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Published October 13, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

One of the most powerful forms of fat activism is to reclaim your right to eat and enjoy food.  Fat people have their food choices and eating policed constantly, from the constant barrage of marketing and media that labels food as either bad/sinful/unhealthy or good/virtuous/healthy, to the passing comments on what you are eating.  I could write volumes on comments that have been made to me about my food and eating from both people who I know and complete strangers.  A few of my favourites include:

  • the elderly woman who didn’t bother to lower her voice as she walked past me eating a fruit salad outside a cafe and said in a disgusted tone “People like that should just not eat, ever.”
  • The colleague years ago who tried to take my Slurpee off me in the elevator because he decided that it was bad for me.  He wasn’t joking.
  • The colleague who used to stalk me at lunch time and stare intently at me while I ate my lunch, her eyes travelling from my plate to my mouth with each bite and then say “I couldn’t eat that, it has too many calories.”
  • The two women who loudly said “Oh God, how disgusting is she?” while I sat eating a chicken and salad meal with my then boyfriend (who was very thin) who was eating a steak-burger, chips, a meat pie and a large thickshake AND was picking food off my plate.
  • The woman who thought I couldn’t hear her in the supermarket because I had my earbuds in, who looked in my shopping basket (that particular day only contained yoghurt, toilet paper and toothpaste) and said to her daughter “That’s what happens when you eat too much rubbish food.”
  • The old boss that said “You need to stop thinking about food” when I worriedly asked my visibly tired, stressed colleague when he was going to go take his lunch break, which he clearly needed.

I’m sure many of you can supply your own examples of the douchey, insensitive, invasive things people do and say to you as a fat person, on the topic of food and eating.

But that is not what this post is about.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram (username FatHeffalump) may have noticed that I use the #freefatty hashtag a lot, when I post pictures of food.  My aim is to reclaim my freedom to eat, to enjoy food, to share and celebrate food, without allowing anyone to shame or lecture me for my choices.  Sadly, that constitutes a radical act these days, when it really shouldn’t.  I mean other than to enjoy “breaking bread” with someone, or to share food experiences, who gives a fuck what other people eat right?  But our entire culture is geared to load shame and moral value to what people eat (or don’t eat).  I refuse to buy into that.  I’m not going to justify what I eat.  I’m not going to make excuses for eating things that are considered “unhealthy” or “sinful” or “junk”.  Nor am I going to crow or brag about eating something considered “healthy” or “virtuous”.  I’m going to share my food choices either because they look good, taste amazing, are celebratory or are just interesting for whatever reason.  It might just be because it’s part of my day and I like sharing my life with my friends and fellow Tweeters/Tumblrers/Instagrammers.

So today, I’m going to dedicate this blog post to sharing some photos of food I’ve eaten over the past few months (since I got into Instagram and have the photos to share) and talk about what I was doing when I ate them.  I encourage  you to talk about this food, and food you’ve eaten recently in the comments.  Tell me about the most delicious thing  you’ve eaten recently.  Talk about one of the photos below.  Tell your own story about food.  Let’s be radical and reclaim our right to food and eating Heffalumpies!

Bike snack.

I often take snacks with me when I ride my bike, I particularly like cheese, crackers and dried fruit.  They’re easy to pack, tasty and don’t create any rubbish I have to bring home with me.

French toast

French toast is one of my easy meals when I get home from work after a hard day.  How do you have your French toast?  When I was a kid it was always a savoury thing, served with salt and vinegar.  I still eat it that way if I cook it for myself, but I do love to have it as a sweet dish with maple syrup or lemon syrup if I go out for brunch or something.


It was a really intense time at work so my colleague brought along a box of chocs for us to share in our team meeting.  I’m not a big fan of Favourites, but I have been known to pick out the Flake or Moro minis from them.  If I buy boxed chocolates for the team at work, I usually buy Darrell Lea soft centres.

Wednesday morning breakfast.

We have farmer’s markets outside my office building every Wednesday, and I’ve got into the habit of getting a sour cherry danish from the Italian bakery stall each Wednesday morning, which I have with my regular cup of coffee.  Yes, I drink my coffee black – at least I do when it’s instant or plunger coffee.  I don’t mind a latte (made on lactose free or skim milk – I don’t drink a lot of milk) if I am getting espresso coffee.  These danish are amazing – so tangy!

You don’t win friends with salad! You don’t win friends with salad!

