Introducing Aerodynamic by Katy Russell

Published January 12, 2013 by Fat Heffalump

Remember in my goals for 2013 I said I wanted to share more awesome fat positive stuff?  Well recently I was contacted by a lovely young woman named Katy Russell who had some stickers she wanted to send me.  I duly gave her my PO box and a bit later, these gorgeous beauties arrived!

Fab Fatties

Fab Fatties

Aren’t they brilliant?  Katy is a local artist who has decided to create this awesome range of fat positive artworks which she is selling on Redbubble and will have some products on Zazzle too.

What do I love about these?  I love that she has a variety of body shapes and sizes (the blonde one in the spotty swimsuit is most like my shape!) and she has represented women of colour as well.  I love the bright colours, the cute fatshion and the positive representations of fat women.  Best of all I love the name, Aerodynamic, which is a play on the idea that aerodynamic must equal thin, when it really equals rounded, smooth surfaces.

I’ve seen some of Katy’s artworks crop up on Tumblur (particularly the one on the top right there) but I really do hope to see her work shared far and wide.  Prints, stickers and cards are ultra affordable on Redbubble, so I think I’ll have to expand my collection.  I particularly want to introduce more fat positive art into my home this year, and I love Katy’s work.

So go support Katy’s work huh?  I think I might have to chat to her about commissioning some artwork for me!




8 comments on “Introducing Aerodynamic by Katy Russell

  • Those are awesome, Kath! There are no funds for extras at the moment at Casa Twistie, but as soon as there are a couple, this is just the sort of project I’d like to support.

  • OMG those are adorable! I love that she’s got some shaped like me too – large hips and belly WITHOUT giant breasts! That is rare in the already-rare images of fat women. 🙂 If I ever have a month with decent hours (I work on call and the past two months have been AWFUL), I’m totally getting some of her work. 🙂

  • Hi, I was just wondering if you’ve come across (diary of a sewing fanatic) before? Although it’s a sewing blog, it seems relevant to getting up to date fashion into plus size retailers as she does a lot of ‘knock offs’ by adding the details she wants to a basic dress pattern which she knows fits her well. One answer to ‘oh, we can’t make cool clothes for fat women! it’s too HARD!’ – have a block for certain basic styles (sleeveless dress, sleeved dress, fitted top, looser top, trousers, skirt, I guess?) in appropriate sizes (or even two or three different shapes per size) and then learn how to adapt them to different styles. There are lots of books on how to do this, it obviously requires more work than clicking ’embiggen’ on a piece of CAD software, but it’s entirely doable.

  • Those stickers are really great. I am also most like the blonde in the bathing suit. I am pear shaped with large legs and arms. I’m a brunette though. 🙂 I will go over and check out her offerings. We need more artists like her out there making us look like we really do: cute and adorable.

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