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Is Glee Intending to Demonise Fat Kids?

Published October 15, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Thanks to my lovely friend Angela over at Snarkerati, a blog about TV news, I heard of an alleged casting call from the makers of Glee, looking for some obese kids, with particular focus on finding an obese girl to play the “biggest, most intimidating girl ever”.

This breaks my heart.  If it’s true, I’m really disappointed in the makers of Glee.  This is a show that preaches tolerance and acceptance, with very pointed plot lines about body diversity and body image.  One of my favourite moments was Amber Riley as Mercedes singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” after trying to diet her way to fit in to the Cheerios cheer squad.

As the behind the scenes interviews show above, it’s a message that the cast and crew consider important.

I mean the show is entirely about a group of misfit kids who are crapped on by the popular kids, and their teacher who through the medium of music, teaches them self acceptance and self esteem.

So what’s with the call for a fat girl to be the “biggest, most intimidating girl ever”?  Couldn’t they use a TALL girl for that?  Or is there a point to demonising fat kids?

Angela has posted on the topic herself at Snarkerati, you will find the post here.

My Anthem

Published February 28, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

A short but sweet post tonight.  I’ve recently got into Glee, and bought the soundtrack a couple of weeks ago.  By far my favourite track on the album is the Jill Scott song Hate on Me, sung by Amber Riley (gorgeous, gorgeous Amber!)

Here you go, I found a YouTube version:

Not only does that girl have a fantastic voice, but it’s a bit of an anthem for me.  There is not a day goes by without me copping some hate from someone simply because I am fat.  I also get it because I am an outspoken, outgoing woman.  People feel threatened by that.  It used to make me very, very depressed but now I just let it roll by.  Thing song sums it up beautifully.

Being a fat blogger draws even more hate.  I get hateful trolls leaving comments here every single day.  Some of them would make you sick.  But I have a good filtering system in and can block them easy peasy.  And I go on to do what I do without giving another thought to them again.

Ooh look I found the lyrics:

“Hate On Me”

If I could give you the world
On a silver platter
Would even matter
You’d still be mad at me
If I can find in all this
A dozen roses
Which I would give to you
You’d still be miserable
In reality
I’m gon be who I be
And I don’t feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may
Break me down when I say

That it ain’t up to you
Gon on do what you do

Hate on me hater
Now or Later
Cause I’m gonna do me
You’ll be made baby

(Go head and hate)
Go head and hate on me hater
I’m not afraid of
What I got I paid for
You can hate on me…

Ooh if I gave you peaches
Out of my on garden
And I made you a peach cobbler
Would you slap me out?
Wonder if I gave you diamonds
Out of my on womb
Would you feel the love in that
Or ask why not the moon
If I gave you sanity
For the whole of humanity
Had all the solutions for the pain and pollution
No Matter Where I live
Despite the things I give
You’ll always be this way
So go ahead and …

[Chorus x2]

You Cannot…
Hate On me
Cause my mind is free
Feel my destiny
So Shall it Be
[Repeat x2]

Isn’t it a great song?  The next time someone lays some hate at your feet, play this one, I’m sure it will make you feel better.

Or if you have your own anthem, share it with us!