This was a salad I made myself for dinner one night.  It was mixed greens, roasted capsicum, shredded carrot and beetroot and crunchy noodles with a mango dressing.  It was sooooo good.  I want one now in fact!

I went out for brunch with some friends at the Lagoon Coffee Lounge here at Sandgate, and ordered this amazing breakfast.  Brunch is one of my favourite meals.  Especially if it involves mushrooms.

Fat woman eating ice-cream – NOOOOO!!

Yes, this fatty loves ice-cream.  Particularly rum and raisin.  There is a gelateria on the waterfront here at Sandgate and I’ve only ever been there twice since I moved here.  I picked this up one Sunday afternoon on my way back from a walk along the waterfront.  It was SO GOOD!

Mjolnir macerates strawberries perfectly.

Also purchased from the Wednesday farmer’s markets are these gorgeous strawberries from Kandara farm.  They are so much better than any of the supermarket stuff.

Gina’s Pastizzi

My friend Gina makes THE most amazing pastizzi.  She worked in our office for a month and spoiled us by bringing in a huge container of these.


Decent Mexican food has been nigh on impossible to find in Australia, but now that Guzman Y Gomez stores are popping up all over the place, it has got so much better.  It’s not very often I get to go to one, but I was in the Wintergarden for something a few weeks ago, so I had to stop there for lunch.


My friends Di, Kerri and I went to the Beaudesert show (like a carnival or fair for you non-Aussies) and the big food tradition at Beaudesert show is pavlova with strawberries and cream from the Jimboomba scout association.  They’ve been doing that stand at the Beaudesert show for as long as I can remember, and it’s always a massive hit every year.  This was a small serve!


I don’t really need to say anything about this photo do I?  Except that you can see the magnet I got from Weta Caves in New Zealand (Frodo’s sword, Sting) and one from Colombia that my friend’s Roberto and Elena brought back for me.

Looks like kibble, I know.

I keep this rice cracker stuff in a Tupperware container at work for snacks.  It’s great for when I want something a bit crunchy.  It’s cheap too, I pick it up from the Golden Circle outlet when I can in big 2kg bags that last me forever.

The ultimate comfort food.

Bangers and mash with onion gravy.  Is there anything more comforting?  While the weather was cold I’d have this about once a week, it’s easy to cook, the leftovers are delicious and it tastes great.

Fancy dinin’!

I had a day out with some ladies I met through Bookcrossing a few weeks ago.  We went to the Mummy exhibit and the Queensland Museum, and also had a look at the Gwen Gillam (local fashion designer from the 50’s/60’s/70’s) exhibit, and then had lunch at the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) Bistro.  I had this AMAZING hazelnut crusted pork cutlet on roasted kumara and onions.  WOW.

Another Aussie tradition – Neenish tarts.

It’s lovely when a colleague shows appreciation.  One of the fab library folk brought in a container of these for me a couple of weeks ago.  These are Neenish tarts.  I have know idea where Neen is or how Neenish tarts came about, so let’s ask Wikipedia.

Thai prawn stirfry with cashews and jasmine rice.


These two go together.  My lovely friend Vonnie and her husband Callum and their son Ewan were visiting Queensland a couple of weeks ago on holidays, and we met up for dinner.  Vonnie is one of the first friends I made on the internet – we met through a SeaChange (Australian TV show) mailing list a LONG time ago, and I visited her in Melbourne 9 years ago when she invited me to her wedding after having only met me once before when she and Callum were visiting Brisbane.  Their wedding was one of the most beautifully relaxed and truly special events I have ever been to.  As Vonnie is a vegetarian, Callum is a meat-eating truck driver and Ewan is a small boy with the usual small boy dietary requirements, I took them to Jo-Jo’s here in Brisbane because they have a really broad variety of meals, and are kid friendly.  I almost always have their Thai prawn stirfry with cashews and jasmine rice when I go there, it’s that good and has been on their menu for at least 20 years.  I had a wonderful evening with them all, I wish we lived closer together so I could see them more often.

This is yakisoba.  It is usually what I have for lunch on the day I don’t bring it in from home.  I love Japanese food, it’s so tasty and chock full of veges.

Food for the brain and the body.

