Competition! Win an Online Registration for Fat Studies: Identity, Agency, Embodiment Conference

Published May 15, 2016 by Fat Heffalump

Well hello!  It’s all happening here – thanks to those of you who donated, promoted and shared my GoFundMe campaign, I raised a neat $2000 to get me to New Zealand to present my paper at the 2016 Fat Studies: Identity, Agency Embodiment Conference next month.  I am SO excited about being able to attend and present this year, I did so four years ago at the first conference, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  Not only to go and be amongst scholarly thinking about fat but also to be amongst a community of fat people and allies.

I am also completely gobsmacked at just how generous and supportive so many people have been in getting me there.  It’s been a big couple of months for me, as well as all of this, my Grandad passed away, and I’m working on a really big project with my day job, and having so much support and encouragement for my activism has really help shore me up in an otherwise intense time in my life.  So to all of you who contributed in whatever way, thank you so much.

Now, on to the meaty stuff of this post!  One of the awesome things about this upcoming conference is that for those who are unable to travel to New Zealand, there will is an online registration available.  This gives you access to both live stream and view on demand professional video recordings of the event (including each of the presentations) and the conference programme.  It’s a bargain at $50NZ and you can get it here.

Also, I’ve got two online registrations to give away!  So two of my lucky readers will be signed up for online registration, and get to enjoy the conference and all the on demand videos!  How cool is that?

And look at what you get to enjoy!  Keynote speakers Katie LeBesco and Substantia Jones.  And two days full of speakers like Jenny Lee, Amy Farrel, Xavier Watson, Hannele Harjunen and Cat Pausé of course!  Oh, and me!

Online promotion flyer 2

Online promotion flyer 1

Now, I know you want to know how to enter.  I’m gonna make it pretty easy for you.  All you need to do to qualify to go in the draw is leave a comment below answering this one question:

What one thing would make you feel liberated as a fat person?

There is no correct/winning answer, I just want to know what liberation looks like to all of you (and it helps me weed out the trolls).  It could be anything, what matters to you is different to what matters to the next person, though I daresay we probably share a lot of them!

Here, I’ll even give you some help, here’s my answer.

I’d feel really liberated as a fat person if I could exist in the world without the constant surveillance I am subjected to.  Without people staring, ogling my food choices and grocery shopping, sneaking photos of me in public, nudging each other to point me out and poring over my online presence out of some perverse need to watch me at all times.  It would be so freeing to not have to deal with that every day.

Entries are one per person and you have a week to enter – I will draw the winner (by numbering all valid entries and then drawing a random number) next Sunday night, 22nd of May, 2016 and I will contact the winners by email (so please make sure to use your emails in the comment login field in WordPress!)

So there you go.  Good luck and I can’t wait for the conference to happen so that I can tell you all about it.


13 comments on “Competition! Win an Online Registration for Fat Studies: Identity, Agency, Embodiment Conference

  • I would feel liberated by never hear if anyone talk about weight loss/complaining about their weight/talking negatively about bodies! Thank you for your activism!

  • Ooh I haven’t bought mine yet. I’m going to if I don’t win your little comp! What would make me feel liberated as a fat person is if I no longer constantly hear casual fat phobic comments in the media. Like in the Eurovision commentary they mentioned being able to eat carbs again after the show is over…That kind of thing.

  • Personally, I’d feel liberated as a fat person if my professional skills wouldn’t be questioned because I am fat. I used to work with people who had eating disorders, and one opinion I repeatedly encountered was that as a fat person I couldn’t help no one, let alone someone with an eating disorder. I no longer work in this area but constantly hear people say: “What? Stress relief? Look at you! You have stress yourself. How can you help someone be less stressed?!?” I think that I would feel very relieved if my ability to help others wouldn’t be measured by my weight and appearance.

    (On a side note: I am not interested in entering the contest. Just wanted to take the opportunity and share this here. Thanks.)

  • Being liberated as a fat person means being free to BE MYSELF! It means not having to worry about feeling as if you’re not good enough if you don’t conform to a ridiculous ideal and being ostracized for saying “No, I won’t!” It means telling the world to take a hike.

  • I would feel liberated as a fat person if I could walk into any clothing store and know that there would be a wide (and pretty!) range of clothes for me. Not hidden away in a dark corner like a dirty secret, but on the racks with everything else. As if fat people are…y’know…also people.

  • I would feel liberated if I didn’t have to deal with guilt-tripping whenever I went to a health care professional.

  • I would feel liberated as a fat person if I could discuss with other parents my positive feelings toward HAES and the fat acceptance movement, and not feel paranoid that someone will believe that my fat positive attitude somehow endangers my children and try to get them taken away from me.

  • I would feel liberated if fat hating culture would end – if it wouldn’t be socially accepted anymore to hate or shame my body and I would be protected by law when it comes to finding a job, flying, etc. People would respect me and my body and I could go outside without feeling observed or afraid of/or being harassed.

  • I would feel liberated as a fat person if I could start a new job without fear of being fired because of my size. I would feel liberated if I knew I could get joint replacement surgery without being told to lose weight first (because exercising is sooo easy when walking hurts).

  • It’d be swell if people stopped complimenting me for performing normal, every day tasks. I’m a student nurse and at the end of every shift I can tally the amount of times someone has expressed their pleasant surprise at the fact that I did a 9 hour shift without sitting down. No shit, arsehole. I did my job effectively. It’s a constant reminder that every time I walk into a room people automatically expect me to fail, because that’s obviously what fat women do…

  • I’ve spent a long time working towards changing my attitude to my body and I find what makes me more depressed than anything now is clothing options. I don’t have a lot of money, I’m chronically ill and only my husband is working, so my clothes are pretty much whatever fits/ I can afford.

    For me, fat liberation would definitely entail being able to get clothes that make me feel good and showcase my style at a price I can afford to pay (i’ve seen lovely clothes at 100 dollars plus per item) like smaller people can get.

    It’s also a constant worry, like when will I be too big? What will I wear. I’m busty and at a 4X on top I already can’t get bras to fit…what about when I get pregnant? It’s a lot of unfair stress and I feel like it’s stupid, when I’m just trying to live my life like anybody else and get by with chronic illness.

    I know it’s a little thing, but it would really help me feel like fat people weren’t being punished if we could have clothes to fit us.

  • If the mere word which describes my body shape wasn’t a word that people think means something bad.

  • I would feel a little more liberated by 2 things.

    1. that society didn’t assume that being fat was as a result of me being lazy, uninformed or thick so they could stop using / assuming ‘move more eat less’ is the magic ‘we’/I just need to adhere to.

    2. the other would be to “delete” all the negative self talk that has gone on in my head, since I was a child, referencing my weight, size or appearance.

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