Hashtag Activism – A Sign of Strength

Published April 5, 2014 by Fat Heffalump

Something awesome is happening on Twitter right now.  Born of a conversation between @fatbodypolitics and @mazzie, the hashtag #notyourgoodfatty was born, and it has been picked up by fat women (and a sprinkling of men) all over the world.  I know yesterday it was trending in the US, but I’m sure it has been trending elsewhere and is probably trending as I write this, because it’s right in the middle of another run now.

Hashtag campaigns always get a lot of criticism that they are pointless and don’t change anything.  I call bullshit on that attitude.  As a fat woman who is so fucking fed up with both the general shit that fat women have to deal with, but also with the constant measuring of whether some fat people are “better” than others, just reading through the thousands of tweets from other fat people venting their frustrations and smashing down that “good fatty” lie gives me strength.  It also expresses things I have not been able to myself.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because it is taking off right now, but I’ll share some more favourites later.

So get yourself over to Twitter, and search for #notyourgoodfatty

But do ignore the trolls.  They’re showing their arse over there too.  How embarrassing for them.

9 comments on “Hashtag Activism – A Sign of Strength

  • Anything that lets people know they aren’t alone in a struggle for social justice is worth it. Even if that’s all the good this does, it does that.

  • The #notyourgoodfatty hashtag inspired me to get back on Twitter, which I’d neglected for months. I like the idea of being fat, iconoclastic, and visible.

  • I’m curious about the hashtag. After spending some time on a few of these fat activist blogs I barely see a “good fatty.”

    They all seem to be full of anger and absolutely intolerant to any idea except those that suck up to them or are sycophantic (like the ones on your blog for example). So no, I doubt any one thinks of you as good fatties, you’re just angry and repulsive and this hashtag does nothing to help your cause.

    • That would be because you’re one of the ignorant bigots who seems to think that fat people have to be “nice” in the face of all of the hate we receive and to deserve to be treated with respect. You give that away by labelling me as “repulsive”. The whole point of the hashtag was not to prove to losers like you that we are “good” fatties, but to say “Fuck you, we’re NOT going to play your shitty little games and beg for forgiveness.” Unfortunately you and your ilk are not bright enough to understand that. You won’t see any “good” fatties because you only believe that fat = bad. Because you’re a bigot.

      I don’t give a flying fuck about what people like you think. If I’m repulsive to you, then fuck off, be repulsed right away. I find you vile in return. You and your ilk make me physically nauseous.

      The truth is, you AREN’T repulsed by us, you’re fascinated and attracted, that’s why you constantly come sniffing around here and other fat spaces online. You can’t keep away from us.

      You aren’t invited to this party. This isn’t a “cause” that we have to be nice to “promote”. If you don’t like it, please, fuck right off, you’ll make me happy if I never have to deal with you or your sorry arse reddit scum again. I’m not speaking to you and your type when I write here, nor is anyone speaking to the likes of you with #notyourgoodfatty

      And you’s better believe we’re angry, you piece of shit. I’d like to see you live with the shit we deal with without being angry.

  • There was/is so much good stuff on that hashtag! Unlike trollish bigots, I love hearing from angry, awesome, unapologetic fatties. It helps me feel not so alone, and bolsters me for dealing with the rest of the world’s fat-hate. I just need a quick-draw blocking finger to wade through the “helpful” comments from the trolls.

  • It breaks my heart that people would feel the need to mess with this hashtag. It’s very telling that so many people find it threatening. I’m trying to focus on the beautiful, empowering tweets and forget the rest of the bullshit. It’s so powerful to see people standing up for themselves.

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