At least once on a weekend I try to take my lunch and a book down to the waterfront for a couple of hours relaxed reading.  This is last Saturday’s fare – Tom Cho and peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

Team Breakfast

Every now and then my team at work take time out together to have breakfast before work.  We particularly like the Java Coast Cafe on George Street.  I cannot tell you how good that wilted spinach (under the grilled tomato) is!  The mushrooms are amazing too.  It’s good for us, we get some time to talk about something other than work, and remember that we are all people outside of work.  It keeps us a tight, strong team.

Last one!  This was my breakfast/brunch this morning.  Pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, and a latte.  A couple of times per month I take myself (and my book of course) off for brunch on a weekend.  I like the aforementioned Lagoon Coffee Lounge – you can see why by this delicious breakfast!

Ok, so over to you.  Tell me about a meal or dish you’ve had, something you’ve cooked, or a tasty snack you love.  Please remember that there will be no moralising about food, no deeming it good/bad and no judgement of what other people eat.  And most importantly NO DIET TALK!

Bon appetit!


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  • I made freakin’ DELICIOUS chicken poached in white wine and garlic and generic-mixed-herbs a few weeks back to take to lunch at work. I think the recipe is from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was juicy and amazing and made the whole house smell ridiculously tasty.

  • wagga wagga today -citrus tart from coffee choice ,just right amount of orange taste and beautiful curd …..another favourite was gnocci with chicken which i made a few weeks ago (recipe out of one of the womans mags )…absolutely mouthwatering .

  • I made asparagus quiche in garlic butter last night. It was delicious and the first time I’d ever made a quiche. Today, I also had Mos Burger for the first time — a rice burger (perfect for me, as I can’t have too much yeast) with kimchi beef yakiniku. It was so good!!

    • Sonya asparagus is one of the few vegetables I really don’t like. It’s a very strong flavour, and I’m like a bloodhound with scents and tastes, so maybe it’s a bit intense for me. I keep meaning to go try Mos burger, now that they’ve opened up in the CBD. Maybe I’ll forgo the yakisoba this week and have Mos burger instead.

  • One of my fav meals in warm weather is lamb roast with pepper gravy, with greek salad. Then having leftover lamb with tabouli on a fresh bun for lunch the next day. 🙂

    I made a fantastic fresh salsa to have with bean tacos the other week: fresh tomatoes, chilli, parsley, cumin, red onion and capsicum with lime juice and olive oil dressing. So good with corn chips.

  • Yum, rum and raisin ice cream is my favourite too! Closely followed by Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz by Ben and Jerry. Delish!

  • I’ve started trying to cook things I haven’t cooked before, so recently I’ve made stuffed butternut squash, cheese and red onion quiche and a veggie meatloaf. All turned out really well.

  • Also, it looks like you have some wonderful restaurants and markets over there! It makes me want to explore a bit more in London 🙂

  • Sunday morning is pancake day for my family. Sometimes plain, sometimes choc chip or blueberry or whatever. Always with whipped cream, sometimes berries or apple or banana. My husband likes maple syrup (real, not flavoured). I can’t go past rhubarb & red berry jam. Yum! Fresh strawberries are just beautiful too- my 18 month old twins devoured two punnets in two days! I also found dried apricots at the supermarket that are natural dried- no preservatives. They are black in colour, not lovely bright orange, but i found they taste sweeter. I remember a fruit market where I bought apricots that were the size of your fist and just mouthwatering! I have never seen them like that since. It’s nice to be able to share my love of food without being made to feel self concious. Quick question though Kath- what happened to the turquoise hair?

  • Oh yum, I have read a lot of those ‘WIAW’s on the net, but Kath, I have never so thoroughly enjoyed reading about someone’s food! Nothing about that food is the miserable ‘excuse’ food that I see everywhere (and even eat myself often 😦 )it’s REAL FOOD for a REAL PERSON because this is your LIFE and you only get to enjoy it once! I’m inspired and I’m going to take a leaf out of your book and make everything I put in my mouth be worth it, and more importantly, worthy of ME.
    I get a lot of food shaming happening. The thin don’t miss out. It’s happened a lot in supermarkets where random strangers seem to think they have the right to not just comment on the contents of my basket/trolley but to reach in and take things out or put things in at times! Mostly these are well-meaning but very off putting. The really not well meaning ones are where I’ve actually been abused for buying/having/eating food/drink because I ‘couldn’t possibly eat all that’ so obviously it was a ‘waste’ and how could I when so many people go hungry. For someone fighting hard to overcome anorexia and bulimia it’s made the whole food thing excruciating.
    Oh gosh… when did something we all not only have a right to have, but MUST consume in order to just SURVIVE, become so fraught with shame and blame and judgement? The very next time someone tries to harass me about food, I might just peg it at them. I hope you do too, Kath, just not one of the more yummy things, keep that for yourself 😉
    I can’t go past that rum and raisin ice cream… just YUM> lately I’ve bought the blue ribbon ‘pink ribbon’ ice cream – it has vanilla, strawberry ice cream and raspberry gelato. Too good 🙂

