Plus-Size Fashion Companies – Let Me Help You Make Money!

Published October 28, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Alright.  Since many people seem to think that it’s somehow wrong for me to be angry at the unjust way many of we super fat people are treated by the industry that is SUPPOSED to serve us*, I’m offering up my services.

If you have a plus-size fashion/clothing company that caters to people OVER a size 3X (24AU) or you have a plus-size fashion/clothing company that WANTS to cater to people over a size 3X, contact me and let me help you make money.  Let me promote you to my not inconsiderable following both online and in real life and let me help you gather the resources and information you need to make your product a success.

There are a few small guidelines though:

  1. If you don’t cater to my size (4X/26AU) as a minimum, or are actively working to in the very near future, please do not expect me to give you my time and energy.
  2. If you do not ship internationally, please make that clear.  I am not adverse to working with companies that don’t ship to Australia, but I need to be able to make that clear to my audience.
  3. You MUST be willing to revisit both your service, product and/or your marketing.  If you simply toss your hands up and say there is no demand, then you are not trying hard enough.
  4. I will give you honest and frank feedback and help you channel the feedback you get elsewhere to something you can actually use.  I know it is difficult to get any real information from some criticism, but I am expert at working out what the actual issue is and finding real steps to resolve them.  But that will require a commitment from you to actually listen and take negative feedback on board.

Now, my time is precious and valuable, so this is not something I am offering lightly.  I am however offering it for free to those of you who are genuinely willing to work towards improving your products, service and marketing.  I am that committed to improving the fashion/clothing industry for fat women over a size 3X that I am willing to offer up my time and energy for free, within the framework of my regular life.  Please be aware that I do have a full time job and other commitments I will have to work this project around.

If I can also help fat men, that will be an added bonus.  It is not my area of expertise, but I do have resources I can help with and know people I can refer you to.

So, if you want to open your business up to a whole lot of new customers, a mostly untapped market in fact, I’m willing to help you do that.  I want to see you succeed and make money.

And to those of you who are a size 3X and over, please spread the word and stand by to help me make things better for you.  You will also need to put your money where your mouth is when companies DO take up the challenge.  Don’t leave me to do it all on my own!

*How dare we be unhappy at being excluded!  We have options dammit,  yeah a whole four companies!  Many of which don’t ship internationally or actually cater to our size!

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  • Go Kath!

    Plus size lines should definitely cater to a larger audience (pun fully intended) and make clothes to fit the people who need them.

    I sometimes think it would be fun to stage a nude-in until women over a size 24 can get some damn clothes.

    Hey, if they don’t want you to have clothes, I’m guessing they want to see you naked. Right?

  • I put a link to this post on the “Encouragement in a Discouraging World” page on Facebook. I’m one of the admins there. The people that subscribe to this page are a tolerant lot.

  • Just to throw this out there – my dad is a very fat man, and I have often been able to find clothes for him at:

    They carry up to 8x in most styles. I have used them many times and they are good service, good shipping, and no problems when ordering. I find their measurement chart to be accurate – so if you take your measurements you should be well set when you order. Same true for the women’s side of the website.

  • Also – when it comes to options – I have ZERO brick/mortar stores in which to shop. I wear a 32 pant. While there is one store, Catherine’s, which supposedly carries this size in their store – they are always sold out. Always. I hate driving 150 miles round trip just to find that I can’t buy anything in their store. So all of my options are Online. So yes, when I contact a store who sells online, and ask about their sizing options, I expect a civil response. And yeah, you can be damn skippy, that I am sick and fucking tired of going to supposedly “plus size” or “inclusive” stores to find that they all stop at a size 24 or if I’m lucky a 28. Yet, I’m a bad, cranky fatty for complaining that I’m being excluded?? Fuck that shit. That noise is the same noise that we get from the strait-sized community. I don’t buy the fact that a size 24 is some how miraculous and amazing and inclusive. It’s available at fucking walmart. Walmart even carries some sizes LARGER than that. So if you are a fancy, plus friendly store who thinks you’re fricken special because you offer up to a size 24 – – think again.

    • Fashion Bug is going out of business, but they were pretty good about carrying bigger sizes. My aunt shorts and t-shirts for the last ten years of her life, but when she needed dress clothes she could find them at fashion bug.

