many plus size women who want to show off their arms!) And the lace is just so feminine! I would wear this top with a skirt for my 18th wedding anniversary in December! Perfect for a balmy Melbourne evening!

    • Bernie and Kelli – I just want to say that LOTS of fat women want to show their arms off, and want sleeveless clothes. I am one of them. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have spent thousands of dollars tattooing my beautiful fat arms.

      I need to remind everyone that this is a fat positive space and you are welcome to say “I prefer to cover my arms/I don’t like to wear sleeveless clothes” but please don’t make assumptions that all fat women want to, or that fat women *should* cover their arms.

  • I love these clothes. What I love is that they look like what the under size 18 can buy all the time. Wish there were more companies that didn’t make clothes all sleeveless or sack of potato like for those of us more curvy, voluptuous girls. Where would I wear them, hell everywhere there that hot!!! These shouldn’t be locked away for a once a month use.

  • Red is hot, and I currently feel not!
    I will take the shirt, wear it, get the feeling and boldly go anywhere in the print pants!

  • PS, take yourself to fountain or statue in the beautiful outside world and do a photoshoot! You deserve the attention and we needn’t see the bin!

    • Toni, not everyone has the time or the resources to put into photoshoots. I have the time (and an iPhone) to grab a quick selfie in the bathroom mirror at work, so that’s what I do. Please be a little more mindful that there are other factors at play than what you want or don’t want to see.

  • Hey, all these clothes look fantastic! Especially because a group of friends of mine all have a thing about “party pants”, and now I could fit in with party pants of my own! And I LOVE the matching jacket.

    Also I’ve just moved to Melbourne and don’t have a job yet – not allowed to buy clothes 😦 – so I would totally wear this to Spring Racing. The wind would probably blow my hair just right and I’d just feel like the finest filly on the ground 🙂

  • please pick me as I can’t afford new clothes exept from charity shops. I have a professional job but only for 25 hours a week

  • Thanks for the heads up on Bellecurve. I have been avoiding Myers in an uncharacteristic display of sensitivity towards my battered credit card. As a size 22 -24 I would wear all of that gear pretty much anywhere, any time! But in my dream world I would be wearing the capris and jacket (with eBay purchased World Peace Now t shirt underneath) to an outdoor Bruce Springsteen/Mumford & Sons/Passenger/Cyndi Lauper/Frank Turner/Macy Gray/Martha Wainwright/Antony & The Johnsons concert, held on the banks of Swan River. Obviously I would have a front row seat. I would wear the remaining Bellecurve clothing on the tour I would be invited on after the artists saw me in the capris and jacket. Yay!

  • found this blog via my GF, she’s a long time lurker, no time poster.
    I can tell you in no uncertain terms the term covet hardly covers how much she wants that clothing.
    If I WERE the type of person who might try to influence the outcome of a competition I might try pleading a case along the lines of how much easier MY life would be if she won something like that, but more to the point, she’s a genuinely good egg and she WANTZIT!!!!
    BTW, love the “do” 😉

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