  • Hey! Mr. Twistie is the only person I’d ever met who preferred French toast savory, but now I find I know another! Hail fellow and well met! I’ll ask him if he’s ever tried the vinegar. To the best of my knowledge, he’s always used just salt and pepper.

    As for that pork chop… WANT! Hazelnuts and pig? Two of my favorite taste treats that taste amazing together.

    Some of the yummy things I’ve been making of late have been for Mr. Twistie to take to work for lunch. I’ve been baking bread like mad (the no-knead method is making that easier because even though I really enjoy the act of kneading, it’s a lot more convenient for me to make up several loaves worth of dough and then pull and bake as needed), which makes the house smell heavenly. It’s fun playing with flours and additives, too. On monday I expect I’ll make up a batch of rye bread dough with flax seeds added for texture and extra flavor.

    Since we’ve gotten lovely big bunches of radishes in the last couple CSA boxes, I’ve been making Mr. Twistie a delicious and ridiculously simple radish salad for his lunches, too. It’s just sliced (or, if the radishes are very large, chopped) radishes, crumbled feta cheese, and finely minced mint leaves dressed with a squirt or two of lemon juice, a dash of salt, and a drizzle of olive oil. Delish!

    And now that the weather is getting colder up this way, I can’t wait to try out the recipe I found this summer for onion soup. It’ll take hours and hours, but that’s okay in Twistieland, since I have the time to keep an eye on the stove and whatnot. You take a bunch of peeled onions and put them in a low, slow oven with some butter, a dash of Madeira, and a little honey until they basically melt into soup.

    The thing I love so about the fall is that it’s beautiful baking weather with lots of delicious ripe fruit for pies and yummy root vegetables to roast. Baking and roasting make me happy. The acts feed my soul and the results feed my body, making Twistie one contented lady.

    • Twistie until I grew up and house-shared with a Canadian, I had never even HEARD of eating French toast as a sweet thing. Of course, it was an absolute taste revolution when I did, I couldn’t believe I had missed this amazing thing all my life.

      I love making bread, the feel of warm risen dough is the sexiest thing ever. I haven’t done it much since I moved to my new place, but I need to get back into it. I do have a Thermomix after all!

  • Hi Kath! I love this post, although it did make me hungry. I’m from the US, so I did need a little help from Google (kumara? Oh – sweet potatoes!). I always enjoy seeing the different candies that are available in other countries. Last night I made a really good, quick chicken noodle soup (got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen website), it was really awesome, good comfort food as the weather has turned fall-like all of a sudden here. Keep posting pics of your amazing meals. I’m so happy that you eat all of this lovely goodness with no apologies to anyone. We deserve all the pleasures we can get in life, including delicious, nutritious (sometimes!) food!

  • OK, I have to chime in on the savoury french toast. I have NEVER heard of anyone eating it like this before! Ever! I don’t always want sweet for breakfast, so I have a question – what kind of vinegar do you use? Or do you use different kinds depending on the mood? I can’t wait to try this! I’m currently expecting a mini Fat Grad, so my appetite is very funny and there aren’t too many things that taste euphoric. However, an old fall/winter standby for me is a simple roast chicken with root vegetables. I cut up yukon golds, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, celery, garlic, onion and drizzle it with olive oil. Then I sprinkle it with kosher salt, fennel, and flower pepper. Sometimes I add in another herb for depth. Then I place a chicken on top, hit it with the same herbs, and roast it like that. It is AMAZING! Seriously, I would marry this chicken if I weren’t already married to Mr. Fat Grad. A favorite dessert that I like to make in order to be impressive is a caramel apple cheesecake. I’ve had a lot of them, but the one using the Stouffer’s apples is THE BEST. Impressive and tasty, but a lot of work. Thanks for making me drool this morning. 🙂 Oh, and RUM RAISIN! The best!

    • Fat Grad I just use plain white vinegar. You could get all fancy and try balsamic or something, but the old “salt n’ vinegar” is just table salt and white vinegar. Confession – when I was a little kid I used to steal the vinegar and drink it!

