Focusing on the Fabulousness

Published May 18, 2013 by Fat Heffalump

Folks, I am getting so excited about this zine.  I have had a few contributions submitted already, and I’ve written a couple of pieces myself, so it’s shaping up nicely.  Now don’t be shy, you can email me at fatheffalump at gmail dot com and for those of you who have already mailed me – send me your pieces!  I plan to put this all together while I am on leave (this coming Friday is my last day at work before holidays, woot!) and then have it ready to go out by the end of May/early June.

I am particularly looking for artwork (as I can’t even draw a stick figure!), and I particularly need a cover image.  Something that glorifies obesity all over the place!!  Send me your fatties!

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m suffering a bit of activist fatigue at the moment.  I’m writing a couple of pieces (I’m participating in the University of Queensland Women’s Collective Diversity Week event on Tuesday and have another commissioned piece) which I am finding I have to work a lot harder at than I usually do.  Mostly because I’m really quite over being expected to justify our existence as human beings, and to explain why we “deserve” the right to live our lives in dignity and respect, without fear of vilification or ridicule.  I think I just need to keep reiterating the following:

  1. Fat people are human beings.
  2. ALL human beings have the right to live their lives in dignity and respect, without the fear of vilification or ridicule because of their bodies, health or appearance.

It’s really that simple, and I simply don’t understand why we keep having to argue this shit!

I’d like to focus much more on celebrating fat people.  I want to focus much more on appreciating who we are.  The richness of our lives.  Our diversity, our style, our talent, our passions, our creativity.  I want to get us out there into the world and let us see each other.  Not for the benefit of the haters, the doubters, the excuse-makers, but for US.  I want to see fabulous fat people like me represented everywhere.  And because I don’t see that everywhere, I’m going to have to be it myself, and maybe others will follow.

So here’s to fat visibility.  Here’s to prodigious bellies, voluminous bosoms, generous butts, thick thighs, round faces, multiple chins, luscious arms, chunky calves and bountiful backs.  Here’s to getting out there and being seen and seeing each other.

Make it a goal to smile warmly at other fatties you encounter in the world.  Signal boost fab fatties that you find online.  Reblog, share, and collate all the fab fatties you find online.  Tell a fatty they’re fabulous.  Believe me, we all need it from time to time, and it’s so much better to focus on that than the shitty attitudes that force us to continually justify our existence.

Now… share a fab fatty or three (in whatever format) with us in the comments.  Let’s link us all up!

9 comments on “Focusing on the Fabulousness

  • The zine sounds wonderful, Kath. And you are right, it is time to stop explaining, begging, apologizing, & start celebrating our lives & the beauty of fat. I personally have spent well over thirty years trying to justify my existence as a fat woman & trying to educate those who believe what they see in the media or hear from misinformed & bigoted doctors, & it gets old. I am also tired of fat activism which seems to beg for acceptance, apologize for our existence, & say that we deserve respect & access IN SPITE OF our fat, fat activism which often seems afraid to be too fat positive, people who call themselves fat activists, then say that ‘we can’t be seen as condoning fat.’ There is nothing to condone; you ‘condone’ something bad or shameful, & fat is not bad or shameful. It is high time to be proud & joyous & to celebrate. We are here, we are fat, we are with it!!

    • You got it Patsy. I too am tired of begging for acceptance and tolerance. I want to be celebrated along with my fellow fats. And zines are a place where people who otherwise don’t get to be celebrated can do so.

  • I started a piece last night (a diet plan I think you might enjoy) and have a couple ideas floating around for another. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, you should have them by the end of my weekend… say, tomorrow night my time.

    I can’t help with the art, though. I’m not much better at drawing than you are. I do my painting with words. Those words, however, will celebrate the fuck out of glorious fat bodies.

  • I think this zine is going to be awesome! As someone heavily rooted in punk, who remembers when zines Xeroxed with love and determination told us about bands and other happenings, I am all for the update to e-zine as an alternative to mainstream media.

    I suck with art but would maybe like to write a piece sometime. In the meantime, here’s a rad fatty I’d like to share: Will Keith, The Fat Swordsman.

    He has a Youtube channel (and now his own website and business) where he demonstrates various swords, bows, and knives on his driveway and local forest using inanimate objects like water bottles, 2 x 4s, and cushions. His channel’s been noticed enough by the media that he’s appeared on TV a few times to talk about medieval weaponry and wilderness survival kits. He has outright told trolls on his pages that they can’t bully him to be invisible– basically saying “hey, fuck you, I’m not going to let my weight stop me from making videos and showing them to the world.”

    I had been feeling really down since I gained weight after an accident and a bunch of people REALLY felt the need to tell me as if I hadn’t fucking noticed. Watching his videos and reading the comments where he really gave one to the trolls seriously made me better and encouraged me to once again flip a bird to the haters. Plus he just seems like a really cool and down to earth dude!

    • Rachel I will be making a paper zine primarily (though I am looking into how I can do a .pdf version for people too) because I want to get that hands-on feel to it.

      And thanks for the link to the Fat Swordsman, I shall investigate!

  • I’m terrible at art.. but could you ask Rachele (nearsighted owl) to contribute? I loved her anti-diet ads. Unless you’re only looking for Aussie peeps?

    (Sure you already know her, but thought it couldn’t hurt)

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