Melbourne Cup Fatshion!

Published November 8, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day here in Australia.  For the uninitiated, the Melbourne Cup is the “horse race that stops the nation”.  It’s the biggest sporting event of the year here in Australia, and folks in Victoria (which Melbourne is the capital of) get a public holiday for it.  We folks in Queensland don’t, sob! Instead, workplaces across the country often have a kind of celebratory day, including dressing up, a luncheon and often run a sweep, which is a kind of lucky draw betting system where you pay a dollar or two to enter, draw a horse and if it wins, you get a prize.  Many Australians place a bet on the race, the only bet they’ll place all year – known colloquially as a “flutter”.

In my office, we do run a sweep and then we have a kind of pot luck lunch together and then all watch the race.  It’s a good opportunity to have some social time with my colleagues as we really only get to do that on Melbourne Cup day and at Christmas.  Anyway I couldn’t care less about horse racing or betting on said horse racing, but I do love the opportunity to frock up and always have a few dollars in the sweeps, mostly so I can playfully stir with my big boss, who is uncannily lucky with sweeps.  It was a delight this year to have the first and second place in the sweeps when she got not a penny – the first time I’ve ever won anything on it and one of the two occasions in all the years I’ve worked with her that she hasn’t had a win!  You should have heard the banter that afternoon!

I decided to debut my new Domino Dollhouse bone skater dress, that my friend Diane bought me for my birthday.  She landed me the last one in my size, woot!

As you can see, my main accessory for the day was a big arse lace bow headband.  After all, if a gal can’t wear a big arse lace bow on Melbourne Cup day, when can she wear one?

Deal with it.

I can’t tell you how much I love this dress.  It fits beautifully, the fabric is soft and breathes, the print is gorgeous, it is well made and the price was fantastic too.  I hope Domino Dollhouse bring out lots of similar dresses in different prints and colours, I’ll be buying them, that’s for sure.  I think next time I wear this one I’ll wear my petticoat under it too.  I love that Domino Dollhouse do many of their collections up to a size 4X and they’re doing something radical – fat positive marketing and fat-positive products.  The clothes Tracy designs and sells say “I’m here!  I will not hide myself away!”  That is massively radical in plus-size fashion and so empowering.  So Domino Dollhouse are one of the companies I am happy to give my money to!

So Aussies – tell me, did you frock up for Melbourne Cup day?  What did you wear?  And for the overseas folk, do you have a national day (or even a state/province/regional day) that everyone brings out their fab fashions for?

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  • So digging the bow, darling! And that dress is adorable. If I had one, I would wear the hell out of it constantly.

    The closest thing we have to a national dress up day in these parts is, I would say, Halloween… but of course that’s a very different kind of dress up.

    I used to go to the opera a lot, back in the days when I could afford it, and I loved to dress up for the occasion. It always amused me to see the opera goers running the gamut from full evening dress to jeans and a tee shirt from the Opera Shop. The cool thing was that no matter what anyone thought of what anyone else was wearing, the only comments I heard were complimentary. Most of us were there for the music, and that’s where most of the conversation centered.

    And now I find myself looking down at the random black pants and Pluto memorial tee shirt I’m wearing and I think I may change into something spiffier once Mr. Twistie is up and at ’em. You’ve inspired me.

  • I love that dress and I love you, and I love the both of you together! You’re a turquoise vision. 🙂 xx

  • Here in the states we do have something similar– the Kentucky derby. We don’t get a day off(sigh) but it’s the biggest horse race in the country. We call it “the greatest two minutes in sports.” We have a big festival for the two weeks preceding the race with all kinds of derby-themed events. Race day attracts all kinds of celebrities and famous people into town, which is pretty cool. It’s also a big dress-up day. All the ladies at the track are decked out to the nines, and the big thing is the derby hat– typically a light, broad-brimmed hat for springtime dressed-up however you like with flowers, ribbons, etc. A few people always show up with crazy themed hats. Anyone who doesn’t go to the track usually goes to a derby party(sound familiar?) where everyone watches the races on tv and runs a derby pool (that’s a sweep to you aussies) and we eat derby pie(a chocolate chip nut pie sometimes made with bourbon). I actually live just a couple miles from Churchill Downs where the race is run. Gotta be careful going out that weekend or I can run into some pretty heinous traffic. 😀

  • Here in Maryland ours is the Preakness. On race day the ladies wear their dresses and decorated hats, many which contain the Black-Eyed Susan, which is the state flower. For those that don’t want to dress up and just party, the infield at Pimlico, where the race is run, has all kinds of things like beach volleyball, concerts, and tons of stands to eat and drink. I’ve never been to a Preakness race. The closest I came to it was when I used to work at a nursing home and we had a Preakness party where we dressed up and we made fancy hats for ourselves and the invited residents to wear and had a mock horse race.

    The dress is cute by the way!

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