      Now I want roast chicken.

  • All the pictures are gorgeous. It isn’t easy to take pictures of food and have the colors come out right. I never even heard of having french toast with salt and vinegar before now. I am going to try it.

    The most yummy thing I’ve had lately is chicken made at a Mongolian BBQ. You select raw ingredients including vegetables, very thinly sliced meats or poultry and a variety of sauces. Then the chef prepares it on a large, round flat surfaced grill as you watch. It is served with steamed rice and shao bin which is a type of sesame flat bread.

  • One of my favorite breakfasts is when I make chicken, potatoes, and carrots in the crock pot. Then I just heat up a plate for breakfast, sometimes with a little ranch dressing. Warm, delicious, comfort!! I also like to make shreded BBQ chicken in the crock pot and then put that on top of a baked potato and have a salad with it. I also love to make mock-orange-julius protein smoothies at home. Sometimes, I like to have cake and eggs for breakfast. Ohh, the delicious richness of the egg, with a little garlic and salt and the sweet treat of the egg. It’s like heaven in your mouth! This is usually post-birthday breakfast fair.

    • I got rid of my crock pot, gave it to a neighbour who had nothing. Mostly because I spent a motza on a Thermomix which does the same job. I’m not sure I can come at cake and egg together though!

  • I loved this post – some of these were new foods to me (I’d never heard of French Toast as a savory and now I’m intrigued! We ALWAYS have it with butter and maple syrple.) and I’m a food picture junkie. Now I need to visit Australia sometime.

    I’d been craving scrambled eggs and bacon (streaky bacon) for some time, so I cooked some this morning. WIth cheese in the eggs. And took the last loaf of tea bread out of the freezer – it was part of a gift last Christmas and I’m so glad it freezes well! It’s really more of a pound cake, meant to be served with tea rather than having tea in it – but it was perfect alongside. And coffee. Can’t do mornings without my coffee :).

    I also did the first crockpot full of pork adovada of the Fall this week. Oh, so good.

  • I had the most incredible Chocolate-covered Macaroon from Max’s in Redwood City, CA. I was visiting and we had eaten dinner there earlier in the week. No room for desert that night, so I headed back a few days later for the cookie. It was actually the size of small cake. I divided it into quarters and savored it for several days. Bliss!

  • I want to eat each one of these photos. Yum.

    I spent the day in an organizational governance meeting for a not-for-profit group I work with. At the last meeting, the catering was rubbish, so this time we decided to do it ourselves. We picked up a tray of sandwiches from a local deli, one board member brought hummus he had made, another brought home-baked rosemary beer bread. Another brought a cucumber from her garden, another brought a variety of tomatoes from the community garden. Yet another brought these rich cocoa brownies that were almost like a cocoa paste – delicious. I made a batch of coconut-pumpkin muffins and a batch of orange-date scones, and I brought a big bag of lettuce from my mother’s garden and a jar of homemade honey-curry vinaigrette. It was hard to focus on drafting by-laws with all this amazing food right beside us!

  • I just love Japanese Rice crackers, but since I live on a tiny island off Scotland, there is no-where to buy these things for 200 miles ! The online store wont send them as we are considered “offshore” . Please send several 2kg bags !! PS I also LOVE savoury French toast !

  • Oh, it all looked so amazingly good! What a pleasure to look at and read about.

    And you taught me a new word: capsicum. I had no idea what that was and had to look it up on Google images. Here in Canada, we call it by the more prosaic name of “peppers” (green, red, yellow…).

    Just to add my two-cents’ worth of food to your extravaganza, tonight we ate a fabulous tuna salad: wonderful tuna from Italy, packed in oil, arugula (you might call it rocket?), avocado, apples, walnuts, raisins, grape tomatoes and red pepper (lol) topped off with what I consider to be some of the best home-made vinaigrette around, namely MINE! Recipe available upon request.

  • Oh Kath you have my interest piqued. I love the food pictures and commentary to go with them. I am so inspired that I am going to ask the bloke if he can try and replicate some of those dishes. I like bangers and mash and peas and onion gravy.
    And Twistie I like french toast too, and when my mum used to make it she served it with tomato sauce-yummo, you should try it folks.

