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Published March 20, 2014 by Fat Heffalump

Let me just start with a great big welcome to the new folks reading this blog.  I can see there are a rash of you today, and I’m so glad to see you here.  I hope this is the beginning of a whole new way of thinking for you, and that we can learn a whole bunch of new things together.

Before you do anything else though, please take the time to read my rules page, and also if you need further information (or you want to comment telling me I’m talking out my bum), start here on this resource page.  Incidentally you can find me on Facebook and Twitter.  The same rules apply there.

So the reason I’m getting an influx of new readers is because dum-dah-dah… I’m a cover girl!  Check it out:

that's life cover

Now I’m quite frustrated by the “Fat and Proud” thing… again – can editors not find another heading to use when talking about fat activism and fat positivity??  It really isn’t what fat activism is about but they glom onto it every time.

That said, the article is excellent, very close to what I wanted it to be (I wish editors wouldn’t shy away from using the fat positive language that I do) and I think it will really connect with people who may have never heard of fat activism.  Jo Moffatt who wrote it was awesome and let me have control of it while it was in her hands, it’s only when it hit the editors desk that it got tweaked away a bit.  But those tweaks aren’t too bad.

Look, here’s what the article looks like:

that's life article

Now, if you’re in Australia and you can do so, please go and buy this week’s issue and show them with your money that you support a magazine that publishes fat positive articles.

If you’re not able to afford a copy, please try your local library. (You know I gotta get that plug in there!)

For those of you overseas, I’m sorry but it is not online yet.  I think they post them the following week when the new mag goes on sale – if so, I’ll share the link then.  If not, I’ll wait a week and then scan it in high resolution and post it here for you all to read.

And again, welcome to all the new people the article has drawn here!  Well, those of you who aren’t haters… I’m fully expecting those to turn up too.

30 comments on “Cover Girl

  • I don’t get the idea of engaging trolls. I don’t get it at all.

    The only thing that’s important is that you live happily. 😀
    Just tune out all the noise from those who don’t want you to be happy.

    • You might not get the point, but you might not get trolled either. Staying silent is what those losers want. They want us to never speak about what they do to us. They want us to feel isolated, like we’re the only ones it happens to. Staying silent is what leads to tragedies like Charlotte Dawson taking her own life.

      Don’t tell me to handle when people aim hatred at me, and I won’t tell you how to live your life.

        • You know what’s more pathetic? Sock puppetting as other people (you can change your name, but you can’t change your IP) to troll blogs for fun.

          That is so SAD.

          • When I get that “why are you angry thing,” I usually retort that if they aren’t angry, they aren’t paying attention.

            • I always find it ironic that they turn up here, call me horrid things, harass me incessantly on all of my internet platforms, devote entire hate pages to me and link them back to my blog so that I see them, and suggest I should kill myself or that someone else should do it for me… and then act all astonished at me being angry.

              You’d better fucking believe I’m angry. I’d love to see them last five minutes with the shit I have to deal with.

    • I feel sorry for you John Deuf. Obviously nobody has ever smiled so joyously at you that it reached their eyes. I’m sorry you hate yourself so much that you behave like a douche, which leaves you with no friends or joy in your life.

      I can’t imagine living a life so pathetic.

  • Congrats on the article! I must await the link here in the US but I look forward to reading it.

    Also, I really like that polka dot dress. I found a cute red blouse with smaller polka dots that I am enormously fond of.

  • Wow, I can’t believe you’re being trolled about an article with a headline about fighting trolls. How… Sad.

    Congrats, though! I can’t zoom in far enough on my phone to read the story, but the photos look fab, and I love the red spotted dress! I have one a bit like that and love wearing it. I’ve been in a few magazines as well, so I know how it can feel a bit nervewracking when you don’t know how the story will turn out. Really glad you’re happy with it!

    • Sadly Jo, I can totally believe it. They’re not the most introspective of creatures, the common garden troll.

      If you can’t buy a copy, head to the library, should be on the MagRack with all the recent mags. But if it goes online, I will share it for sure.

      I was really happy with how much control Jo Moffatt gave me with this piece, and the small changes that were made were only made right at the end by the editors. I’ve found it pays to ask a lot of questions before I agree to working with journalists, and to find those that “get it”. It’s OK to say no to media that aren’t on the same page.

      And aren’t polka-dots awesome?

  • Hey there! I’m a new reader, I just discovered your site via browsing around on tutusandtinyhats (loved your photo over there!). I just wanted to say that it’s great that you stand up to trolls and haters.
    OK, now I’m off to read a couple more of your blog entries!

  • Congrats on your magazine article. Way to stick it to the haters! Sucks to be them. And isn’t “Congratulations” in Aussie speak “Good on ya”? I like learning the lingo of other countries.

    • Awww, thanks! I don’t see myself as a pioneer, so many have done it before me and a lot more radical than I have. But it means a lot to me to get the voice heard, you know?

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