Stuff I Dig – Volume 2

Published March 14, 2014 by Fat Heffalump

It has been a while since I have done one of these, hasn’t it.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t a whole lot of fab stuff I’d love to share with you all, I’ve just been focused on other things.

So let’s have at it hey?  As always, I really encourage  you to share stuff in the comments that you’ve been interested in, but please keep it to positive stuff – no posting some shitty journalist hating on fat people, or any other douchenozzle behaving badly.  Let’s not give those people the signal boost.  Though thoughtful and kick arse responses to douchecanoes are welcome!

Fat activism

Shannon of Nudemuse writes How Not to Talk to Fat People on the Internet

s.e. smith writes about Why HAES Doesn’t Work For Me and I can very much relate to this piece.

This post on the fear of food knocked my socks off.

More on the topic of food, Laura at Tutus and Tiny Hats raises issues with how food justice advocates often demonise fat people.


Vanessa Willoughby writes about the criticisms that Beyoncé endures as a black feminist and reminds us that Josephine Baker received the same criticisms in her time.


The best thing I have seen about fatshion/plus-size fatshion in ages is this amazing video by Marie Denee talking about the importance of watching how we talk about fatshion on plus-size brand spaces:

My lovely friend Cat Pausé writes about Fatshion February.

The ever-sunshiney Olivia at Wait Until The Sunset got together with some fab fatshionista friends and showed off the new Cut for Evans collection.

plus size fashion cut for evans-30

Look at these leggings I bought!  Got them from Best & Less for just $12.50 – you can buy them here.


Fab Fatties

Check out this bloody amazing fat pole dancer that I discovered on Facebook!

Are you a fab fatty in Sydney who wants to dance?  Force Majeure are looking for you!

I’ve discovered My Mad Fat Diary.  Oh how I love Rae!  Look, a lovely person on Tumblr has linked up all the videos so you can watch it yourself.  My favourite moment is in the first episode of Series 2 when Rae complains to her gay friend Archie that her pretty bra is not at all supportive, and he just gently lifts her breasts and holds them up – to which she says “Actually that feels pretty good.”

Australian Politics

I’m going to be participating in March in March on Sunday, a protest rally to declare a vote of no confidence in the current Australian government.

Tom Hiddleston

You didn’t think this post would go by without any Hiddles did you?  I was lucky enough to go to a live simulcast of the British National Theatre’s production of Coriolanus last month.  It was BRILLIANT – there was not a dud note in the cast, it was amazingly staged, the camerawork for the live simulcast was excellent and Tom was… I can’t find the words for how fantastic he was.  And the man gets more gorgeous with each passing day.

Here’s a teaser video from the Donmar Warehouse theatre:

There’s also a rather wonderful video of the “shower scene” on this Facebook page.

Other interesting stuff

I’ve discovered an amazing new restaurant here in Brisbane.  The Southside Diner at South Bank is an American retro style diner, serving absolutely delicious and hearty fare.  Their cherry pie is TO DIE FOR:

cherry pie

Check out Shay Aaron’s miniatures on Etsy.  Her work is AMAZING!  I particularly love these pizza earrings.

Look at this amazing cartoonisation of me that @invizcit has done:


How about this brilliant cover of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck by cellist duo 2Cellos, aka Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser:

Mmm, sexy AND talented, what a package!

And let me leave you with something that I think would have to have anyone smiling – two bears in their underpants and a fat woman dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy”:


15 comments on “Stuff I Dig – Volume 2

  • Oh Kath! How did I live without that last video? I shall be giggling randomly all day over that.

    Also, your cartoonization is AWESOMSAUCE!

    I have something making me very happy just now. I’m a terrible gardener from way back with the Thumb of DEATTTTHHHHH. But about three years ago I got presented with a blood orange seedling.

    Well, right this instant my tiny tree is not only thriving, but simply covered in buds! Not only have I managed not to kill it in three years, it’s fucking thriving! I might wind up with fruit this year!

    Just had to share the happy.

    • Isn’t that the happiest video ever Twistie?

      Hey, I can totally relate to the Thumb of DEATTTTHHHHH. I can kill cacti. Not only am I impressed at your ability to grow a seedling, but blood oranges are DELICIOUS!

    • Oh BelD, what an ORIGINAL insult you’ve shared. You got me there, that’s the end of me. I’ve never heard that one before. Oh wait, I did, when I was fucking FIVE YEARS OLD.

      What a fucking loser you’ve just shown the world you are. I’m out in the world making a change surrounded by friends, and you’re trolling blogs. Who’s the one who should be ashamed of themselves here? I’ll give you one hint… it isn’t me.

  • What a stellar line up you have shared. I love seeing what you find as I nearly always find it to be great and inspiring. Taking me to places I would never have gone. When I see the people dancing in the snow I imagine I am doing it too. Before ill health got me grounded I was the type of person who would have done something similar. I loved to dance, party and have a great time-just being happy. Oh what great song that it. Love your cartoons, very well done. I’m in a holding pattern now so not much is grabbing me but I love to see what your doing.

    • And I have just bookmarked said tumblr. Fabulous resource and loads of fun, as well! Lord love a duck, but I’m having fun going through their archives!

  • Hello 🙂 I saw your fabulous picture on the cover of that’s life today and I had to buy it to read more about you. Now I will explore your blog. I just wanted to say I adore your “fattitude” and style! When you say in the mag “I realised I’d spent so long feeling unworthy, I had probably been missing out on wonderful experiences”, it really rang a bell for me. then I thought, the same could probably be said for most Internet trolls, they just choose to express their own self-loathing through cruelty to others. And unfortunately they probably mostly lack the insight to improve themselves and their lives to a point where making other people feel bad is no longer fulfilling.

    Anyway, I’m glad to find your blog. Hello 🙂

    • Welcome Alice! I’m so glad to have you here. This is why I take a step out of blog world and into the mainstream media, so I can reach people like you.

      And you are very right about the trolls and bullies.

  • Dang, chick! I tried to look up the locations for Best & Less to see if there are any here in the good ol’ US of A. None! None, none, none…(sobs uncontrollably) cuz those floral leggings are to DIE FOR! Lucky! Anyways, love love LOVE the cartoon you and the video at the end was funny to say the least. Keep sending more good stuff!

  • Wait a minute! OMG!! That song was played at church today. (It’s a progressive church that accepts gays and lesbians and everyone basically). Well, it was going in the background before and after service, but it’s catchy, to say the least. Makes me think of that other song “Hey Yah” or whatever it’s called. “Shake it like a Polaroid picture!” (snicker)

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