  • Love that you went to the Beauy show Kath – my hometown, Haven’t been for a few years now as I live out west. Do they still have the double decker bus with possibly the best hot chips in Australia? I love Thai food but alas there’s not much out our way to choose from besides pub fare so I’ve learnt to make a yum green chicken curry. Although we do have a lovely man who parks his Indian Food van outside the tyre shop twice a month and serves a mean samosa. Gotta love the country……..sometimes.

    • Deb a lot of my family live in Beaudesert. I lived there for a while too. I hate the place with a passion, but they do put on a good show.

      And yes, Shannon’s chips were there!

  • Yesterday at a wild food festival in Wanju (Korea), my friends and I tried pork and (non-spicy) kimchi baked in a clay oven. Wow. Foodgasm.

    Another new taste: ginseng stuffed into dates, covered in bamboo batter, and deep-fried. For some reason, it tickled me to eat a “health food” that was deep-fried.

    There are two local food festivals next weekend…

  • This morning I made homemade blueberry muffins, scrambled eggs, & ham steak for brunch. Yesterday I made rotini pasta with ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic & sweet red peppers (with basil, oregano & crushed red pepper flakes) & I baked some honey whole wheat yeast rolls. I am toying with getting myself a pint of Ben & Jerry’s pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, here for the autumn season. I love B&J’s ice cream & my son makes a wonderful pumpkin cheesecake I also love, so my interest is piqued.

    I also love a good roast chicken dinner & love my root vegetables. I too dislike asparagus & I won’t eat lamb. I am 63, have been cooking since I was 8, baking breads since I was 10, & I love comfort foods & my repertoire tends to run to Maine country comfort foods. It is growing quite chilly here in Maine now, so it may also be time to make another pot of home baked beans.

    Thanks for posting about food, Kath, this is a fun subject. It is interesting to see all the different things people like to eat.

    • Patsy, can I come over for dinner? 🙂 All your cooking sounds great!

      However, I am totally grossed out by the things you folks in the US do with pumpkin. Pumpkin ice-cream was the most disgusting thing I have put in my mouth to date… and that’s REALLY saying something!

  • The french toast thing threw me for six (lol). I couldn’t believe anyone ate it with anything other than cinnamon sugar and some real maple syrup – but definitely sounds interesting!

    I’m most definitely going to try to make some more interesting food as soon as I’m on uni holidays, when I have time. On a student budget I can’t really eat out but I try to make things as tasty as ever.

    Food porn (sorry if the word offends people – I couldn’t think of another) is my favourite!

  • Last night I made fried cornmeal mush and curry spiced beans – I think it’ll be my go-to meal from now on. It’s so easy and delicious and cheap! The cornmeal (with nutritional yeast and salt) went flat in the pan and got all crispy on either side while staying soft in the middle, and I used butter chicken masala spice with some great northern beans. It was amazing and it was pretty easy. Also vegan, which is a plus.

    This morning I had bacon and fried eggs on toast. I dumped the grease from frying the bacon onto the toast *drool* I find it’s really important for me to have a big fatty breakfast to function properly through the day. I am slowly becoming obsessed with raw egg yolks – they are so incredibly rich and delicious without any seasoning whatsoever, and eating eggs with runny yolks seems to me to be the ultimate nourishment.

    I also need to be better about eating vegetables. I LIKE vegetables, especially cooked greens (slobberdrool) but I seem to have some kind of mental block about buying and cooking them. Next time I go to the grocery store I need to remember to get collards and onions and carrots and then I’ll crockpot them to death with some lentils and tomatoes (!) and it’ll be amazing.

    When I’m not sure what to make, and I’m still at work where I have internet, I’ll look at Tastespotting, which is amazing.

  • I could live on salsa and guacamole (I hate veggies but if it’s in salsa I’ll eat it). I made some spinach and mushroom soup that turned out good (my soups are getting better). I had frozen custard (like ice cream only richer) at a place I used to go to as a kid (it has not changed at all). I love to cook and if I had a proper phone I’d be taking pictures of everything.

  • tell me…. how do you make french toast savory?! I’ve never seen it that way in the States, but, it sounds like it could be delicious!

  • I’m going to go ahead and plug my food blog here if you don’t mind 😉 It’s called “WTF do you eat? (diary of a fat vegan) and the address is:

    the best thing i’ve eaten recently was a pumpkin spiced gluten free vegan muffin that I made yesterday. It was less like pumpkin pie spice and more like a chai spice and it was absolutely delicious! I still have about 8 left if anyone wants to share 😉 lol

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