Wishing for My Christmas

Published December 12, 2012 by Fat Heffalump

Well here’s something that I don’t get very often – tagged for a blog meme.  I think this is really sweet, and thank you to Tegan over at Musings of the Misguided for including me in a bit of fun.

I’m just going to have a bit of fun with this and put actual items/products I’d like rather than the big aspirational stuff, like dignity and respect for fat people, joy and happiness for all the wonderful people I know in the world (that includes you all) and a life of independent wealth.  Those are a given and I’m sure we’d all wish for those!

But if someone were to ask me what I would like Santa to bring me on Christmas morning, here’s my list:

  1. This Domino Dollhouse dress: red star skater dress
    I mean, isn’t it the most swoon-worthy dress EVER?  I have the bone skater dress from Domino Dollhouse which is the same basic shape but has a higher neckline and is in mint green with bones printed all over it, and I love it to bits, but this one just takes it up to 11.  Scoop neckline.  Bold red.  Stars.  SIGN ME UP!
  2. These Asos flatform sandals:
    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.10.19 PMPerfect for summer, hot colours and print and they look seriously comfortable.
  3. This Erstwilder necklace (available online from Birdsnest):
    Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.23.25 PM
    It’s a whale!!  What more could a fab fatty want by way of accessories?  I already have several Erstwilder pieces (lots actually!) because they are mega cute, colourful and affordable.
  4. This Librarian bracelet from A Likely Story:Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.04.20 PMIsn’t it adorable?  And it’s bookish and librarian-y and I just love it.
  5. And finally, this dress from eShakti:Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.14.21 PMWhen are eShakti finally going to get it together and ship to Australia?  Their dresses are so beautiful it makes me cry.  I mean this one has OWLS on it for God’s sake!

So there you have my Christmas wish list.  Well, a tiny portion of it, there are so many awesome, beautiful, fabulous things out there, I just picked a few I really liked.

Now, who shall I tag… let me see… here are some fab ladies for you all to check out:

  1. Bek from Colourful Curves
  2. Olivia from Wait Until the Sunset
  3. Sarah from Radically Visible
  4. Bri from My Scarlett Heartt
  5. Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl

Ladies you are under no obligation, but I’d love to see your lists if you want to do them!

And if anyone else wants to have a go on their own blog, please do and share the link in the comments!


22 comments on “Wishing for My Christmas

  • Ooh, I love that whale necklace! Reminds me of an excellent Christmas tree decoration I will have to include in my own list 🙂

    And I second that call to eShakti to get their act together and start shipping to Australia. So many pretty dresses! I want them all!

  • I want that domino dollhouse dress! Actually I really want the bone one…
    But I can’t find either on the site!
    Confused much

    • Paige the bone skater dress sold out insanely quickly. My friend bought me the last one in my size for my birthday, it was sheer luck I got it. The red one is coming out in her new range soon, I suggest following DD on Twitter, Facebook or signing up for her newsletter.

    • Natalie I got an eShakti dress today from A Plus Size Wardrobe (one Olivia got in the US) and it is DIVINE. Super cute, extremely well made and giant pockets. Damn they need to ship here!

  • Oh how I want that whale necklace!

    And how funny is it that I saw your longing for the owl dress whilst wearing owl pajamas? I need to see if that dress comes in another color, since I don’t do black but I adore owls.

    As for that Domino Dollhouse dress… yeah, I could absolutely see that one on myself. I kill in that shade of red.

    You have fabulous taste, darling. We should totally be twins. They’ll still be able to tell us apart, though. You’ll have the amazing colored hair, and I’ll be the one in the hat.

  • That bracelet made me swoon, amazing! I just went to their website and I need the Wordsmith one, it’s magical.
    Has anyone bought from them before and know what the quality is like? Also, does anyone know if they ship to Australia? I couldn’t see that on the website.

  • Love that bracelet but really love that dress, we have in NZ now where we can get stuff sent to an address in the states and they will send it on to NZ, so we can stuff here now. New Zealand post have started it, or about to start it can’t wait cause then I can buy from all these places lol. Actually must check them out and see if it has started yet :).

  • I really want the dress…went to Domino Dollhouse’s website, couldn’t find it in dresses. Do you remember where you found it (that is, is it in some “new arrivals” or “shop by designer” section and hasn’t made it into the main dresses category?)?

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