  • I honestly never understood why in holy hell they don’t just make the same clothes in a wider range of sizes.
    I’m occasionally dragged along clothes shopping with my gf (Janine) and Im always astounded that the “plus sized” clothing is not only different, but in most cases less nice and more expensive than the clothing designed for your basic stick figure.
    I just don’t get it, I mean surely it’s not that difficult to take the same pattern, the same material and just make the same garment in a larger size.
    I refuse to believe there’s no demand, I suspect on some level it’s about excluding larger women, and I suspect this is done deliberately which is both reprehensible and morally bankrupt.
    Really the fashion industry has done immense damage to humanity overall, their ethics are virtually non-existant.
    It’d be nice to see them taken down a peg or two really, they have zero accountability as it is, it really is cowboy country out there.
    It’d be nice to see someone who wasn’t a complete low-life make a go of it in the fashion industry just so people had a bit of a choice about whether they want to buy from a scumbag or not.
    A proper representative sample of actual women’s sizes on the catwalk would be a good place to start.

    • This is about the time where someone who’s worked in fashion comes in with an explanation. I haven’t worked in fashion, but what I’ve heard from people who have is that it’s not as simple as sizing up – the proportions are usually all wrong. Fat distributes itself in many ways on your waist or hips or bust or arms and legs. Designers and stores find it easier and more profitable to stick with sizes at which bodies don’t vary nearly as much.
      I’m not saying this should be an excuse for anything, but just that it’s not as simple a matter as it appears, and it also partly explains why larger size clothing is often made less tailored in general.

    • Two things I disagree with you here:
      1) Your use of words like “stick figure” when describing bodies.
      2) It’s not actually the same pattern when it’s sized up. When making clothes in larger sizes, if they want stuff to fit right, designers have to adjust some of the measurements while not touching others – meaning for example that fatter women aren’t necessarily any taller or don’t have broader shoulders than thinner women. Or even have bigger boobs, although that is often the case. Not to say that sizing up patterns shouldn’t or couldn’t be done, it definitely should, but it’s not as simple as taking the “same pattern”.

      Other than that, yeah.

  • *How dare we be unhappy at being excluded! We have options dammit, yeah a whole four companies! Many of which don’t ship internationally or actually cater to our size!

    I laughed so hard at that. Some people have this idea that if things aren’t the absolute worst that they could be, you have no right to complain about them. The only way to get things to improve is to talk, complain, and bring attention to them. Quietly sighing as we pick the least ugly of the two blouses or skirts available is not going to make things better.
    I’m really hoping that some companies take you up on this. It’d be a benefit to everyone involved.

  • @BEEP et al.
    I use the term stick figure because that’s how they all seem to me.
    I walk around the streets and I see a whole gammut of body shapes and then I look on telly, in magazines and worst of the worst the fashion industry and it all seems to be tailor made for people who get aroused by looking at an HB pencil.
    If a woman is naturally rakishly thin, well and good for her, it’s not my bag, but hey, as long as she’s eating who gives a tinker’s cuss, the idea of women being forced into voluntary starvation to fit some arbitrary mould of what a few pretentious ponces determine will be the criterion of desirability set for the rest of us I find just plain offensive.
    Much as the women fool enough to undertake this behavior might earn my derision, my absolute scorn is for odeous little vermin like that Alex Perry self importance and other self appointed arbitrators of desirability that to my way of thinking are largely responsible for the appaling self image epidemic facing women throughout the world.
    Perhaps they could be skun to make shoes or something, that way they might actually make a positive contribution to the world of fashion.
    Put me down for a coin purse made out of his nut-sack, I should be able to fit all of five cents in there I’d reckon.

    • Ok stop right there. You can’t go shitting all over one body type while demanding another is treated with respect. Not on my turf. Criticise the system. Criticise crappy designers who only design for a narrow band of body types, usually a type that is unattainable to 95% of the population. Criticise anyone who thinks that thin is better than fat. Criticise anyone who refuses to acknowledge their thin privilege (FOR their thin privilege). Criticise the culture that starves women and keeps them subjugated by hunger and low self esteem.

      But do NOT use derogatory terms about bodies of any type in this space, ever. As the great Glenn Marla says “There is no wrong way to have a body.”

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