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Checking In

Published August 13, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Hi all,

Just a bit of housekeeping today, I have some posts coming up but life has been so busy, they’re waiting for me to get time to actually prep them up for you all!

A few little notes.

  • Please let’s not use the term “real women” in this space.  It’s a stupid term really, we’re all real, regardless of our body shape or size.
  • I have finally found what the problem was with my Facebook page, and by clicking the link over there on the right, you should be able to see it.  Come on over and “friend” me, I post heaps of links to interesting stuff there.
  • And for those of you who tweet, you can find me on @fatheffalump
  • If you are a woman with PCOS, please feel free to check out CystersUnited

So, let’s just have an informal chat hey?  What’s interesting to you in the world of body image, fat acceptance and self esteem at the moment.  Hit up the comments and we’ll just have a bit of a natter.

Lightning Cross Promotion

Published July 26, 2010 by Fat Heffalump

Just a quickie for you again tonight.  Some of you might know that I also run a bit of a group blog for women with PCOS over at Cysters United.

In case you’re a reader here and are a PCOS sufferer (aka a Cyster) like me, which is highly likely because PCOS makes ya fat and all, but haven’t been on over to Cysters United, I just wanted to make sure you all knew about it.

I want to inject more Fat Acceptance and self esteem content over there, and may even cross post some of the posts here.

If you’re a Cyster, give a holler in the comments hey?