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Birthday Girl

Published October 25, 2011 by Fat Heffalump

Today is my 39th birthday.

I still can’t believe I’m 39.  Most of the time I feel about 12.  I used to think that 39 was this old, wise age.  Pshaw, yeah right!  But it’s weird to realise that some of my peers have already got grandchildren.  I can’t even imagine having kids myself, let alone grandchildren.  To be honest, I really don’t believe in “age” as such, I think every one of us is different and our experiences shape who we are, so that no two people, even those born on the same day of the same year are really the same when it comes to their life stages.  We all travel through our lives at our own pace.

Unlike a lot of people, I am not worried about getting older, and I don’t feel the need to hide or fib about my age.  I actually feel like I’ve achieved something with each added year.  It’s another year’s experience, another year’s life I’ve got under my belt so to speak.  The only time I ever felt dread about getting older was in my years of very low self esteem, because I had convinced myself that my value was already very low, so getting older only lowered it further.  These days I value each passing year with a blessing and 365 days (occasionally 366) of experiences.

Plus, I really love birthdays themselves.  They don’t even have to be mine, birthdays are just awesome, no matter whose they are.  But when it’s my turn, it’s even more awesome.  Birthdays are always happy days for me these days.  I get to see my Facebook and Twitter all lit up with people wishing me well, which is just lovely.  My Grandma calls me.  I get birthday cards in the mail from all over the world.  I hear from friends that I don’t hear from very often.  Cake happens at some point.  And I get some lovely gifts too.  How lucky I am to have a whole day of just lovely things happening to me.

This year, my birthday fun actually started the day before, when the lovely Brigid came in to work to hand paint my nails for me during my lunch break.  Brigid is so talented at nail art, check out the sweetie nails she painted for me:

Left hand - with dodgy thumbnail.


Right hand

I’ve never had hand painted nails before, so I’m quite tickled at these.

Then this morning, when I got to work, I found a big parcel on my desk and this cake, both from my friend Nadia (who is also my colleague):

There be cake!

Oh it looks pretty unassuming, with it’s chocolate icing and shiny cachous, but when it came time for me to cut it:

Nadia always takes photos at these weird angles. She's such a hipster.

Yes, I really do have that many toys all over my desk.  But the tiger belongs to my colleague Roberto!

So when I cut the cake open:


My team and I deemed it highly delicious, there was lots of murmurings of “om-nom-nom” and “mmm… moist!” (Though we spent all morning discussing what a creepy word “moist” actually is – say it a few times to yourself and tell me you don’t agree.)

When a few more slices were cut, I realised something else…

Double rainbow... all the way across the plate!

It’s so vivid!  What does it mean?

Do you know what I think I love best about this cake?  That the centre is almost exactly the same colour as my hair!

So all in all I had a lovely day, and I’m looking forward to catching up with other friends on the weekend for a bit of a belated celebration with them.

How do you feel about getting older?  What about birthdays?  Let’s talk about the fact that we all grow older and have these anniversaries every year!